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As part of Mothering's efforts to support Work At Home Moms we offer interviews of women who have or are starting their own businesses and venturing forth into the world of working from home. If you would like to be featured as a WAHM please contact us.



Featured WAHM: Barbara Rivera of Birthpower



What's your company's name/website?  



How long have you been running your own business? What lead you to this path? 

I just launched Birthpower in May. This business idea was "born," after the birth of my son over 9 years ago.


After the incredible home birth of my son, I was still high three day later. I was amazed with myself and incredibly empowered by what I had done. When my husband came, he handed me a gift, it was a necklace! I felt as if the sky opened up and the sun was shining down on me! “He is honoring me for what I’ve done! He knows what it took to surrender myself to birth, and he is recognizing ME!”


Then he said, “That’s from my client, she said to give it to you.”


I crashed for a about a minute or two, feeling disappointed, but then I thought how wonderful it would be if our society recognized and celebrated that important transition of Woman to Mother, and especially give recognition to a mother who chooses to have an empowered birth. The idea for Birthpower was born, my first dream was to create a necklace to award the mother (or for a woman to award herself) for what she did.


Next, it was my vision to grow the paradigm of the empowered birth by encouraging woman to celebrate, broadcast and announce their natural births! I loved talking about my natural birth, and I looked for every opportunity to talk about my birth and what I had gained by taking charge of my birth experience.


My idea was to create “empowered birth lawn signs/ birth announcements,” signs that say, “Not By A Stork- Mommy Did It!” and  “My Baby Was Born Safely At Home.” Of course what came next were empowered birth bumper stickers for woman to "tell the world what she did!" Some examples are “By My Power,” and, “Being a Woman is Enough,”and, “You can do it, I did!”


I am in awe of women who overcome difficulties and look within to find meaning from their birth experiences. One of my best friends had two cesarean sections, and I am amazed at her power and her resolve to take responsibility for all of her birth experiences.


To honor these women and those women who are striving to have a VBAC or those who choose to have an empowered-cesarean section, I have designed an, “Invictus,” Birthpower necklace. (Invictus, is Latin for “unconquerable,” or “undefeated.”)



What inspires you?

The magic of life inspires me!  I am also inspired by people who choose to live their life with deliberate positive intent. Recently I found a local group of “Sister Goddesses,” who live deliciously and are so full of love and celebration that I am  inspired to reach further to grow more deeply in love with myself!

Tell us a little bit about your family: 


I am a wife to an incredible man, and a mother of three children, all home born. We are a proud, "unschooling" family who is constantly striving to unlearn, and grow.


Best advice for a new WAHM starting out? 


Do a little bit every day. Only work from your joy- when it feels like a car wreck- stop! Give the world what you know it needs!


What's the best WAHM resource:

Having a loving, supporting community. Also, look to your peers, the people you admire and emulate them. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help. I put positive thinking videos on constantly, you can get lots for free on you-tube!


What advice do you wish you had listened to more?

Don’t try to paddle up stream, let go and go with the flow when you are feeling resistance, you will float to where you need to be.



Favorite website:

Facebook! I am connected to so many amazing women and Birthworkers!



What's one thing in your office/studio that you can't live without?




Balance--how do you find it?

I find balance in every moment. Sometimes balance is yelling, “Back off!” and sometimes balance looks like open arms.



What future goals do you have for your business?

Creating an affiliate program, a way for everyone to be a part expanding the paradigm of empowered birth and make money too!



Why did you decide to advertise on Mothering? What about your business seems to "fit" with Mothering's members and values?

Mothering was the place that I came to, to help me to discover about alternative birth.  I have referred every pregnant mother here to find their own information and to educate themselves.


Chatting with all of those smart ladies in the mothering forums helped me to feel sure enough to follow my inner desire to have a quiet, protected space in which I could be in control- and surrender to my birth! I am sure that the people here will get what Birthpower is all about.


Is there anything else you are working on?

YES!! I am offering to the world my vision of  "Empowered Birth Week",  and asking every woman here to make it their own, and use their social networks to grow it!

Check it out heret  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33XGjLl7qpw



What's your favorite part of being a WAHM?

Time for homeschooling, and being here for my kids.



The least favorite aspect? 

Getting people ( family)  to understand that I AM WORKING when I am in front of the computer!



Favorite book? 

Daughter of the Empire, by Raymond Feist- A story about a woman taking a hopeless situation and turning it around.




The Fifth ElementI love stories about love triumphing.



How does owning your own business influence your children and family life? 

My children see me in my passion. I am in love. When I am creating, I am in my joy. I am hoping that my children will learn to keep stepping into their passions!



What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

Sleeping in. Then watching the kids play in the yard!



What's on your kitchen table *right now*? 

2 bananas, and 6 oranges.



Do you have a mission statement or favorite saying/quote? 

mission- “Expanding our Paradigm of Empowered Birth.”



Thank you for sharing your WAHM life with us Barbara. thumb.gif










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I met Sister Goddess Barbara at an unschoolers conference and fell in love with her sense of humor and open spirit! I too am a WAHM  being homeschooled by my 9yo son who was birthed at home. I wear one of Barbara's BirthPower necklaces with pride and feel so honored to have her a part of my local Sister Goddess circle here in NJ! I love seeing how the Universe creates a way for us to both be with our kids and work from home when we believe it is possible....and I am blessed to be getting paid to coach other cool mamas like Barbara as well as trade our skills and services....this life ROCKS!   

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Barbara, you are amazing. I have found so much strength in you and your Birth Power. You inspired me to have my home birth through every kind of obstacle. You are my rock, sounding board and soul sister through two c-sections, an infant death and my amazing home birth. You did give me POWER through it all. I wear that power every day and support you unconditionally. I know you will get back everything you have given to so many people.

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"I once was so self-protected and now I wholly-surrender"........Barbara, you let go, you search, you seek, you guide, you hold presence, you raise discussion, you adsorb, you ooze soul, you serve, you surrender and you've shown how to embrace 'motherly' power.....and even, over-all energy that hmmmmmms!  You are a key hole to a future that is still yet to be explored and I truly see so many are eagerly holding a key to unlock the journey you made ALIVE!  So, Knock, Knock - we are here, let us in, let's grow and connect - Birthpower!

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Thank you Ladies! Wow!!!

Birthpower AWARENESS CAMPAIGN - Do you have your button yet?   www.BirthPower.us      

Did you ROCK that VBAC or Natural Birth? Honor yourself with a Birthpower Necklace! & Empowered Birth Lawn Sign!


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You are such an inspiration :D




... and it was great getting to know you better. lol

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Thank you Angil!

Birthpower AWARENESS CAMPAIGN - Do you have your button yet?   www.BirthPower.us      

Did you ROCK that VBAC or Natural Birth? Honor yourself with a Birthpower Necklace! & Empowered Birth Lawn Sign!


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