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Originally Posted by NCmama View Post
Laying in bed at 7am, felt a wave go down my abd. then a pop. I didn't move and when my husband came in I told him I needed a towel because I think when I stand there's going to be a mess! Sure enough as soon as I stood it was a huge gush that never stopped. I am still amazed at ALL THAT FLUID! Now I am paranoid it will happen in public. I can't imagine being that poor woman in the grocery store!! LOL!!!

Lol, that was my friend! Her water broke in the frozen foods section, she said it was a HUGE gush!

The lady at my childbirth classes told us (jokingly) that they recommend pregnant women carry a jar of pickles with them at all time, and if their water breaks in public, throw down the jar and waddle away!
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Not sure if this was a warning or not, but in hindsight, it makes sense. About 6 hours before my water broke (with a trickle and then a HUGE gush), I was walking 3 miles. About 2 miles into it, I felt crampy, then such intense referred pain in my upper thigh that I had to stop and catch my breath for a few minutes. I think that that shift in DS's position precipitated my water breaking a few hours later.

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No warning for me, except that I was already having contractions ( which I think is the norm? ) and I had been in labour at home for around 24 hours already. ( Had a 42 hour labour! ) My mother said with both her babies, her water broke ahead of time so I had a feeling mine would too. I was laying down on my bed with a towel underneath and sure enough, I felt a strong contraction ( as the rest ), and it came gushing out. It doesn't stop! It keeps going and going....

I didn't hear a pop as others have experienced.
I still gave birth 24 hours after this with an emergency c-section due to malpresentation.

Mommy to DS 6/08, Expecting :
4/10 by c-section.
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I only had my water break before labor with my third and it was completely unexpected. I was laying up against my DH on the couch watch the evening news so I was kinda inclined back. Anyway I heard a popping noise and looked up at my my DH and said, "I think my water just broke get me a towel now" I didn't move at all until my DH get me a towel because I didn't want all that fluid all over my couch, LOL. Anyway as soon as I sat up it just went all over the towel and didn't stop until after my son was born. My contractions didn't start until about 3 hours after my water breaking. I walked around my block with baggie pants and a dish towel folded up in my underwear because so much fluid kept coming out. Luckily you couldn't tell because it was dark and the sweats were big but in retrospect how silly!

Katana - Full time student : and SAHM to 5 kids
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No warning. I did have nausea and hot flashes 2 nights before I went into labor, but no obvious loss of plug or bloody show until I was in active labor.

In terms of water breaking, I woke up around 8 am one morning and was relaxing in bed. Felt a little trickle. Stood up and it really let loose. Our Pergo flooring in our bedroom became very slippery and I almost wiped out I couldn't contain it with a pad or anything after a few mins. I sat on a shower curtain in the car for the 40 min drive to the hospital we were delivering at. Anyway, my water broke and my contractions were immediately 5 mins apart. My midwives had me come to the hospital right away as I was already 3 cm and 80% effaced a few days before that, and I had a longish ride to the hospital. DS was born 6h20min after my water broke.

With my 2nd pregnancy, my water didn't break until sometime during pushing.
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No warning. I did hear a pop and feel that immense gush of water, but I'd hardly consider a pop any kind of warning. lol. Luckily, I had a towel nearby and shoved it between my legs.

Contrax started 30min later.
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With dd it was totally SROM, in the birthtub and when I was in transition. I actually didn't even really know that it had happened (since I was already sitting in the water). Looking back on it I remember feeling a "pop" almost like there was this release of pressure. I didn't even really key into it until dh asked the mw when it would happen and she said I'd know.

It was only at that point that I was even able to key into what had likely happened and my mw agreed given that there was then some little bits of vernix floating in the water (my goodness was dd covered in vernix).
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Originally Posted by NCmama View Post
I am still amazed at ALL THAT FLUID! Now I am paranoid it will happen in public.
LOL same here! No warning for me either. At 3:30am I got up to pee and it never stopped. I couldn't believe how much there was. As I was riding to the hospital later I saw the small thin towel I had stashed in the car in case my water broke and laughed about its inadequacy! Silly first time mom!

I hope my water doesn't break this time because I've read that its associated with malpresentation.

Dee, mommy to Miss M 11/07 and little Miss I 5/10/10!
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With dd, I had loads of BH and then went into labor. My water broke when I was pushing her out.

With ds, I had loads of BH, that were really strong, and then my water broke in several mini bursts over several hour period. I did know I was going to have my baby that day anyway even though it was almost 3 weeks early. My dh is Native American from the bird clan and as tradtition, we were going to name the baby after a bird. The name chosen was the crow. That morning a flock of crows came to my bedroom window and shouted at me to wake me up. My water broke by 5 the afternoon. I just knew it was coming.
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