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coffeegirl's Avatar coffeegirl 02:07 AM 12-30-2009
Still guessing, ananas?

naturegirl419's Avatar naturegirl419 05:56 PM 12-30-2009
what a fun thread! In case you are still guessing ananas, I thought i'd post as well I am curious as to due date and temperment if you happen to get any thoughts about that...

limette's Avatar limette 07:20 PM 12-30-2009
Due August 19th, third baby, 4th pregnancy.
mom2kaydncolt's Avatar mom2kaydncolt 07:44 PM 12-30-2009
zonapellucida's Avatar zonapellucida 08:46 PM 12-30-2009
I am 31 weeks and feeling girl energy....any guess?
Danielle13's Avatar Danielle13 12:56 AM 12-31-2009
can you guess me??

I'm due may 12th, have had awful headaches this time. I'm showing a lot sooner than last time, and the baby is very calm and peaceful, hb of 160. Some unusual symptoms I'm experiencing are seeing into the spiritual relm and prophetic dreams nightly. I am 5'9" with dark hair and eyes. DH is 5'10" with light brown hair and green eyes. My dd was 10 days late and has blonde hair and brown eyes. My pregnancy started as twins and I am not totally convinced that there is actually only one baby in there, I think the second is still there. So tell me what you're feeling about that and we're being surprised! :

Heres a pic of me and my dh
of my dd
and a belly pic at 19 weeks
Mamatoto2's Avatar Mamatoto2 02:49 AM 12-31-2009
What fun! JIC Ananas is inspired to return to guessing:

My EDD is 3/31/10....DH and I are both rather tall with very dark hair. This is our third. I am especially interested to know when this one intends to be born (of his/her own accord so that we can beat baby to the punch since I'm not supposed to go into labor) and any information related to baby's health/my health.
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