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mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 12:39 PM 02-14-2004
I wanted to pop back in a give a big hug to Jish and boobiemama and others. . .I'm sorry you guys are in such discomfort. I've been struggling a bit myself. It's tough, but we're almost there, mamas!

PS--I think you should start the tea right away! I don't think it's ever too early.

more good vibes to us all. . . .

Spark's Avatar Spark 12:56 PM 02-14-2004
Lisab -- Congrats! Welcome to baby Paul! Enjoy your babymoon and your bigger family! Sounds like a wonderful homebirth! Happy nursing!

All my love to Jish and Boobiemama and the many others of us who can relate!
citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 01:24 PM 02-14-2004
Lisab, CONGRATULATIONS!! sounds like everything went well.

I hear everyone on being cranky and uncomfortable. Dh told me last night that I am so short with him all the time. He said he knows I'm not mad at him, but it feels like it. I feel like I'm constantly apologizing. Cause he's right!

This week was a bad week for me. Whose mw said there's a huge hormonal surge in week 37? I'm starting to feel better now. But, like Jish, when I start getting so close to the end I start resenting the discomforts I've been putting up with all along. Waaaa! I feeeeellll nauuuuusssseousssss! Like I haven't felt sick every day of this pregnancy, yk? Boooo hoooo hoooo, I'm sick off peeing 5x a night! It's like my rhythm of acceptance is thrown off cause I can see the finish line.

Ds did say on Thursday, the baby will be here in 2 weeks! I said, from today? he said, yes! That would rock, cause 2 weeks from Thursday is my birthday...and I will be 38 weeks...
Oh, wait, he also said the other day that I'm having a cat, not a baby. :LOL But that is CLEARLY the influence of his father, and anyway he laughed hysterically after he said it.

I have asked dh to help me (if he can) to try and see these last few weeks as a blessing, kind of. I don't want to feel like I did last time, like I am just marking time til I can GET THIS BABY OUT OF MY BODY! Though I do think it's a strong motivator for helping get through labor. But I want to be like one of those serene pregnant ladies who spend the last few weeks enjoying the alone time with the child(ren) she already has, getting some rest, and looking FORWARD to an actual baby, rather than to just not being pg anymore. : It's going to be uphill work, but I'm going to try it!
Boobiemama's Avatar Boobiemama 02:56 PM 02-14-2004
Congrats lisab!!!
So exciting, these babies are going to start rolling out all over the place! LOL
And thats wonderful you had a nice homebirth.

Last night I had a dream I had 3 black lab puppies.: My hubby wants to know what I've been doing with the dog to cause that dream.....

Okay, I will get through another day..... deep breath....
MissPiggy's Avatar MissPiggy 02:56 PM 02-14-2004
Congratulations Cheryl and Lisab on your babies!!!

I have mostly caught up on all the reading around here, but just haven't had much to say for quite some time. I really need some sort of advice or something at this point.

I found out awhile ago that the baby is breech. Not just breech, however, but a footling breech position. One leg is down quite low, and the other knee is up around the head. Sounds stupid, maybe, but you know how everyone has their little fear in life... well, mine is c-section. Needles, being cut open, and mostly having to be awake the whole time. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, and can hardly sleep at night. I have tried everything that I can think of to turn this baby, and I'm getting nothing. I don't know whether I should just give up at this point. There might just be a good reason why the baby isn't turning over.

I have tried: tilt board exercises, chiropractic, pulsatilla, pelvic tilt exercises, walking, swimming, moxabustion from an accupuncturist, a bag of frozen peas on the kids head (I just started to feel mean after awhile with that one...), sitting in warm baths, AND an external version by the doctor. nothing.

I am so irritable right now. everyone that I talk to is "oh, did you try this, did you try that?", and I feel like I'm just ready to snap at anything that moves or breathes the wrong way around me. I already have snapped at my mom and my mil numerous times, and I feel really horrible about it, but I just can't help it.

I've gone nine months preparing for this birth, and now none of it matters. I hope you all don't mind the rant, and i know that i should not be upset as long as the baby comes out healthy. In fact, in my head I know that I'm being selfish at this point being so upset about it, but I just can't help it. And I had to get it out. Hope that's alright....

Anyhow, I have an appointment with the doctor who will be performing the c-section on Monday morning. It will either take place on the 17th or the 24th (I am very much hoping for the 24th) since his scheduled c-section days are Tuesday, and will not let me go past 39 weeks at this point.

Does anyone have any sort of experience with this type of breech? Any good stories. Is it too late now to get the baby moved? Every days takes me further from getting him around, and he's running out of room. but, i am completely out of ideas.

I don't really want to give up hope until the knife is in me, but it's getting really difficult to think there's any hope left. I don't know what else would possibly work.

It must be a boy.... what else would give me so much trouble before even coming out! ...
dnr3301's Avatar dnr3301 03:19 PM 02-14-2004
Pam- how frustrating to have done all those things and have nothing work! You asked if it was too late? My sister was a footling breech who pulled her legs up during labor and was born vaginally at home with no complications. Is there any way your doctor will let you labor for a bit before doing the c/s instead of scheduling one? Good luck. I completely understand about a c/s being your fear. It's one of mine too. I had a dream the other night that I had to be in the hospital and had a c/s and I was crying the whole time "But I'm a doula! I can't have a c/s."

Congratulations to Lisab and Paul! Welcome to this world little one. I would agree that a 9 lb baby is most likely not preterm! Wow. I can't believe the babies are coming!

To all the mamas having dreams that you give birth to something other than a baby- it is a baby in there . My mom used to dream that she was giving birth to a sack of potatoes about 3 weeks before each of us was born. I always looked forward to that dream for myself, but didn't get it with dd and haven't had it yet with this one.

My mom is convinced this babe is a girl because dd says so. I say "yeah, well she also thinks it's a banana" so I don't give it much credence.

Maybe the pain/discomfort I'm getting under my breasts is lig pain too, hadn't thought of that until Jish said "This is what I get for being 5'2", very short waisted and delivering 9 pound, 22 inch long babies " I'm also 5'2" and had a 9lb baby last time. Mine feels like my ribs are falling asleep and then it sorta burns until I lean way back, which is a position I'm trying to avoid to get the babe to turn. (oh, Claire, your chants aren't working for me, so sad)

Spilling sugar into your urine: not necessarily the syrup that would do it, the pancakes are high in simple carbs, which break down quickly into sugar. That could have done it. Be sure to drink lots of water and eat high protein breakfasts. I don't really know what they would want to do at this point in preg with sugar, but try those things and see if you get a repeat.

I have to go play Play-Doh. Does anybody actually like Play-Doh? I hate it. Ah, the sacrifices I make for my child's happiness...
LaffNowCryLater's Avatar LaffNowCryLater 04:51 PM 02-14-2004

Hi guys...I have only popped in once or twice. I am due 3/28
My ds just tunrned one on 1/31
Iam gonna have my hands full!
PumpkinSeeds's Avatar PumpkinSeeds 05:38 PM 02-14-2004
Hi there. SOrry, I haven't posted much. Congrats to Lisab on her new baby, yay!

I'm having SERIOUS false labor off and on since feb 5th. I just need to make one more week to hit 36 weeks, so I hope I do.

This comment kind of offends me. Girls = good and Boys= bad. Ladies, let's be careful what kind of assumptions we make about our children based on gender only.
Originally posted by MissPiggy

It must be a boy.... what else would give me so much trouble before even coming out! ...

artemesia's Avatar artemesia 05:39 PM 02-14-2004
Congratulations Lisab! Wow, are we up to 4 "March" babies now?

MissPiggy, I am so sorry you are having to face a c-section. I ended up with one with Dd and I was devestated, so I know where you are coming from. I hope things work out for the best in the end. Everyone told me (and still do) that the only thing that matters is that Dd was born healthy. While I am really grateful that she was indeed healthy this really bothered me. IMO it is the entire birth experience that is important, it is a process not just an extraction IYKWIM. My advice would be to hope for the best but face your fears and feelings head on now, I think it might make things a bit easier to deal with afterwards. No, I don't think that being afraid or disappointed with a c-section is being selfish, birth is one of the most pivitol and incredible moments in a woman's life and it should be something that we can feel good about. If this birth is not going to be your "ideal", you can still work through it and take steps to make it a good experience. I wish you the best.

My wee one is still moving all over the place, surprising since I think it'd be getting a bit crowded in there by now but still the summersaults and rolls persist. Trying to get comfy perhaps? I hope this isn't an indication of how this baby will sleep, I already have one adorable restless bed hog.
Moody, crabby? Oh yes I am! It is not helping at all that Dh is going through another one of his impossible, horrible, irrational mean emotional periods. Usually when he gets like this I just avoid being near him at all costs and ignore what he says to me. Not this time though, I am way too hormonally souped up to hold my tongue and unfortunately the result has been much screeming and yelling. Fortunatley the light is dawning, I am realizing that I do not want to live the rest of my life like this and do not want my children to grow up around it. Though I am logistically stuck right now I am brainstorming ideas for making a break. Heck, maybe I'll just pack up and join a commune.
Mama2ABCD's Avatar Mama2ABCD 06:25 PM 02-14-2004
Congratulations on your smooth delivery of Paul, Lisab!!!!!! and welcome to the world as we all know it, Paul!!! WOW!

Miss Piggy, you asked of any good stories of breech baby's turning. I have one. My friend's sister was scheduled to have a c-section with her 2nd child as it was breech. So the day of the baby decides to turn and the OB says "no c section now" and she was induced instead. My friend was a little ticked because she took the day off work and had to wait alllll day for the baby to be born since it wasn't a c section. I say kudos to the OB for stopping the c section, too bad he didn't just send the mama home, but maybe that was my friend's sister's decision.

sorry for the moms that are aching. just hang in there.

as for irritablitiy, i had some of that my entire pregnancy. the wives tale on that is that the baby is a girl, because any woman who has a little peter up inside her is a happy woman!!! my boys were less irritable than this preg!

Happy Valentine's Day momma's!! ( and newbies)
Mama2ABCD's Avatar Mama2ABCD 06:28 PM 02-14-2004
p.s. to Miss Piggy, my friends sister is also a tall woman with a lot of torso space. baby had room to move. maybe you should stretch out as much as possible, be as tall as possible to give your little one rooom to turn. just a thought
gratefulmum's Avatar gratefulmum 12:06 AM 02-15-2004
Pam, I'm so sorry. Me too. I just sat here in a fit of crying thinking what it would mean if my baby doesn't turn. I only found out three days ago that my baby was breech (not sure what type yet as the detailed ultrasound is on Monday) and I've been doing it all too. I have my version scheduled for Mon am and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I feel like I've already given up. I've had few baby dreams this entire pregnancy, but the one that was strong and early on was that my baby was born tushy first. I was in shock in the dream thinking, "can they REALLY fit out that way???!!! I've also laid on a board so much that I had a disjointed low back all day today, been nearly ODing on pulsatilla, went to the acupuncturist on day one, and alas held the bag of ice on babe's back last night
I've spent so much time preparing to birth this baby and to lose that chance now feels so unfair. And I wasn't even scared or worried. I was excited about it! Shouldn't be talking in past tense yet, should I?
Good News: I have an aunt whose two babies were breech. The first she delivered vaginally! and the second turned two hours before he was born. So WAIT until you are in labor before going under the knife, is my advice. There's always the chance that babe is waiting till the last moment for some unknown reason. And at least then you know that he/she is ready. It may not be the ideal day for your doc, but IMHO, if they are performing a surgery behind a sheet, does it really matter that much who does the deed?
Congratulations on your new addition lisab!

MissPiggy's Avatar MissPiggy 01:32 PM 02-15-2004
Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

Pumpkinseed - I am so sorry that my comment about the baby being a boy offended you. I didn't mean it to, and in fact don't really feel that way about having a boy. It was my attempt to bring some humour into a situation that I don't feel very good about. It was in poor taste obviously. I appologize.

Gratefulmom - I'm sorry that you are having to go through this same thing. I have been watching all those birthing shows on tv, and yesturday sat down to watch one. The first one was a c-section - I started bawling - I think that's the end of my birthing shows for this child.

I don't know if they are going to let me labour first. The doctor does not want me to labour period. I will discuss the option with him of waiting. I am still under the care of midwives, and I am not sure how they feel about this. I know that they will not perform a vaginal breech delivery, as it is out of their scope of practice (at least in this area of the world). I have also been told that although it's possible to find a doctor who might be willing to try a vaginal breech, that it would be virtually impossible to find anyone willing to try a footling breech. So, I don't know. It's just so frustating.

I know how you feel about giving up though. I know in my head that I still have time, and a lot of them do wait until the last minute to turn, but I can' help feeling that it's time to just give up and accept facts, ykwim?

I'll be crossing my fingers for your baby to turn! Hopefully, it's not in a bad position when you get your ultrasound on Monday!
gina's Avatar gina 03:37 PM 02-15-2004
hi all,
sorry i haven't posted in a while- i somehow become unregistered on the forum and i've been too lazy? distracted? odd? to reregister- anyway, here i am and i am still pregnant! the little bean is still very busy in there although she doies hunker down for these long sometimes disconcerting naps... i try to stay sane at those times but i do become nervous... have made quite a few phoned calls to the dr.'s office...
anyway, sorry to hear of the breech babies- what a disappointment- but, it will be ok- c sections are terrible but one does recover- at least your conscience is clear when you have tried everything possible for a difft. outcome- a surrender is nec.- for me, i was haunted by not educating myself at all for my first birth- i mistakenly trusted the "experts" and set myself up- for this upcoming delivery i am much more prepared psychologically- unfortunately, i lack confidence in my body and there are more risks involved so i am "going under the knife"- but i am not conflicted about it this time- this has been a really well-researched, thought-through decision...nonetheless, it is still yucky!
speaking of yucky: i feel so yucky- i am tired a lot- not sleeping well-enormous (gained 45 lbs. and i have a small frame)- feel ache-y- have intense braxton hicks that create a lot of pressure in my cheswt. does anyone else have these intense chest-tightening contractions? sometimes i feel menstrual crampy and think "this is it"- i have a scheduled c-section feb. 27 (i think) and i wonder if i'll be able to make it until then-
i am so tired of sleeping on my left side!
i want sushi and beer!
i want to walk!!
alright ladies, we're almost there!!!
Spark's Avatar Spark 08:43 PM 02-15-2004
Wow, sounds like a lot of mamas are dealing with possible breech delivery. If you haven't checked out this site, it's really worth a look.

Here's a great site with TONS of info about breech babies (not just turning them) birthing them vaginally:

Also, nice stories about vaginal breech births.

Pictures/story of hospital breech birth:

Pictures how vaginal birth is done:

Footling breech wanted hospital, but told only C-section, so chose homebirth, pictures:

Breech vaginal birth:

Breech vaginal birth story:

Breech turned during labor:
fiacre's Avatar fiacre 11:37 PM 02-15-2004
To the mamas facing possible/certain c/s - read the chapter in Birthing From Within on this. You are still giving birth, even though not as you imagined. Neither you nor your baby is 'failing' in some way. While I do believe c/s has reached epidemic in this country, it does not mean that there are not instances where it is appropriate. I do hope your practitioner lets you labor a bit before performing the operation though; I too have heard stories about babies that turn in labor.

As for dreams; in my second tri I dreamt I gave birth to a litter (at least a dozen) baby turtles. Don't ask me what it means; they're not even mammals; their mothers aren't even there when they hatch. . . . .

Congrats to Lisab and her little one!

Someone was apologizing for ranting - and I think this should be an unapologetic rant zone! If this is a safe place of any/all of us to let off that steam, let's honor ourselves and each other - it's necessary and therapuetic. That being said:
I had quite the pity party for myself yesterday. I can't even say I was feeling particularly uncomfortable - just the manageable type of pg uncomfortable. But dh had his recording session which was supposed to be 11-4, but turned out to be more like 9-6. Right at about dd's nap time he called and wanted me to bring pizza to all the guys. The only pizza place for miles had no dough (can you believe that?), so I made a HUGE tub of mac/cheez with veggies and got it there 15 minutres past when they were hoping. Then had to deal with a very unhappy and unresting dd who refuses, refuses, refuses to go to sleep in her big kid bed. It was a battle extraordinare. Dh and I were supposed to go out since it was valentines day and all, but b/c of his extra long day, didn't leave until 7:30; it takes at least a half hour to get anywhere around here and even at 8pm in a lousy chain type restaurant, the wait was still 45 minutes. The nice places just laughed when dh called to see if they had any availability (silly me thought we should have called ahead. . . ). And it all just got to me b/c what few outings I get are short in duration and if they go over it's always a big deal. Half the time I end up having to miss my outings (like my book club) b/c something comes up in dh's schedule and we have no sitter. LIke I said, I threw a pity party for myself. I sat in the dark for a bit, feeling sorry for myself, missing my slim bell-bottoms, cute shirts, clear skin and jewelry. I shed a few tears and it was off to finish laundry, dishes and the rest. Life goes on.

One thing for sure, I look forward to normal hormone again; how long will that be? lots of love to all you who are struggling - hang in there. This too shall pass.
coloradomom's Avatar coloradomom 12:29 AM 02-16-2004
Claire - I just had to say how impressed I am at the wealth of info you always contribute!

It is so helpful and you just seem to have SOOOO much of it! i am sure everyone else appreciates it also
PumpkinSeeds's Avatar PumpkinSeeds 01:16 AM 02-16-2004
Pam, thanks, I know that's not what you really meant, sometimes things come out not in the way they were meant. I'm just especially sensitive to this thing about girls = good and boys = bad for various reasons which I won't drawl on about.

Is anyone else nesting? I finally got off my bum and did a little cleaning and cooking meals for the freezer.
dancinggirl's Avatar dancinggirl 01:34 AM 02-16-2004
fiacre~ I so agree with you that a women is not failing if for some unfornutate reason she needs to have a ceseran section.

I found this blurb in Birthing From Within:


So, no single decision, no one doctor,and no mother is solely responsible for a birth outcome. It's over simplified to blame or praise any individual or isolated event for how a birth turns out. Our challenge is to live with ambiguity,embrace the birth that happened, and move on with our family into its future."

I keep on reading this over and over again and it seems to help me get over my anxiety of what may happen at my own birth. We unfortunatly have absolutley no control over birth. We have these great expections but we really have no idea of the outcome. We can just remain positive and hope for the absolute best.
Hoping and wishing everyone a happy birth and most of all healthy babies.
Spark's Avatar Spark 12:41 PM 02-16-2004
I meant to post more of a message yesterday when I posted but my DS wasn't feeling so well. Actually -- rather funny story about that. on Wedsday night he threw up MULTIPLE times. But, then seemed pretty fine, a little whiney, but fine until yesterday morning when we were out to eat at a really fancy, rather expensive restaurant. Today is my Birthday and I told DH I wanted to celebrate by going to the restaurant a day early for Sunday brunch. We just sat down with our first (I was planning at least 4 trips personally) plate. When DS screamed (all the main dining room looked at us) and then vomitted ALL OVER the table, window and my DH. Waitresses came running with extra cloth napkins and extra goblets of water. I took DS to the bathroom & cleaned him up, DH got the bill and I finagled a small to-go container for each of us. I managed to fit two small triangles of a waffle in mine and my husband stuffed two cheese blintzes in his.
Parking: $4
1/2 waffle, two cheese blintzes: $55
Seeing your son yak on fine china and crystal: Priceless

fiacre & dancinggirl -- good call on the Birthing From Within. It's such a great book and such good information about going with the flow. dancinggirl, I like the quotation you pulled! It's so true.

LaffNowCryLater -- you'll have your hands full, but your heart full, too! Sending you peace.

coloradomom -- Awww, shucks. Thanks. I just know that information is something that helps me get through tougher times and worry. I hope I don't come across as pushy. I guess, I would hope that people would take the info I provide as watermelon -- eat the fruit, spit out the seeds. Whatever doesn't appeal to you, just leave it.

Bebeluna -- How did the move go? Are you carrying your son in your belly or arms?

I also wanted to give to the women considering C-births. You have my support and compassion.

Emotions -- It's a rollar coaster in my neck of the woods, too. Since today's my Birthday, I'm *trying* to be mellow. Maybe every day should be each of our Birthdays from here till we deliver. People would give us cards and want to give us presents. Aw, wouldn't that be nice?

Alright, I'm off to run some errands. Hope you all have a wonderful day & enjoy a few of those pokes, kicks and spins from the babe within!
citizenfong's Avatar citizenfong 01:21 PM 02-16-2004
Claire, Happy Birthday!
I'm sorry you didn't get your big birthday wish this year. Do you mind if I still try to keep my end of the pact and push out a birthday present for myself in a week and a half??

Dh is off work today and I read your story to him. He said you should have told them it was their food that made ds sick and then you could have come back next time for free! :LOL

Well, I finally believe that I won't be pg for 43 weeks. Yesterday morning I was awakened at 4am by some serious ctx. I ended up having to get up and go to the living room to sit on the birth ball (which really helped!). The ctx were about 1 min apart for 2.5 hours. Then they started to slow down over the next hour and I was able to get some sleep. When I told dh later that morning, he said, "Good grief! You halfway had that baby!" When A was born I had ctx at 1 min apart for 4 hrs and then had him, so by that standard I WAS halfway there. :LOL

Anyway, I felt like a got a little practice run and it really reassured me. I've been a bit nervous remembering how suddenly and forcefully labor hit me last time and how intense it all was. Plus I didn't have hardly any action ahead of time, unlike some of you guys who seem to do a lot of work in advance. But now I think I really can believe that all the things I've set up to make this time different really will help make it different! It was peaceful and I was in control and I didn't feel any external pressures, like should I call someone or whatever. I was just able to say, this probably isn't it, but if it is okay!

Hope everyone is feeling okay. Umm, alright, third trimester, really close to the end, leave me alone "okay".
Boobiemama's Avatar Boobiemama 02:12 PM 02-16-2004
Yaking on fine china LOL!!!!!!!
Poor kid. My son barfed at In and Out once, my husband was horrified.

Speaking of barfing, both my kids are sick. What if the baby is born now, while everyone is sick, will the baby get it too?
I dont want a sick baby. Non of my babies have ever gotten sick till they were close to a year old. I 'd hate to be worrying bout a brand new baby with a cold or something.
bebe luna's Avatar bebe luna 03:41 PM 02-16-2004
Hello everyone...
I haven't checke in for a while bcause we were moving...

Lets see,
the 12th was my birthday~ I packed and move all day,
the next day (Friday the 13th) we finished cleaning the house in the AM, then closed on the house in the afternoon...
over the weekend we settled in to my aunts house some, I did get to go out to dinner w/ my mom & aunt on valentines day (Sushi!!)... and this morning had the inspection to go to at the house we are trying to purchase...
Oh, and I've had a nasty head cold for the past 4 days...
I am exhausted!

Also, I am not sleeping too well. My arm goes numb from laying on my side all the time, my hips ache, I get insomnia, and contractions are getting more and more steady and intense...
I sound like such a complainer!

Anyways, no baby yet, but he feels soon!!

Congratulations Lisa!!!! So we now have 3 march mamas holding their (4) babies!! And it's not even march yet. how exciting!

I will check in again later, hopefully w/ more energy. i'm going to attempt a nap!
Spark's Avatar Spark 06:42 PM 02-16-2004
Tracy -- YOU HAVE GOT TO HOLD THAT BABY IN until your birthday! One of us has to share a B-day just like our husband/sons do! And, I don't want an early baby, so it has to be you!

Bebeluna -- Glad you're done with your first move. Wishing you rest and relaxation. Hope you can sleep well tonight. I'd say at the absolute most you have 2 weeks until you're holding your baby. But, hopefully it's sooner. You're certainly in the "Final Funk" stage!

Boobiemama -- I hear you, I want to keep this baby in until my DS is better, too. The Dr. thought he might have Roto Virus (sp?) which could take up to 3 weeks to clear up. Yikes! I hope it's not that!!! I don't know what you'd do with a sick newborn. They have enough challenges just getting accustomed to life outside the womb.
artemesia's Avatar artemesia 07:18 PM 02-16-2004
Yikes, I hope I get my brain back soon after this babe is born! I went to the grocery store yesterday and took my cloth grocery bag with me. I stood at the chekout clutching it while the clerk bagged everything in plastic bags. I didn't even realize what had happened untill I gathered up the platic bagged groceries and noticed my empty cloth bag. DUH!
Today Dd was out with Dh all day and I have done absolutely nothing all day except sit and surf MDC. Usually I love the chance to get things done when I'm all by myself. Guess I just needed a chill out day.
Dh and I aren't even speaking at this point, but I guess that is a vast improvement over him hurling insults at me the whole time he is here: But I have finally come to the understanding that there is something realy wrong with him, its not me (no, I'm not perfect but according to Dh i'm not even a human). At this point I am not planning on telling Dh I am in labor, hopefully he will be either at work or sleeping. I don't need someone there during the birth who thinks so little of me. It will all work out in the end for the best, I just need to keep myself together. Sorry to whine, just needed to get some of this out.
dnr3301's Avatar dnr3301 08:28 PM 02-16-2004
Artemesia- sorry thing are so yucky for you right now. Hugs.

Claire- dd had rotavirus when she was about a year old and it was the grossest thing I've ever seen. One telltale sign- does the vomit stink like nothing you've ever smelled before? It was so nasty. Dh got it too, but somehow I was left alone. Good thing too, don't know who would have fed, bathed and clothed those two if I had been ill. It only took about a week for each of them, so keep your ds well hydrated and try to stay clean yourself. Dd would nurse, then a half hour later, vomit all over the bed, so we'd get up, bathe while dh changed the sheets, dh would get her dressed while I threw the lot into the washing machine, then 45min-hour later, we'd repeat, but start out with changing over the laundry so we would have clean sheets the next time. My heart is with you. Happy Birthday!!

Bebeluna- Happy birthday to you too! Now I know 3 people with the 12th as a birthday.

Boobiemama- have faith that breastfeeding will get those antibodies into the little one if everyone is still sick. As long as you are exposed to it, your body should be making antibodies to protect the baby. It'll be ok.

I had major contrax yesterday and last night. I think the baby might have moved away from ROP (one can hope right?) for at least a little while. My mw said that if that happened, I'd get a bunch of contrax. And my bowels were, umm, a little looser yesterday and last night than normal, but then I remembered that I found my stash of dried plums (prunes) and had a few, so I don't know that it meant anything. I'm just so ready to be done being pregnant. I know we probably all feel that way. My mw will be out of town for the last week and a half of February, so babe can't come then. And we have dd's birthday party on the 29th. We decided to only do family this time since I'm so close and uncomfortable. We usually have a big party, but our friends will just have to forgive us this time. So much to do before then!!

I have a chiro appt on wednesday and am planning on a massage at some point here. I just want to be nice and loose and aligned for labor so that if this babe wants to come out facing my bum, it can. I saw a beautiful face last time, but I'd survive.
heythere heather's Avatar heythere heather 02:21 AM 02-17-2004
OK, I'm feeling stupid...I hadn't had an email in forever telling me there were new posts, and I just don't make it here without the emails (my online time is still sporadic, and not in our home...) Well, duh, it's because it's a new month

Congrats, Cheryl!!! I loved looking at the pictures of your two fighters.

I'm doing well...I had an u/s last week to check my placenta, which had been low at 20 weeks. It's still low-lying, but I've been cleared to labor, so woohoo! The baby measured in at 7 lbs (at 34.5 weeks) I had some serious heartburn up until this past weekend, when the baby dropped. HAs anyone else droppped? I read that it happens in first pregnancies a few weeks before delivery, but it's not my first pregnancy, and I"m not in labor yet BH have even eased off now that we're settled in I'm still thinking I won't go until the end of the month.

It's amazing how soon some of you are due how exciting! I will HAVE to check in now, I dont' want to miss any more births!
PinkSunfish's Avatar PinkSunfish 01:34 PM 02-17-2004
Hi everyone,

Things are really starting to get a bit exciting now, some babies born already and some that sound like they will be here very soon.

Just checking in with my update. I saw the midwife today and all is perfect with me, no problems at all which is great. The baby is still ROA but since I am only 34+2 I am not too worried about that.

My ILs are still here but the work seems to be nearly finished and I am feeling better now that there is an end in site. I can't wait to get the house back to ourselves and then I can start nesting in earnest. Or resting in earnest which is what I really need to do - I need SLEEP!!!

I am sorry about those of you with stubborn breech babies. i would also be very upset if I was looking at a definate C-section so I really sympathise with you. However, even if the C-sections go ahead, know that you ARE birthing your baby and hopefully you can find ways to make it just as special as you were hoping for.

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. It seems like yesterday that I was posting my BFP news on the July 2WW board. I am feeling very positive about labour but the reality of imminent parenthood is looming in front of me now and that is a wee bit scary (especially in the dark after those 3am loo visits ).

to everyone
Spark's Avatar Spark 02:38 PM 02-17-2004
Rotavirus update -- My house is a just a pile of vomit at this point. DNR -- Glad to hear that your family survived it. I can hardly wait until we're on the other side of this. My DH just threw up twice this morning already. I'm praying that I'll be spared. I'm pushing my prenatal vitamins and drinking lots. But, I've lost 2 pounds taking care of my sick boy so far. DNR -- like you said, the vomit reeks! Just don't feel like eating when your clothes smell like it.

Meanwhile, my Birthday cake is sitting in the fridge untouched due to a well timed vomit last night. My husband's Birthday gift to me was going to a concert tonight. I had a dress that fits all laid out, but clearly we aren't going. Rotavirus killed my Birthday! Really though, it would be a great Birthday gift if I'm spared this illness. Pleeeease!

Other than that - maybe my due date is wrong, I'm feeling really good. No aches or pains. I even sleep pretty well at night (in between the cleaning vomit). So, I'll send some of you all my feeling good vibes I do still have plenty of BH, but they've cooled down a bit since I cut down on the 5W. I've gone 2 days now with them only getting 4-5 mins apart lasting for a minute. Much better than 2 mins apart each day for a couple times.

Artemesia -- You've got to do what you've got to do. Hoping your birth goes peacefully and your (D)H is no where around.

DNR -- hoping your baby is LOA now! Good work making nice strong ctx!

heather -- Yeah placenta! That's great news! Congrats!

Pinksunfish -- It's amazing how kids change the concept of time. It all seems like yesterday, but you're baby is off to college already! Also, parenthood is a wee bit scary! But, you will find your way and flourish beautifully!
Boobiemama's Avatar Boobiemama 03:09 PM 02-17-2004
About the rotovirus... My kids had it last Septemeber, right after my 5 yo started kindergarten. I didnt know what it was till someone on a board mentioned thats what it sounded like and after doing a webs earch I was pretty sure thats what it was. I never took the kids to the dr, I handled it at home, but it was pretty rough.

My 5 yo had it for about 3 days- vomiting, diarrhea, awful smell!!!! Then my baby, then 18 months, had it for a good 5 days. She was the worst. Round the clock vomiting/diarrhea. Luckily she was still nursing/cosleeping, so we went through lots of towels and cloth diapers.

It was horrible, but we managed!

i have a dr appt this afternoon, so will update later. 38 weeks!!!!!
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