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PaigeC 05:01 AM 01-30-2009
I've been feeling just "meh" all day today. A few times I thought for sure I was going to throw up. Is this bad? Should I be worried? No fever, headache, vision changes or anything and I didn't eat anything weird.

Can this be a sign of impending labor?
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tak's Avatar tak 05:09 AM 01-30-2009
Apparently it *can* be a sign of the body trying to clear itself out to prepare for labour. I was nauseous today but it was because I exhausted myself with a too-long, too-fast walk and making a very aromatic dinner. The smell of Ethiopian spices was NOT something my tummy wanted.
Maluhia's Avatar Maluhia 05:12 AM 01-30-2009
It was the whole day before I went into labor.
prettymom's Avatar prettymom 05:45 AM 01-30-2009
I got sick when I was heading into labor, and stayed sick until DD came out. Get lots of rest just in case!
nighten's Avatar nighten 01:21 PM 01-30-2009
I typically experience nausea the last few weeks of pregnancy, off and on, just like in the beginning.

I think it varies honestly. It may be a sign of impending labor; it may not.