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My LO is currently sunny side up, and is VERY active still. It's to the point though that b/c she's posterior right now, all of her movement is fairly uncomfortable/painful. I'm only 32 weeks and some change, but it also dawned on me that at some point I'll be wanting to get her to turn around. Her head is very low, so I think while she does still have space to move arms and legs, she's pretty much stuck head down. I'm wondering if b/c she's so low already too (and has been for a while), that perhaps I should be more conscious of trying to flip her before the "average" time.

BUT, I can't remember when position before birth starts to be an issue. So what week do people tend to work on moving babies, and how?

I'd like to try to move her now just so I can be more comfortable - she's a bruiser just like my first, and I remember having bruises from her kicks, and lots of sore spots and I want to minimize that this time. Surely I can get her to spin around - I mean babies still can flip from breech in the high 30s too, right?

Amy, mama to "Pumpkin" (DD1, 5/16/06) and "Squashy" (DD2, 7/10/09)
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My guy flipped at 37 or 38weeks I can't remember. (he was 8 days past his EDD) He was fully transverse at 35w, we started going to the chiro and he moved head down after one appt. He was still posterior and off to the side with one hand by his head for the next week or so and then one day he just decided he was ready! I did do the spinning babies stuff in addition to the chiro.
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ah. So the spin part was lots of hand/knees, cat/cow type stuff? Was there any other thing you did that was particularly comfy/nice/useful?

Amy, mama to "Pumpkin" (DD1, 5/16/06) and "Squashy" (DD2, 7/10/09)
"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance"- Confucius
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Find a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women. I would start going right away as delivering a posterior baby is not fun! BTDT... :P
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go to spinningbabies.com for info on optimal fetal positioning.

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i'm 34 wks and baby is totally posterior. this is my 4th baby and first to be totally this direction. i'm frustrated by the spinningbabies site. it's not totally easy to navigate. I need simple 123 do this this and this. It took me forever to dig around there for some info. Anyway, I can't find any info in any of my birth books about things to do or not to do.

From what I've gleaned from spinningbabies and from bradley class and wheverever, you need to focus on proper positioning when sitting--limit slouching time on the couch, recliner, car, etc. Try to sit straight or leaning forward w/ the belly hanging. the ball is good, but you can't do it forever. Sitting on the floor w/ pillows, tailor sitting, sitting in a chair backward w/ pillows, lying on your side on the couch instead of your butt.

And then to do lots of pelvic rocking/tilts either sitting or standing. I got really good directions from my Preg., Childbirth, and the Newborn book by Simkin. But directions can be found online, I'm sure. It's easy to do, but I wasn't doing it properly standing.

The other thing I remember my midwife telling me last time (baby was like half-way posterior) was to spend time each day--on the bed, on my knees w/ my head and chest lying on pillows. So basically spending time w/ your butt in the air w/ the rest of you supported.

Swimming is also good, but I'm not sure what positions to do. That's what I'm trying to figure out. Maybe do some pelvic rocking/hip swirls in the water--that would be good! My midwife also suggested sitting on the ball and imagining writing my name w/ my hips.

I've also heard of just being on all fours as being helpful for babies to move around. Like scrubbing your floor by hand for a bit or just crawling around w/ the kids. It's not very easy to do though! I was doing it on my bed yesterday and it was hard work!

I'm typing this out mostly for myself b/c I need to realize I know what to do, I just need to do it! I'm just amazed though b/c tonight I'm gleaning through my books for info on posterior babies, and NOTHING! Just mentions of "your baby could be posterior during the birth and possibly cause more back pain". Thanks a lot!

During labor, you can lift the belly during or between contractions to help w/ things. Or your support people can use a long piece of cloth to do the same thing.

ok, I think that's enough. Anyone have more ideas???
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This will be delivery #4. So far, I only do posterior babies, which means they don't decend, and I don't know about everyone else, but when I hear 'labor' I think 'back'. I never have pain in the abdomen.... I kind of wonder what that's like.

I tried all the 'spinning babies' approaches, to no avail, but I'm willing to try it again if there's AN chance to miss out on the fun that is a posterior baby.
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I don't think you need to find a chiro. for this, I've always thought it's more about how you carry all those hours not at the chiro. I also think it may just be your shape, I was posterior for my mom, and my dd was for me. But that doesn't mean that it's not worth working on.

My first was posterior, but my next two weren't. From about 36 weeks on you just never sit back, never lean back on the sofa, if you're riding in the car adjust yourself so your belly is forward (yes, probably impossible to do if you're driving). For a chunk of time every day I would be on all fours, and moving from place to place on all fours is also supposed to help. If I would be awake enough to watch tv, I would kneel and rest my upper body on the ball or on a chair.

After going through back labor I was also totally shocked that I never learned about it in my Bradley class or in any of the manymany pg resources I had.
I had a birth tub for labor, and the water did help.

After back labor I am totally fine with crawling around on my hands and knees for 4-5 weeks.
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DS was stubbornly posterior and was born sunny-side up - ouch.
This time, I have the added bonus of an anterior placenta, so I'm thinking this babe will be posterior too.
I'm totally subbing!

Me + him = DS 01/08 & DD 09/09 X2
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I have an anterior placenta and this babe was stubbornly posterior for the longest time. I am 39 weeks and yesterday baby was LOT, which is a change from LOP the week before. So my baby is slowly moving in the right direction, but I am very conscious of how I sit. I know that when I am up and walking, baby flips anterior, but likes to roll back to the side once I stop. Hopefully we will be OA before I go into labor, but I do know that babies sometimes wait until labor starts to move. Hopefully you can get your LO to move in the right direction!

Erin, mom to Amelia Rose:, 6/15/06 and Lily Grace, 6/7/09; wife to Phil since 10/9/04
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Chiros really can help. So can spending time on all fours (are you familiar with cat pose in yoga?).

I've also know a few women who've had luck with acupuncture.

mama/stepmama (07/08/08/97)
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