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Al Dente's Avatar Al Dente 02:58 PM 01-08-2004
Hi fellow first time mamas! I'm new to this site and wish I had found it at the start of my preg. rather than toward the end.
But oh well, it's nice to finally meet people who are not gadget crazy, intervention crazy 'traditionalists'.

Just a quick line or two to introduce myself. I'll be 30 (seems like a popular age on this thread!) in February, can't talk dh into a home birth so I'll be in the hospital with a doula and hands-off OB (from what I've heard anyway), we ttc for a couple of weeks with a kind of 'if it happens, it happens', attitude, and I'm 29 weeks now! Morning sickness the whole time and it's not going to let up it looks I'll be happy when the little one gets here!

We are the most "out there" people in our family/friends circle so we're getting lots of flack for wanting to co sleep, breastfeed, selectively vax, know the drill.

Anyway, nice to meet all of you!

: Rachel

gonnabeamom's Avatar gonnabeamom 03:51 PM 01-08-2004
I'm still at the begining so showers and plastic toys are a long way off for me.

Right now I'm having this silly fit of nerves about finding a midwife. I had no worries about it before getting pregnant, but now I feel like I'm in junior high trying to pick a lunch table.

DH and I are really starting to talk alot about kids and child rearing and pregnancy, and what's good and bad and dangerous, all the stuff I was hoping he'd want to talk about while we were TTC. I think it wasn't real to him before.

Now he kisses my belly before going to work every morning.
adventuregirl's Avatar adventuregirl 06:17 PM 01-08-2004
gonnabe, I'm sure it will be just fine, just set up a bunch of interviews, you'll likely find more than one that you really like. Talk to other mamas in your area, maybe post to the FYT board for any reccomendations. I met my midwife several years ago, but wasn't sure if I'd use her, so when I got pg (last time) I set up an interview, after talking for 10 or so minutes, I knew I needn't look any further, she was perfect!

Welcome Racheepoo! What a cute name.

Erin, we got the : and : smilies, now we need a chicken one! My favorite is so cute! We have two girls laying eggs for us right now (lost 2 to disease and 2 to fox), going to add more this spring.
fiddlefern's Avatar fiddlefern 07:00 PM 01-08-2004
Welcome all of those who just joined the thread

It's amazing how many of us are around 30 and have cats!

Shannon- I will definitely try the doll/foil thing a bit closer to the due date. Great idea.

Thanks all for the feedback about toys. I haven't decided if I'll request "please, no plastic toys," but I'm hoping that people will get the hint since the toys I've registered for are all at our local momma-owned natural baby shop, and I've registered for NO toys at BabiesRus, just essentials I couldn't get at the other place (like a car seat and a few breat-milk storage bottles).

I agree with Racheepoo that it's refreshing to come to this site. Just because we're first-timers, we can't ALL be freaks, and we're in good company on MDC with lots of other experienced mothers who have practiced what we're trying to do successfully, despite our naysaying friends/relatives/coworkers.

mcsarahb's Avatar mcsarahb 04:51 PM 01-09-2004
Dharmama and Adventuregirl-

So funny - at the house we will be moving into soon, there is a chicken coop. My dh and I were talking about it last night, and I think we are going to get a few chickens! I grew up with a small flock, so I know a little about them, and it will be fun. Fresh eggs, yum! Just gotta figure out a way to keep the raccoons out...

And Fiddlefern, speaking of being in good company, it's also so refreshing to atually meet people who practice some of this AP stuff. We were talking to our soon-to-be-landlord, and I mentioned how happy I was to have a washer/dryer in the house because of cloth diapers. He got this huge smile on his face, and we started talking about his two kids, the clothes line out back, etc. I could tell he was happy to be getting some "AP" renters, and now I won't feel too weird about telling him we'll be having a homebirth in a few months - and is it okay to have a huge tub of warm water in the living room! :LOL

Welcome to all the new posters!

rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 08:39 PM 01-09-2004
i am at 32 weeks and not sue why but feel like this has been the longest week of my pregnancy!!!!!

funny about cats. my mw says they definitly can sense if you are preggers or not. i have one cat that is always persistant to get on my belly and snuggle. he will actually purr and the baby will start to kick! i also have a rottweiler who is a big baby and always jumps on me, not once has she jumped on my belly though.
Lazuli's Avatar Lazuli 11:54 AM 01-10-2004
I don't think I have to worry about showers or anything, since I don't have any friends and all my family lives six hours away and I don't work.

There's so much stuff to consider, it's all a little overwhelming, and I'm not looking forward to telling the families that we're expecting. Eep!

banana girl's Avatar banana girl 05:56 PM 01-10-2004
Hello ladies

I'm a brand spanking new mama to be and am still having a hard time believing it's true. My body definitely believes it but my mind is being slow to catch up. I seem to waffle between moments of glowing excitement and moments of bafflement and loss. It seems to be too good to be true.
there's just so much to take in right now, you know. We have soo many decisions ahead of us and I feel sorta overwhelmed with all the info that I have begun to absorb. I have a few quality books to start with, but when i read them it seems like I am reading about something that's happening to someone else, not me. Watching a video with a home birth in it left me weeping and scared. Scared but also elated.

Still waiting for the reality of this to sink in.

Anna Banana
Age 26
kitty momma and artist
butterflyma's Avatar butterflyma 06:55 PM 01-10-2004
Hello Beautiful Pregnant Ladies!

About cribs/sidecars, we are looking at getting the co-sleeper or baby bunk both are cribesque but at the height of the bed. They connect to the bed, but can also be set up for storage later. I've been told by some that I shouldn't waste the money and others that it was a lifesaver. We also have a moses basket, I need to get new lining for it. I'm 5'6 and DH 6'4, but we have a king-sized bed, there's room-but, we like to snuggle when we sleep. Every night we go to sleep with DH's arm wrapped around me. For all I know that might change when we have the baby, but I don't necessarily want it to. Also we sleep with the covers up to our chin. If we don't get the co-sleeper, I will get a side rail for the bed, to put on my side of the bed. That way the baby won't be between us. (at least at first, while he/she is small)

Cheryl~so glad to see you here!

Anna, ITKWYM about the initial shock- I think it lasted for over a month, for me! Even now (at almost 14 weeks) I still some times am overcome by this feeling of amazement that I have got a baby growing inside of me and that I could be so blessed!

Pre-natal exercise video question: I have one Pre-natal Yoga video (The Method Pre-natal Yoga with Gurmukh) and I love it. But one is not enough. So, are there any pre-natal exercise videos that you love/reccomend?
PinkSunfish's Avatar PinkSunfish 07:24 PM 01-10-2004
Hi Everyone,

I am also a first time Mum-to-be. My DH and I are 30 and I am due at the end of March. We don't have any pets I'm afraid .

I live in the Uk and our health system is different so I won't need a pediatrician for the baby. We will just register him/her with our General Practicioner.

I am getting very excited and anxious now that I only have 11 weeks to go to my EDD. I am on track with getting things prepared for the baby....sort of. We still need to finish decorating the upstairs part of our house although if it doesn't get done it's not the end of the world. As long as the baby has us, somewhere to sleep and clothes to wear then we'll be okay.

My Mum is giving us the swinging crb that she used for me when I was a baby and I am going to buy a bedside cot for the baby to sleep in when too big for the crib. I am a very restless sleeper (always forcing my DH to the edge of the bed) so wouldn't feel comfortable having the baby in the bed with us all night. Also our bed is a small double (not room for a bigger one) so it would be too cramped. I think the bedside cot should give us the best of both worlds.

I just started going to an antenatal yoga class this week. I wish I had found it before now, it was brilliant although I had no idea how much concentration breathing would require (I suppose that's the point). The other great thing was that we had a demo of a wonderful sling. It is very similar to the Ultimate Baby Wrap and the Didymos. I had really wanted a Didymos but couldn't justify the expensive so I was really excited to find the kind of carrier I want but at half the price. Being able to see one IRL was also very helpful as there are not many slinging Mums where I live (and the few I see I haven't had the nerve to ask them what brand they are using).

Bananagirl: I am not sure if the reality ever sinks in whilst you are pregnant. I keep getting flashes of "OMG there is going to be another person in the house!!" and although I can feel the baby inside and am getting prepared for his/her arrival, I don't think it will be real until I have the baby in my arms.

to everyone.
Pukka's Avatar Pukka 12:50 AM 01-11-2004
Hi All! First time mama here. I'll be 35 the end of this month, dh is 38. We've been together for 10 yrs, married for 6. We began ttc in Jan., '03. I got pg in May but that ended in a miscarriage at 7 wks. I guess dd got cold feet and decided she'd rather come later. So I got pg again in August - due end of April. She will be named London Emmalee.

Oh, and we have 6 cats! They are our fur-babies. None of them seem to notice that I'm pg, though my 20 lb'er doesn't understand why I don't let her on my belly anymore!

I don't feel much, if any, anxiety about becoming a mom. I think I've convinced/fooled myself into believing I'll be able to handle it all. We'll see! You will be the first to know when I say, "OMG! I had noooooo idea"! LOL! I don't think I'm going into this too blindly though. I've been coming to parenting web-sites for almost 3 yrs now gathering info from other moms. If I hadn't done that I would know nothing about mid-wives, hypnobirthing, birth centers, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, home-schooling and so much more! I've gotten quite an education so far.

I, too, will be the freak of my mainstream family! Only my s-sis breastfed (for one yr) and occassionally co-slept. Though, believe it or not, no one has given me an ounce of flak - yet - when I tell them our attachment parenting plans. Yay!

Well, that's enough about me. Just wanted to add that my computer is a piece of crap and it's very difficult for me to get/stay on-line sometimes. When we get a new one or get this one cleaned up, you'll be seeing more of me!
kittymama's Avatar kittymama 03:01 AM 01-11-2004
Wow! I haven't looked at this board in a bit- you ladies are prolific posters!

That's really interesting about the cats knowing that you're pregnant. One of ours has really never been interested in sitting on laps since he was a tiny kitten, but just in the last month or so, he's been all over me. He and one of the others both like to sit on my lap/belly and just purr and purr. I wonder if the baby will be soothed by the purring when he/she comes out. I suppose that depends partly on how much longer I'm willing to keep letting them sit on me like that. Right now it's really nice, but I don't know how I'll feel about it in another couple of months. As for the sleeping issue, all of our cats lost their nighttime bedroom priviledges a couple of months ago because they're just too noisy and the newest one climbs all over us. We decided it's a good thing, 'cause they won't resent the baby for kicking them out of bed. I'm sure they'll find plenty of other reasons to resent it, though.

In other news... I just started prenatal yoga last week and I love it! The class is two hours long with a discussion period and all sorts of relaxation and meditation- it's fantastic! Also, dh and I have to move out of our apt in a few weeks and we found a place today that we love! We're turning in the application tomorrow and keeping our fingers crossed. It will be a big stress out of our lives if it works out. The landlady really seemed to like us, and she was excited about the idea of a baby in the complex, so our hopes are high.

I'm sure I have more to say in response to all this posting, but I'm tired and totally over the computer right now. Good night, all.
dharmama's Avatar dharmama 03:15 PM 01-11-2004
Just have a minute to post but Brandi...I wanted to tell you about another prenatal yoga tape I like a lot...It's Collette Crawford's (not sure the name). There are three women on the tape - each in a different stage - so you can see how to modify as you go along.

It's very different than The Method....but I really like them both!

More later....hope you are all having a great weekend!


gonnabeamom's Avatar gonnabeamom 03:59 PM 01-11-2004

On the subject of side cars, I have some friends who kept the baby in the bed for about a year and then built her a side car. So if you got a side car that was big enough to handle a toddler then you'd be in good shape even if you don't use it when the baby is small. The other thought would be to get one someplace with a really good return policy.

I too am a huge snuggler with DH and wonder how we'll work it out with baby.
dharmama's Avatar dharmama 12:19 PM 01-19-2004
Hey everybody! How are ya doing? I missed you all when MDC was down.

We had our u/s last week. Everything looks great and it confirmed that we are having a GIRL! (We have felt it was a girl since the day we found out I was pregnant - DH especially - so it was cool to get the confirmation.)

How's everyone else doing?


PattyCakes's Avatar PattyCakes 01:08 PM 01-19-2004
Welcome new mamas!!! It's great to have the boards back again. I've missed this!

dharmama - congrats on the girl!!!

We had our ultrasound last week - and there's NO WAY we could have found out - baby was way to squirmy. He/she was NOT happy with the ultrasound at all. While it was amazing to see our little bean in there, I hope we dont' "need" another one. Baby just seemed too stressed. Anyone else have this? I wouldn't have thought that it was stress if baby was the most active he/she has ever been. It seemed frantic. Scary.

Anyway... I told my boss yesterday that I'm not planning on coming back to work after my maternity leave. The leave package he offered me (after some initial promises that he broke) combined with the stress of my job - it just didn't make sense at all. So.. it'll be interesting to see what happens this week. I just can't justify putting a 3 month old in child care when a) I don't "need" to work for financial support (it'll be tight with Dh's but we can manage) and b) I don't absolutely LOVE my job enough either. So.... here we are. Scary stuff.
adventuregirl's Avatar adventuregirl 03:12 PM 01-19-2004
Erin, congrats on finding out for sure!

PattyCakes, good for you to make that decision and feel good about it!

I'm doing well, hanging in there just hoping for the next month to fly by without a hitch and a nice healthy growing baby inside!

So I don't think we've talked diapers here yet, will many of you be going the cd route? I definitely am, being a first timer I think I need to spend lots of time over on the diapering board, I have no idea what I will need. How are you all figuring it out? What are your preferences?
dharmama's Avatar dharmama 03:35 PM 01-19-2004
Oooo...yes. Let's talk dipers!!

I'm VERY lucky to have one CD-ing friend (the only one I know IRL :LOL) who is sharing her stash with me! I will do a little inventory and let ya all know what I have so far! I'm having a hospital birth but planning to CD from the get-go...should be interesting to see people's reactions.

My family was a little skeptical (though not surprised) when I told them we were going to CD. They are all as hooked as I am now that they've seen how darn cute the dipes are!

PattyCakes ~ I am not planning to return either but I sort of feel I have to keep up a charade that I am (I was told by HR that 90% of women at my university who take maternity leave return to work w/in 13 weeks....and EVERYONE I talk to seems to just assume I'll be coming back). Plus my DH is job searching right now (he is currently a consultant -- i.e. NO benefits ) so...I need to keep my options open just in case I have to return to work temporarily until he finds a job with benefits.

But in my heart....I know we will figure it out somehow and I will not be returning to work.


mama-meg's Avatar mama-meg 03:39 PM 01-19-2004
*waves* I'm a first time mama, I'm 25 and my baby is due actually a week or two before DH and my fist anniversary :-)

I am a step mom to a wonderful 41/2 year old :-)
butterflyma's Avatar butterflyma 03:42 PM 01-19-2004
Yess!! I am so glad the boards are back up!! I've been sick and thought I'd at least be able to go to MDC .... Glad to see you all

Congratulations Erin! That is so wonderful Do you have a name picked?

Pattycakes, my baby becomes extremely active during u/s. I had a heartbeat-u/s last week and my mw was chasing the babe all over my tummy.

adventuregirl~I'm trying to figure out how to prepare for cding too. There are so many choices! I put in a question thread over in the diapering forum, but I haven't checked it since MDC was down, its' called "what should I buy?" or "what would you buy" if you want to check out what advice I got.
adventuregirl's Avatar adventuregirl 04:00 PM 01-19-2004
Ooooo, thanks Brandi! I am scooting on over to subscribe to your thread right now!

Welcome mama-meg!

Erin, yes, do you have a name? You can tell us!
PattyCakes's Avatar PattyCakes 04:12 PM 01-19-2004
Welcome mama-meg and congrats! (my step-dd was named megan).

Thanks all. Fortunately DH does have benefits (we work at the same place) and I should be able to just slide over to his. That makes all the difference and another reason why we could consider it. My boss still hasn't said a WORD to me yet. I'm worried he might have had a stroke.

Anyway... as far as diapering. We're doing 'sposies for the first week or 2 then I'm going to a diaper service. We have one in our area that's reasonably priced (cheaper than me washing my own at $3 a load (single rinse)). If/when we get a house and our own washer and drier I'll buy my own and wash them. I'm looking forward to buying wraps though... has a sample pack that I have my eye on! I'm going to wait and see how big the baby is first so I know what size to buy (the best size that will last for a little while).
naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 07:06 PM 01-19-2004
Hi Brandi . So happy to see you here and starting your 2nd trimester! I am only at 11 weeks and recently got the bay catalogue bug. I am trying to wait until after Valentines day to do any shopping. Still being very cautious...I will be between 14 and 15 weeks then and that is when we will tell my in-laws.

I don't suppose I will get much other than diapers, clothes and some other necessities. But who knows, I just may see something cute I NEED to get.

And gonnabeamom, I am sorry to hear about your loss.


dharmama's Avatar dharmama 07:45 PM 01-19-2004
Erin, yes, do you have a name? You can tell us!
We do (and I it!!)...but we are going to keep it a secret until her arrival. We figured since everyone will already know that she is a would be fun to have something to announce (other than weight and length. : ) I wish I could post it here but some of my IRL friends hang out here I have to :ignore (which is VERY hard for me!!)

Welcome mama-meg!!

Oh gonnabeamom...I just read your post on another thread. I'm so sorry.

Brandi ~ Thanks for posting that thread in Diapering. Very helpful!

Cheryl and adventuregirl...I'm thinking about you both all the time and sending LOTS of vibes your way!!!


shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 08:32 PM 01-19-2004
Hi everyone,
Just catching up here.
On cloth diapering, we plan to, my mom was telling me that both my brother and I were terribly allergic to disposables so that cemented things in my mind. I have found a diaper service that does deliver to our area (we're in the middle of nowhere) for only $40 a month, I figure it would cost me more to launder them, never mind purchasing them. As for covers, we have a local second hand baby store and I have picked up 3 covers now, each for only $3.00, a mother ease, a bummies and one other, I figure I'll make a couple fleece or wool soakers. Convincing dh wasn't easy, but I have one fitted cloth and showed him with the cover and he realized it wasn't any harder than a disposable.
adventuregirl's Avatar adventuregirl 01:46 PM 01-20-2004
Erin, thanks for thinking of me, it is much appreciated! And I totally understand about the name, but I still wanna know! That's OK, I can wait till she arrives.

I am also holding off on lots of things till I am farther along, but I am trying to figure out the diaper thing. I actually started my registry after getting some good info on the Diapering board yesterday. Everyone seems to like Kissaluvs size 0 for a nb, so I put in for some of those cuties. A registry is a nice way to dream but still keep my secret. hee-hee
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 03:34 PM 01-20-2004
I'm willing to tell my names
For a girl it will be Tanner Marie
For a boy, John Caleb (we would call him Caleb)
dharmama's Avatar dharmama 04:52 PM 01-20-2004
Shannon ~ I your names!!

adventuregirl ~ I agree. Those size 0 kissaluvs are SO darn cute!! I'm going to register for a few myself!
dharmama's Avatar dharmama 04:38 PM 01-22-2004
Hey! This thread is too quiet this week! :LOL

I bought some dipes yesterday!! I bought them here on the trading post!

12 Bummis (AIOs)
2 Kissaluvs size 0 (and I already have 2)
1 Angel Wrap (AIO)

Oh and here's what else I have:

2 (maybe 3 ) Small Fuzzibunz
About a dozen CPFs (more on the way from SIL)
1 LTK soaker (and 1"in progress")
3 Bummis Whisper Wraps
2 Prowraps

Ummm...I think that's it so far.

Adventuregirl~ Where did you register? I registered on (thanks to your advice! ) and I also registered for a couple of things at Babies R Us (car seat, jog stroller, Baby Bjorn).


naturegirl's Avatar naturegirl 04:54 PM 01-22-2004
Can anyone tell me how diaper service works? If you get diaper service do they also supply the diapers? I am considering this option for the first couple of months and don't know what I will still need to buy.

I have a couple of covers but that's it. I haven't bought one thing since I found out I was pregnant this time. I am waiting for awhile yet. Don't want to jinx myself.


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