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71newmom's Avatar 71newmom 05:15 PM 11-10-2009
I will be 36 wks tomorrow. At my OB appt today, I was checked for the first time, and I'm 3cm and 70% effaced. So my dr said not to expect that I would go to my due date (Dec 9) This is my second baby. Any opinions on how quickly I might be ready? I'd really like it to be at least a few more weeks!

shakenbake's Avatar shakenbake 05:31 PM 11-10-2009
sadly ive been 3cm for 8weeks now and nothing has changed im 38 weeks
milimama's Avatar milimama 05:33 PM 11-10-2009
I was 4cm for 2 weeks with the twins.
I don't want to discourage you, but I wish someone had told me that was possible when it was happening. I kept thinking I would go anytime!
busymama77's Avatar busymama77 05:35 PM 11-10-2009
Wow - 3cm at 36 weeks? For my first, I was checked at 3 cm at 40 weeks and I was already 3 days late. I think I was around 80% effaced, too. I wouldn't think anymore than two weeks before it's time!
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 07:50 PM 11-10-2009
I would say, that far at 36 wks does not necessarily mean early delivery. I have BTDT and still not delivered until after my EDD.