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kerikadi's Avatar kerikadi 04:55 PM 03-23-2010
I have had an embroidery website for 8 years now. I love it but it's time for it to grow or go and I am choosing go.

I love my business and all the opportunities it has brought me over the years - met so many amazing Mamas but it's time to let it go, 2010 will be my last year.

Any suggestions on the best way to sell a business directed towards AP/Gentle parenting? I have an industrial embroidery machine I could sell as part of the business or separately since it could be used for anything. I think I can find a buyer for the machine but not sure about the 'granola' website.

Is there a place WAHMs list their businesses for sale? Anybody who has a sewing machine could take on my business and I would sell all my slogans and all embroidery designs as well.

Michigan Mama's Avatar Michigan Mama 11:28 PM 03-27-2010
I wish I knew, but I'm sort of contemplating selling as well. I haven't even talked to my husband yet, but my dad is sick and my kids are little, and I'm just not sure it's right for us right now. I'll keep checking back in hopes somebody can offer some info!
Millie Ivy's Avatar Millie Ivy 12:04 PM 04-12-2010
Keri, I bought two tshirts from you when I was youngin new mama 8 years ago. I am sorry to see you done with it all because every time I see your user name it gives me warm fuzzies.

But as someone who closed her own family store after a decade, I totally get it. Blessings on this decision and on finding a buyer. <3
Night Owl's Avatar Night Owl 04:41 PM 04-14-2010
When it was time for me to sell my business, I took a close look at my direct competitors. I found someone who I knew -- both from working with her in some ways and knowing her reputation. I also knew that she had recently bought another competitor.

I simply contacted her and asked her if she was interested in buying.
mclisa's Avatar mclisa 04:51 PM 04-16-2010
I didn't realize you were coming to this point in your life. Wow. What a big decision.

And thanks for reminding me I have an order to place.