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Hmmm, I'm only at 21 weeks with my first, but I nominate:

The trimester myth -- first trimester=sick and tired; second tri=glowing and full of energy. Nope, not for me. Apparently my body did not read those parts of the pregnancy books. First trimester I felt totally fine, and wondered if this whole pregnancy thing wasn't totally in my head since I didn't feel sick or exhausted. My second trimester hit with a wave of nausea, which has thankfully gone away, but I feel sooooo tired now. Apparently I should be running around and doing things and nesting and I just want to sleep.

Becca, mommy to my little pumpkin DS (10/09)
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Yeah, I usually did feel better after I threw up but when I was really bad, the relief only lasted about an hour, tops.

I also have less libido during pregnancy, always. It's a bummer.
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Ring of fire - never felt it
Pelvic pain - never had it
Going up a size in shoes - hasn't happened, yet
Being miserable in the 3rd trimester - not really. I actually feel worse in my 1st trimester, and then I get mood swings in my 2nd trimester. By the 3rd everything seems to even out. I'm not one of the those women who can't wait to get it out. I've always given birth a few days early and felt cheated that I didn't have more time to clean, prepare ect. before the baby was born.

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I was told I would always be tired and not want to work while pregnant. I'm almost into my third trimester and still working full-time. I am a little tired, but I not enough to make me stop working. In fact, I hate not working b/c I don't have anything to do and I go nuts!

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I am almost 39 weeks and I don't have a linea negra! I am super pale and didn't expect to get one anyway. My belly button still is inverted, too.

Mama to 2 little darling squooshy faces
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People told me to buy a ton of tums right away, because of the horrible heart burn. I take papaya for my digestive track, and I'll take a tums every GREAT once in awhile, when I feel "uncomfortable". I never have gotten true heartburn. They've also warned me to stay away from pizza or anything spicy and I still eat that food and don't get heart burn.

They told me I'd be constipated all the time, and I have had the runs since 4 months, caused from my calcium/magnesium and I can't stop taking that. Thankfully it's not like water anymore.

Morning sickness was more like 24/7 sickness. And they say that eating helps... NEVER! Sprite or ginger ale was supposed to help and I got sick on it and refused to drink it after that. Crackers didn't do a thing and soup was no good. I'd stocked up on all those things and DH ended up using them when he got sick.

Weight gain is supposed to be slow and gradual through pregnancy... I gained 8 lbs and that was in the first trimester when I was sick all the time! I've since then slowly gone down each month, so that now I gain very little and I may not gain any at the end (hoping to lose a little maybe by walking more). Most women have started off by gaining 2 lbs here and there and have gone up to gaining more towards the end and in that aspect it is nice to not be gaining lots in the end. My body packed it all on early. lol

Lydia , wife to DH , mama to Titus (8-11-09) and we just started
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Any misspellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
they are placed there for the amusement of those who like to point them out.
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Morning sickness - not a stitch of it in 34 weeks.

massive swelling - I had one night where my ankles got slightly swollen, and was fine the next morning.

sex drive - before being pregnant, I was one of those people (DH included) who couldn't get enough. Now we're happier (both of us somehow magically switched) sitting on the couch holding hands and cooing at each other than having sex. When we do it, it's wonderful (however can be a bit painful) but we coast off one or two every few weeks, and were fine.

nesting instinct. - I may get this eventually, but nothing so far. The nursery is still only half finished, and I could honestly care less. I am so exhausted from morning til night, with hot flashes, and chronic hip pain (making it difficult to walk for longer than a few minutes at a time) the last thing I am thinking of is cleaning or decorating at this point. we shall see, though!

cravings. - Aside from possibly seeing something on tv, or hearing someone say they had something for lunch that I MUST HAVE that day, no cravings consistently. Nothing I want everyday... It's mostly fruits... but occasionally a burrito on TV may hit me where it hurts and I obsess over burritos all day..

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Morning sickness - 16 weeks tomorrow and not a bit of it, not even an nausea. I was hopeful since my Mom never had any either, but I tried not to hope too much!

Glowing - I look the same, not better or worse. Maybe that takes more time though.

Otherwise the fatigue, weird dreams, enhanced sense of smell, huge and itchy boobs, veins even more visible and weird than usual, cravings and aversions (though pretty mild), etc. have been pretty much what people have told me.

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Originally Posted by seafox View Post

You'll have to stop running/biking/playing disc by X months for SURE! never stopped played disc last week, still biking to work. I did stop playing ice hockey at 13wks since its contact though
glad to hear someone else is biking to work. i plan on doing it until absolutely impossible. EVERYONE keeps telling me that i'll want to stop any day now. but, biking is 500% more pleasant than taking the bus! i imagine it will continue to be!

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Second pregnancy you will get HUGE, way bigger than before, ummm no, in fact I've gained 6lbs at 24 weeks(with DD I was HUGE by this time).

Your baby isn't "done" yet because your belly button hasn't popped out-like it's a turkey timer or something. My belly button is seriously like 2 inches deep it will never pop, if it did I'd have MAJOR issues.

You'll be constipated-nope not until I was prescribed iron after DD was born.

You'll be miserable because it is summer and hot-no wasn't miserable, and probably won't be this time. I spend a lot of time by the water. I like being pg in the summer because there is no ice to contend with and piles of snow.

The newborn stage is so emotionally trying, tiring and you just go crazy-didn't happen with DD. I didn't really go crazy until my sweet little newborn turned into a hell on 2 legs crawling, cruising machine at 6.5 months. The newborn stage was easy-peasy, it was the non-stop motion that has occurred since that has been almost too much at times.

Oh YOU WILL get the "baby blues" didn't really get this. I got a bit upset at Christmas when it was freezing cold and my mom wanted us to drive to her house so her family could see the baby. Then our car broke down and we got stuck on the side of the road with a 3 month old. My mom then said "well just transport that baby over here". I was obviously upset and I thought people should come to me-it was flippin winter, freezing and we had a new baby. Come on people:.

Me Wife to T (14 years)Mama to Princess(4) and Monster Boy(my 1 year old ):
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First time moms always go late - Nope, I went 4 weeks early!

*Everybody* get's stretch marks - Not me!

Trust me, you'll need an epidural - I 'needed' nothing of the sort!

My sil also seemed annoyed that I didn't get morning sickness.

Mama to my charming little boy, born at home January '09
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