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Hi. Can anyone give me guidance about the Side by Side Judge position? I've read through the guidelines a few times, did the learning modules, completed the first set of practice questions, and am on the second set because I requested them. I am finding it very difficult due to the seemingly subjective nature of this position to rate correctly. I'll reiterate: this position seems incredibly subjective. I have experience as a medical underwriter, and I can tell you I had an easier time doing that than doing this. Also, I'm finding the practice questions to be in error per the guidelines. Some links are clearly broken; I rate as such, and I'm told I rated incorrectly.
Does anyone have a magical formula on how to do this job? I'm thinking that my prospects aren't looking too good so far...which is upsetting because I really need this job!
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This is a bit late, but oh do I have the same problems! I was looking to find someone to commiserate with! I just started live today, and it is SO difficult! I have no idea how I did. And they expect 90-100 rates an hour! I can't even download the pages that fast, much less do the research! And it IS _Very_ subjective. It is so frustrating. I was a medical transcriptionist for 22 years, and there was a lot of learning to do, but once I did, I knew it! This leaves me feeling so unsure of myself, and obviously the pay will not be very good if they expect 90-100 hits an hour, and I can only do 30-40. Sigh. Are you still working there? JJ
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Hello guys.

I recently applied for the Multimedia Judge on LionBridge. Yesterday I received my training material and guidelines. It's supposed to be a three part process. Reviewing the guidelines, passing the education modules (LMS) and a Final Exam. I was asked to complete them by Friday 17.

I completed the first two yesterday, however, I don't know where's the "Final Exam". In the LMS system (for which I got an username and password in the e-mail) there was only the training modules and a practice assessment. In the "userguide" doc I also got, there's supposed to be another module called "Final Exam", but it doesn't show up there, and it just says "No registrations to display".

I already sent an e-mail to them, but haven't got a response. Does anyone know if the Final Exam will show up later by itself, or will I get another e-mail telling me about it? I'm a little worried as the e-mail said that I should complete the three part process (including the Exam, I assume) by friday, but nothing so far...

Thanks a lot!

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Hello, the same situation happening with me, I sent them an e-mail and they asked me to provide a alternate Windows live ID so I did and they sent me another (the same) username and another password (almost the same). I accessed the LMS system with my new user and........still can`t see the link to the final exam module!
Anyway good to know I'm not the only one. it came to me the idea that since the first pay is 60 days after you start working maybe they want to postpone the first payment of all the new judges to 2015, but I don`t know, I'm also double checking if I have all the system requirements. good luck for us

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