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09-19-2005 | Posts: 229
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I didn't see a review for Passion Parties, so I'll share my experiences over the last year and a half... There are several companies that have these kind of products for in-home parties, but I've only ever worked with Passion Parties.

The start-up for this business can be as low as $100 (other kits are $250 and $450), buying discounts increase until you are at the highest (40%). Once you get higher sales (over $2000 retail gets you a $100 check next month) or sign up people under you the override checks start. The lowest percentage you'll get for your downline's sales is 3%, but it can get upto 5%. I believe the largest monthly override check was $33,000. Obviously I'm not making guarantees, but there is certainly potential there. They also have a house allowance and car allowance once your team and sales hit determined sizes. You do not have to have much as far as inventory goes, shipping products out is a part of the business.

On a personal level, it feels good to help people in their partnerships. Passion Parties promotes safe sex and monogomous relationships and they try to stay with that feel in all their products. They further support that by encouraging women to keep the parties same-sex. "No men, no kids, no exceptions!" Men really do change the tone of these things and it is safer for everyone, married/single/consultant to keep it "just us girls". The training also teaches how to make the party fun without getting trashy or raunchy. That was a big one for me and I have had some disappointed hostesses, but it does happen that someone wants you there as free entertainment. (Maybe the one big negative? Parties like that.) You come first, period. If there is a problem with an order PP is quick to remedy it and returns are fairly simple (though you should not have to do many of these). Just about every aspect of the business can be done online, even down to shipping the products out to customers (if you prefer that to door-to-door deliveries). The website (if you opt for one) is set up for you and is not super-expensive, and when internet orders or leads come in you'll get a notice by email, so they keep you updated well too.

The support is outstanding! My sponsor (and her's, and her's...) are all there for me any time with any questions I have and it is nice reading in the magazine about a Diamond Million Dollar Achiever knowing you were talking to her on the phone last night. Even if they don't directly benefit from your sales most of the women are quick to help if they can. There are training calls throughout the month and meetings in cities across the US and Canada and most are free or fairly cheap. It has been a wonderfully fullfilling experience for me.

Anyone else have an experience?
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09-27-2005 | Posts: 171
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Hey I am another Passion Party Consultant also in ohio I've been with them for almost a year now and it is has been great for me, maybe I have seen you at a meeting Anyways I highly reccomend it its fun easy and the money is great.
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05-18-2007 | Posts: 1,251
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I am a relatively new consultant for Passion Parties. It has been fun and education, and somewhat profitable too.
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08-11-2007 | Posts: 1,714
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I just saw this thread, and wanted to post my experience with Passion Parties.

I have been with Passion Parties for almost 1 year now, and it has been one of the best things in my life. Not just money-wise, but in many, many ways. I am so humbled to be able to education women on their relationships, on how to cherish themselves, and help them know what a precious gift their sexuality is.

Passion Parties is not something that comes easy for me. I have a degree in Youth Ministry, and still value that part of my life. Also, I was sexually abused as a child, so for me to say that "sexuality is a precious" gift is major for me - majorly healing!

I am also a single mom, newly divorced and struggled with figuring out how to support my family and not send my kids to daycare. Passion Parties has actually afforded me that opportunity. I wasn't sure if I could do it when I started, but it has been awesome for me.

You know, I love the look on people's faces when I start my parties by saying "Hi, my name is Janette, and I have a degree in Youth Ministry". The look on their faces is priceless!

Ok, back on topic... I just wanted to say why I chose Passion Parties over the many other very good and worthwhile companies out there...
  1. I don't wear makeup... so any company that sells that just isn't a good fit for me.
  2. I didn't want to chase people down to have parties. People actually chase me down to have a Passion Party - the WANT to have my parties.
  3. I have two young girls, and Passion Parties presents their products VERY tastefully. They repackage everything so there are no explicit picture on any product. They have a "Mild" and "Wild" catalog so that if anyone (or consultant) is uncomfortable with the "wild" side of things, one can choose to run a completely "mild" business. I really appreciate that Passion Parties respects that not everyone is comfortable with "toys".

Now, I do want to say that this business isn't for everyone. It is easy, but like I said, it isn't for everyone. I'm sorry that a previous poster had a bad experience with this. I have been "scammed" before by other things, but like I said, Passion Parties has been so wonderful for my life.
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I am a Cloud9Parties Senior Manager. What that means is, I have a very large team. I love my business because they make it easy to climb the ladder.
No Demotion...Ever!
When you reach an achievement rank in your Cloud 9 business, you will always be recognized and rewarded at that level. There are no demotions.

There are no quotas or high minimum sales requirements to meet every month. In order to receive your team leadership override commissions, you only need to close two parties a month. ($250 party is a qualified show)
The opportunities are endless once you choose Cloud 9 Parties. You will be awarded and recognized for your achievements. You can earn prizes, cash and free products. There will also be chances for you to earn free travel.
*Company paid hostess rewards
*Pays infinity downline levels down
*Dream car bonus
*Dream house bonus
*Kits as low as $49
*Make 40% commission from the day you sign up
*Romance party experience? Transfer for a very low price!!! And keep your current title!
If interested ask me more. I been doing Romance Parties for 9 years. I switched to Cloud9 recently and did a transfer kit from Passion Parties and got to keep my high leader status.

Jennifer Johnson
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