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morning glory's Avatar morning glory 08:29 PM 01-14-2009

At one point in time I had a link to a website that recommended baby names based on other names that you liked. I can't find it anymore but I'm pretty sure it came from here originally! Does that sort of a site ring a bell for anyone? It also listed the popularity of names...

Baby is a week old and REALLY needs a name!

millefleur's Avatar millefleur 09:01 PM 01-14-2009
Hey! Congratulations! Just happened to see your post. Are you thinking of ? I love that site!
morning glory's Avatar morning glory 09:18 PM 01-14-2009
Yes!! Thank you! This kid might get a name yet!
millefleur's Avatar millefleur 09:46 PM 01-14-2009
Have fun and let me know what you pick!
aran's Avatar aran 12:36 AM 01-15-2009
BlueMonday's Avatar BlueMonday 12:19 PM 01-15-2009
Best name site ever: