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terrordactyl's Avatar terrordactyl 08:43 PM 04-19-2010
does anyone here who has an etsy account know how you get a banner on your site? do you have to pay for it or is it something that you can do when you've had an account for awhile?


annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 09:22 PM 04-19-2010
Moving to the WAHM Well
terrordactyl's Avatar terrordactyl 07:00 PM 04-20-2010
no one is gonna answer it in here
ma2maya's Avatar ma2maya 10:44 PM 04-20-2010
After you log-in click on the 'Your Etsy' link at the top of the page. About halfway down the left side-bar there is a section called Shop Set-up. Under this is a link to 'Appearance'. On the appearance page there is a place to upload your banner. HTH
ian'smommaya's Avatar ian'smommaya 10:52 PM 04-20-2010
you can use google to search how to make one too. i did it, and it was putzy but not the hardest thing eva. just little details and trying over and over.
ma2maya's Avatar ma2maya 12:47 PM 04-21-2010
There is also a banner-generator so you can create a simple shop banner until you can make/get a customized banner.
terrordactyl's Avatar terrordactyl 07:53 PM 04-22-2010
thank you