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AmberLynn's Avatar AmberLynn 01:54 AM 06-08-2009
My girlfriend just had her bloody show at 38 weeks. Some websites say this could be weeks, some say days or even hours before labor.

Anyone have experience with the bloody show??

Quindin's Avatar Quindin 03:34 AM 06-08-2009
From what I gather, losing pieces thick mucus could mean anything, even weeks and weeks.
But if there is blood, is a very good sign that things are happening!!
AmberLynn's Avatar AmberLynn 04:39 AM 06-08-2009
In the past 2 hours she's had 2 REAL contractions. An hour apart. and has lost what I think is the entire plug now.
Her contractions have lasted 4 minutes each. Which leads me to believe her little man is trying hard to position himself properly.
Weve got her drinking water, and laying down. She needs her rest! sounds like little man is in a big hurry!

She's super tiny. we're thinking he simply is running out of room hahahaha!
abigail_b's Avatar abigail_b 03:56 PM 06-08-2009
I know what all the books say...but with me --and with several other mothers I know--it meant real labor within 24 hours. good luck to your friend!
sunflwrmoonbeam's Avatar sunflwrmoonbeam 06:27 PM 06-08-2009
I had bloody show at 36 and 37 weeks. Here I am sitting still very pregnant at 40 weeks.
brackin's Avatar brackin 07:12 PM 06-08-2009
With DS, I had bloody show at exactly 38 weeks. Two days later my water broke; the next day I had my babe in my arms!