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LianneM's Avatar LianneM 03:04 PM 12-31-2006
Anyone have experience with AlohaCart? I'd love to know about the process of setting it up, but especially the support behind it.

I currently use StoreFront and am hosted with them. I'm not very happy with it - lots of aspects. The support is pretty good, in that they will fix an issue when it comes up. But the software itself, I feel very limited as a nonprogrammer. I don't know how to do much myself with the scripts and such, so customization is minimal for me (unless I pay someone to do it...) I also have major issues with the program itself. It's supposed to be able to add weight to an attribute but it doesn't - I've lost money on shipping b/c of it. There are many other things. Checkout can be difficult for my customers, which is very bad for business. I am just really frustrated with it.

I need hosting, and shopping cart software. I need to be able to do things myself with limited experience - I am good with html, but that's about it. I need to be able to handle pretty high volume of customers and products, inventory, etc. I currently have 17 categories with some overlap (products in multiple categories) and between 10 and 30 products per category.

SO, I'm thinking about trying AlohaCart. I just wanted to hear what others had to say Thanks!!

coop_mom's Avatar coop_mom 05:30 PM 02-04-2007
rubelin's Avatar rubelin 06:10 PM 02-04-2007
It looks a lot like VeryCart, same admin and all (just customized a bit differently). If they are the same then I can say that it's a great cart. Very simple to set up and maintain, and, if you know html, the possibilities of design are huge. I've been considering switching to the original version of VeryCart, Sunshop, because I have had issues with the service at VeryCommerce since it was sold, but AlohaCart is now a choice I would consider.