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daisymama12's Avatar daisymama12 06:51 PM 05-05-2009
I hope this is in the right forum!
My friend is due in 2.5 weeks, and I'd like to buy her a diaper bag, and put some things in it that would make her stay at the hospital more comfortable (she is laboring and delivering in the hospital).

Any suggestions? I was thinking some newborn diapers, natural chapstick, and then kind of drew a blank.


annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 06:52 PM 05-05-2009
Nice thick socks.

She may have her own "labor bag" packed, but Earth Mama Angel Baby has a nice line of part-partum products.
guestmama9916's Avatar guestmama9916 07:09 PM 05-05-2009
Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Nice thick socks.

She may have her own "labor bag" packed, but Earth Mama Angel Baby has a nice line of part-partum products.
Good suggestions! I'd love to have some Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff. Does she need a nice pair of pj's or a robe? I wish I had had some nicer pj's and a robe when I was induced at 35 weeks with DD since I was leaving my room frequently to see my baby in the NICU. Plus I had alot more visitors than I expected so yeah, it would have been nice to look nicer.
MyLittleWarrior's Avatar MyLittleWarrior 09:48 PM 05-05-2009
Some yummy snacks. Hospital food is gross. Does she have a favorite candy/treat? The hospital will probably provide newborn diapers, but maybe a cute outfit for the baby or a hat and some booties? Book/magazine/sudoku/crossword to pass the time? All things I would have loved during my hospital stay.
jimblejamble's Avatar jimblejamble 10:16 PM 05-05-2009
Snacks, a couple bottles of water
Maybe a heat pack? (the kind that are filled with flax seeds and lavender that you put in the microwave and wear around your neck or wherever you're aching)
daisymama12's Avatar daisymama12 09:18 AM 05-06-2009
Thanks for the suggestions, I'm off to go shopping this morning.
I'm so excited for her! :
mom-to-jj's Avatar mom-to-jj 12:32 PM 05-06-2009
High-fiber snacks, like granola bars and bran muffins. You DON'T want to get constipated right after giving birth!
Nicole_ac's Avatar Nicole_ac 12:44 PM 05-06-2009
How nice of you to do that!

I would add a cute pen and small notebook set to write down any information she needs after the birth, it's so useful and you can even write words of encouragement on the first page! Will be a nice surprise when she opens it!
daisymama12's Avatar daisymama12 05:16 PM 05-06-2009
I got a nice diaper bag and filled it with your suggestions and gave it to her this afternoon.
She was really happy - Yay! Now all we have to do is wait to meet her sweet little babe
thanks again mamas.
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