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Max's Mami's Avatar Max's Mami 04:43 PM 05-20-2004
Where is the best place to get these? I mean the best place for quick service, good price, etc.


3 Little Monkeys's Avatar 3 Little Monkeys 06:56 PM 05-20-2004
I get mine direct from Dharma Trading Co. They ship fast and I feel their prices are good.
ma2maya's Avatar ma2maya 08:54 PM 05-20-2004
"Dharma Dyes" are actually fiber reactive dyes its just they are sold by Dharma trading company. Only one company makes them(don't know the name) but many different companies buy them(i.e. Dharma, Jacquard, Prochemical), remix base colors to make a wider selection, and resell them.
Dharma is probably the easiest place as any to get them. Though if you have a local art supply store(not a craft store) they may carry them, too(probably the Jacquard brand) Ask for MX Fiber Reacive or MX Procion Dyes, they are all the same just different names. This may be the way to go if you just want to gve it a try without having to invest much(although Dharma is very reasonable) i.e buy one or two colors which isn't very cost effective shipping wise.

Anyways...Good luck!
3 Little Monkeys's Avatar 3 Little Monkeys 09:01 PM 05-20-2004
I wasn't aware of that - Thanks Kathy!
Colorful~Mama's Avatar Colorful~Mama 09:04 PM 05-20-2004
yep - the jacquard procion mx dyes aren't bad - i've bought those locally thru an art supply store, but honestly I find i get better yields from the dharma trading company dyes