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sarahmae1's Avatar sarahmae1 03:06 PM 02-29-2004
My baby hiccups all the time! Is very active too... more squirming now than kicking though.

Re: Acid Reflux... My Dr. recommended Prilosec OTC. It works really well.

GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 03:28 PM 02-29-2004
The only reason I didn't go for the Prilosec is that it was EXPENSIVE! Some days, I don't have the reflux, others, I do. It really depends on what I eat. When I was at the store a few weeks ago, I bought some Maalox and on the bottle, it had a free coupon for pizza. Like I'm gonna eat pizza when I'm dying of reflux. Nice marketing. If you eat pizza, you'll use more Maalox. If you use more Maalox, you'll buy more Maalox.

Hey, I didn't take marketing classes for nothing. I know when I'm being manipulated! (as I send in the coupon for the free pizza...) Hey, it's free! :LOL

Now, I'm eating my way through a box of Girl Scouts Thin Mints. Yummy.
mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 04:16 PM 02-29-2004
today Iam 32 weeks along moving right along only 6 more weeks intil they induce me and I cant wait. Chloe was really moving alot this morning my DH goes does she always move that much in the morning and I go yep. he thought it was neat. he cannot wait eiether. today Iam just going to relax and watch movies with my girls while my DH is working on his car in the Garage. we rented Lion King 1/2 an two movies for me one is Radio and the other I dont remember. well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 05:36 PM 02-29-2004
Hey, there, Christina, we're just truckin' along, no? Let me know how the Lion King 2 1/2 goes. I've kinda been wanting to see it. Maybe I'll rent it on the way home. The bathroom humour should get my kids laughing. And we'll have chicken nuggets and mixed veggies for supper. Ice cream to follow. Maybe some homemade brownies
mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 05:52 PM 02-29-2004
GoodwillHunter My daughter loves the lion king 11/2 she asked to watch again it is a cute movie. ya we are moving right along when are they going to do your c-section? Iam shooting for April 15 to get induced. we shall see what the doctor says. well have a great day.

GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 05:59 PM 02-29-2004
I am supposed to have a c-section on April 21st. Ish. Like you, though, I may be having the baby early. My last two pregnancies ended at 36 weeks, so I'm praying for an April 1st baby. Not really, but, hey, it'll do for me!!!!

Hope you're feeling well.
mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 06:04 PM 02-29-2004
I bet you get so tired of being pregnant and all you want is the baby out I so feel that way now but I know she has to cook a little bit longer plus I want her to be healthy.

GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 06:32 PM 02-29-2004
Yeah, DH and I are getting ready to tell little Adam he needs to find a house of his own...:LOL. DH is tired of me hurting all the time, or being tired, or dragging my poor carcass all over the house looking miserable while house cleaning. I just got an idea, tho. He needs to go to his friend's house to check on that guy's computer (he says he fried his motherboard). I'm gonna make DH help me clean before he goes anywhere. I can't stand a dirty house. EVER!

I do know Adam needs to cook a bit more, I wouldn't want him to come today, but I do want to quit work so I can just be at home. Can't Wait. March 28th and I'm done!!!!!!

christymama's Avatar christymama 11:39 PM 02-29-2004
5 weeks left!!! I am gonna be induced as well But not a c-section. Baby is head down now yea! ~ I was scared there for a bit.. I never had a c-section and i didnt want to start! But I am being induced for fast labors and I live a hour and half away from the dr and hospital.. The way there is all interstate through the desert. So if i was to have that kid on the way we would be screwed.: So he is gonna induce me the week of the 7th sometime. It depends of course on how my cervix and everything is. So far things look peachy! Just gotta keep it that way! Wow time is really going isnt it.. March is here and soon it will be spring. Going tomorrow to get me a boppy pillow.. woohoo woohoo.. hes been rolling and wiggling all day long. I think its all that damn jerky i have eaten today! : Poor kid. sent dh to the store we are out of cheese and we are having some BBQ ribs and cheese potatos corn and dinner rolls and a toss salad for dinner YUM i also said PICK UP SOME CHOCOLATE while your there. LOL.. ohh i forgot i had a kitkat in my purse he baught me last night better go eat that before he and the kids get home LOL... BYE!
mommajubilee's Avatar mommajubilee 01:02 AM 03-01-2004
hello everyone ~

dh and i are back from our romantic night away....it was EXQUISITE! ds (2 1/2) didn't even blink when we told him we were going away for the night either. i was so ready to leave feeling heartbroken...expecting that he would be so upset.

the place we stayed was beautiful with stunning views of both coast and green hills. our cabin had a cozy fireplace and we spent the late afternoon eating warm french bread and goat cheese from a local bakery and goat farm. YUM! then we sat on a wooden swing bench and watched the sunset over the ocean. had a light dinner and went back to the cabin for more lounging and adult fun. we had to get a bit creative due to the horrendous pains of this pregnancy, but don't you worry, we managed just fine!!

i even got to sleep in this morning in our super comfy bed. BLISS! i'm feelin good today...

thanks for letting me share my excitement with you.
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 01:52 AM 03-01-2004
Ah, pregnancy does inspire creativity, no? :LOL

See y'all on the next thread!
mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 01:59 AM 03-01-2004
Iam glad you had a great time with your DH.

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