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citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 10:04 AM 03-01-2004
Claire, can we be up early together? Actually, I've had not too much sleep. I started having regular ctx last night around 4:30pm. I was able to get a little sleep through them around 2:30-3:30am then they petered out. I woke up again at 5am exactly with ctx and was back to one min apart again by 6am.

Good grief.

So my burning question at this point is Do I send dh to work? Maybe I can call my on-call friend to come over and spend the day with us, so A is occupied? Or maybe I would do better here with just the two of us. I just don't know.

Spark's Avatar Spark 10:23 AM 03-01-2004
Oh, Tracy -- isn't wild since A's birth was so fast and furious and this little one is all about starts and stops? It's true what they say, "Birth is what it is!"

Probably should tell DH to go to work. His office will take it more kindly if he goes today only to go home later than to stay home only to come in later. Is he close enough to come home in a moment's notice? If not, then probably have him stay home?

I like the idea you had about getting a friend to come over to be with you. Sounds like a good idea. They'll help keep you company and keep you busy if you need it.

It's a touch call with you, since A came so fast. Don't know how this one's going to go for you. I know it will be a great birth though. Just might be much different from A's.
citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 10:35 AM 03-01-2004
Originally posted by Spark
Oh, Tracy -- isn't wild since A's birth was so fast and furious and this little one is all about starts and stops? It's true what they say, "Birth is what it is!"
YES!! I keep hoping that my water will break so I'll KNOW, yk? At this point, I feel confident enough (say 90%--I've been burned) to say I think I'm definately in early labor. But who knows how long this will go on?? Though I will say that, other than the mental almost-torture at times of the uncertainty, the rest is not at all unmanageable just yet.

Dh got up and we talked about where I am. He called and said he'd be in by 9:30 if nothing was happening. It takes him about half an hour to drive home, but the hard part is getting away once he's there, yk? The good thing is that his bosses are in Atlanta. He is the most senior person in his office. So he has a little wiggle room about when to go in. And his male coworker, who is his backup, has 3 kids, so he understands. Like I said, though, if he's already at work and there is work there to be done, he has a hard time leaving it. He feels like he HAS to finish up or whatever.
Spark's Avatar Spark 12:23 PM 03-01-2004
Ooh, Tracy, I hope this is it for you. I know you're ready to meet your babe! Let us know before you head back to bed to catch a nap or push out your baby... if you have time! I'll be sending you peaceful, gentle birth vibes. May it all be for the highest good!
willowsmama's Avatar willowsmama 01:20 PM 03-01-2004
Tracy- Good luck!

I am having such a bad morning. Everything hurts, just plain aches. I'm so tired of being pregnant I could cry. My family 'helps' but then everyone gets sick of helping since I take of everything. DH's idea to make me feel better is to tell me ' oh hon, don't do that now. you can always do that later.' Yes, I could do everything later but then NOTHING would get done! I asked everyone to help with dishes, I have a counterful waiting for me.
My oldest dd is pushing my buttons cuz it's fun. She cranked the heat because she didn't want to wear a sweatshirt. : Now my house is a freaking sauna!

If this baby doesn't come soon I'm going to have a breakdown!!!!!!!!!!!
mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 02:10 PM 03-01-2004
Oh Helen! Hang in there! I've had days like that, then the next day is better. You're so close. You'll make it!
citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 02:12 PM 03-01-2004
Uggghhh. Well, once everyone was up and about the ctx pretty much stopped. I'm still having mild ones every, I don't know, 20 mins maybe?

This is what I've figured out. When ds is awake I physically cannot go to sleep until he is asleep or I know FOR SURE that someone else is completely in charge of him. When I broke my wrist 18 mos ago, I couldn't even fall asleep while he was nursing at 3am after an emergency room trip and a Vicodan.

Well, I think labor may be similar. At least labor at this stage. I think that I just cannot really get into the groove when I need to be responsible for him. I told dh this morning that I guess if I never got a block of time long enough to have the baby before A woke up or whatever, well, the baby'll just have to stay inside. Whatever.

So, I'm still hoping that things will start to pick back up tonight where they left off, but, frankly, that hasn't been the pattern. Though I AM still having ctx, albeit infrequently. Who knows! :

Hope others are having a better day than me!
indigolilybear's Avatar indigolilybear 02:25 PM 03-01-2004
Tracy--sending some labor vibes your way....Your baby is coming soon. It's the beginning of the end....

Spark--your blessingway sounds wonderful. MIne is this Sat. and I'm excited....and nervous. I have to clean my house too....yuk.

Hoping everyone is feeling more comfortable.....
Spark's Avatar Spark 02:28 PM 03-01-2004
Helen & Tracy, ok, screw the gentle labor vibes, I'm sending you guys full strength bring it on! labor vibes! You both sound ready and tired of all this not being labor stuff. So BE IT! LABOR LABOR LABOR ~~~~~
mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 02:49 PM 03-01-2004
hey, should someone start a new thread? It's March! I don't feel qualified to do so, but thought I'd put the thought out there. . .
Jish's Avatar Jish 04:04 PM 03-01-2004
Hey, it is March today, isn't it. I'd start the new thread, but I'm not always on much lately -- too busy in too much pain to sit at the computer: -- so it might be better if someone else did it.

I had my 38 week appointment today. I'm at 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. 2 1/2 weeks ago I was at 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. If I continue on at a cm a week, I only have seven more weeks to go.:LOL Seriously, though, I'm exactly the same as I was at 38 weeks with ds2 and he was a week late. I try not to complain because this is three cm that I don't have to do in labor.. The sucky thing is that I hit 153 on the darned scale -- that's 35 pounds and the most I've gained with a pregnancy. It's the darned Girl Scout cookies.:LOL So much for not going above 150.:

I figure that I still have three weeks to go before this baby arrives. Spark, if you have any predictions on my labor, let me know. I'm so much more impatient with this one than my last, but I'm not as excited about the baby as I am just to not be pregnant anymore. Of course, that's how I was with both of my boys too, so I don't feel any guilt. I love them wholly when they get here, but I'm not much for bonding beforehand.

I'm surprised that no one has gone in the last few days. I was just sure I'd log on today and find a new baby. Good luck to those who are closer to delivering than I.

Off to make lunch and take a much needed nap.
willowsmama's Avatar willowsmama 04:07 PM 03-01-2004
I set up the new thread! LMK if I need to change anything!
mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 04:16 PM 03-01-2004
Helen, maybe just put a link to the new thread here, so everyone can find the new thread easily.
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