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Mali's Avatar Mali 11:38 PM 06-25-2008
I am not happy with my hosting company and want to switch. Any that you guys have been happy with? I want something fairly inexpensive but that has good tracking and statistic capabilities.

CawMama's Avatar CawMama 12:13 AM 06-26-2008
Have you looked into Watersweb/Shop Kit Plus?
nursingmom's Avatar nursingmom 02:49 AM 06-30-2008
I currently have Pappashop and they have been great. I asked them so many questiosn that I'm not sure if they are making money. They always answer my questions right away. Great customer service with very low hosting fee. So far so good!

Some other WAHM hosting sites are,, and the Watersweb/Shop Kit Plus (owned by one of us here? I think)
mlh's Avatar mlh 08:56 PM 07-01-2008
Does anyone have experience with yahoo?
Ifluffedthree's Avatar Ifluffedthree 10:59 PM 07-01-2008
Michelle at has been wonderful.

She has been totally available in a reasonable amount of time when a problem arises and blows away my former big, bad hosting company.

She is also now hosting our church site too! Her pricing is fair, but the service is what rocks.
deuxceleste's Avatar deuxceleste 02:55 AM 07-17-2008
netfirms. I've been using them for years. easy to use, customer service is SOOOOOOOO good, and if you pm me i think i can probably find a coupon for a year for $10. It's usually something like 10/month, so that's a HUGE savings.
Kristine233's Avatar Kristine233 10:20 PM 07-17-2008
I prefer Watersweb myself. I have my design website hosted with them and also refer clients who need shopping carts to them as well. Yes, she is a MDC mama too... double bonus.