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dinahx's Avatar dinahx 10:58 AM 07-18-2009
Anyone use this method? I would still be taking Folic Acid. Probably the 'tea' would actually be a Nettle/Rasberry Leaf infusion, possibly also with Oatstraw.

If this belongs somewhere else that is more geared toward herbalism, LMK! <3


Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 11:25 AM 07-18-2009
I only have my opinion to offer. But I would personally do both the tea and the vitamins. That is what I am doing. I already drink a lot of those good herbal teas and have for a long time. I am not a vitamin taker generally- but I am taking prenatals. But lately I have been doing the vitamins every other day rather than every day which I did at first. I am just trusting my instinct. which is really the best any of us can do. I think I will switch back to every day eventually, btw.
I think the herbs help a lot- but the vitamins give a really big boost which is probably helpful.
dinahx's Avatar dinahx 11:56 AM 07-18-2009
I can't get down with any type of synthetic vitamin, 90% of Prenatals on the market are awful, containing dyes, parabens and who knows what else, kwim?

I don't think they are backed by solid evidence (I mean each individual ingredient has not been studied against a placebo) and the whole foods prenatals (which I did take last time) are SO expensive. Aviva Jill Romm & Susun Weed seem to endorse skipping them, plus strong Nettle infusion has MANY vitamins and minerals.

I am still taking Folic Acid and also may take extra Cal/Mag at some point.
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 12:59 PM 07-18-2009
I think it is good that you are trusting your instinct! I am taking New Chapter Perfect Prenatal. It works okay for me. but it sounds like you know what your body needs.
dinahx's Avatar dinahx 01:43 PM 07-18-2009
What is the price you are getting on New Chapter?
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 02:01 PM 07-18-2009
It is about $30 a bottle.
mbravebird's Avatar mbravebird 08:28 PM 07-18-2009
If you do the infusion-strength of the herbs, rather than just the tea-strength, that will go a long way for you. I didn't take prenatals. I took infusions mainly for the minerals, and got vitamins in other food-based ways. I entered a typical day of my eating into, and chose some superfood supplements for things I seemed low in. I also bought separate supplements for days when my eating was poor, like in the first trimester. I also made sure I got plenty of good fats.

My baby boy is very healthy and my labor went well -- and I didn't have a lot of the difficult pregnancy symptoms that I had last time, when I took prenatals. I didn't have muscle cramps, for example, and my energy was far better. I was following a traditional foods, WAPF diet this time. I feel like organ meats (esp. liver), good fats, and the infusions were some of my strongest allies this pregnancy.
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 08:36 PM 07-18-2009
what does nak stand for? I can't figure that out!
mbravebird's Avatar mbravebird 08:45 PM 07-18-2009
Nursing At Keyboard...
Snapdragon's Avatar Snapdragon 11:58 AM 07-19-2009
OH! I see that all the time on here and never got that. Maybe by next year I will though as I can try that one myself then!