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I have been wondering about this since I was pregnant with my first.I spent the first 4 months living next to the toilet and then the rest of the pregnancy just feeling sick after eating anything.I still gained 22lbs and since I was big to begin with the Drs weren't concerned.My other pregnancies were pretty similar, I would throw up about 10 minutes after eating but still gain weight except my last one I only felt a little sick and threw up once.I am only 6 weeks right now and the past two weeks I haven't had more than one meal a day because of food aversion and am having a hard time drinking because everything tastes gross and I have gained 6 lbs since last Mon. Has this happened to anyone or am I just a freak about this too?If I am already this ill now its gonna be a long way to Sept.

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I tell people that's my superpower. I had HE with all three pregnancies, all three I threw up constantly for the first few months and yet gained weight.

With this one (due last Sunday) I couldn't even get most food near my mouth. For two weeks all I ate was one egg in the morning, about 1/4 cup plain yogurt in the afternoon, and sometimes yogurt, sometimes a small piece of meat for supper. And I threw up a lot.

Adding up the calories got me 600 - 800 a day. And yet I gained 1.5 pounds both of those weeks. And also for the next two weeks when I was able to add, of all things, pepperoni pizza to my list. And for the next few weeks when i could add peeled fruit.

Weird, no?

Zofran made this pregnancy more bearable. I was able to stop taking it after month 5, though i have thrown up every morning this entire pregnancy. And I'm still nauseous most of the time. Sucks, doesn't it? I'm so ready for the baby to show up.

I couldn't drink tap water sometimes, have you tried sparkly water? Also,oddly for me, coke with lime over crushed ice, almost a slushy (and I am not a soda drinker!) Being hydrated helps a little bit, but getting those fluids can be impossible when you can't stomach anything.

Good luck, I feel for you!
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Oh, yeah! I couldn't hardly go near my kitchen in the first trimester and my appetite is still soso. I did snack on cheese and such to keep from vomitting, but always rather small portions. I managed to put on about 15 lbs in the first trimester and in the last 6 weeks another 6 pounds. And I was on the skinny side when I got pregnant. At the moment I'm almost at my highest weight when I was pregnant with my dd and I've got another 20 weeks to go.

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Are you by chance constipated?

I cant keep most foods down... and those I can keep down aren't coming out the other end either. I am pretty sure that is how I'm staying the same weight rather than losing any weight right now.

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My first pregnancy was like that. I threw up 25 times a day until I went on Zofran, to throw up 8 times a day. I only gained a total of 30 lbs, but over half of that was during my first tri when I couldn't keep anything down. I agree with Mae, if you are constipated, that is probably contributing to it.

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I didn't get nauseous until about week 6 and didn't start vomiting until about week 8 or so, by which time I'd already gained a few pounds, although I have no idea how, since I didn't eat anything "extra" the first few weeks and cut back a lot by week 6, since everything grossed me out. I then proceeded to pack on 20ish pounds by week 18, despite throwing up 3 to 5 times a day, every day, for weeks and eating almost nothing but toast. I assumed it must have been from all the carbs, but I've still been pretty baffled because I wasn't eating much. I never had m/s with DD and I'm on track to gain the same amount or maybe even more. I can't figure it out at all. The only thing I can think of is that my metabolism didn't speed up much for the baby when my body realized not much was coming in. I'm clueless about how it's happening, but I've gained 35 pounds up to this point (33 weeks) which is okay because I was thin to begin with, but still... I guess I don't care, as long as it all comes off like it did with DD.
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Maybe a lot of the reason is that your body is keeping more liquids in for making more blood and other fluids instead of peeing it all out? Liquid is pretty heavy but you wouldn't normally count it as calories, so that could explain the weight gain with the small calorie intake.

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I gained 7 lbs with DD in the first tri and seriously have no idea how. This time, I'm much less nauseous (thank goodness!), have been eating okay and have lost weight... *scratches head*

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Sorry its been a couple of days to reply,my kids got sick and I am so grateful we have more than one toilet but at least I know how to deal with nausea and puking in a normal person.
I am so glad that I'm not weird, in my other pregnancies the drs made me feel like it was in my head since I was obviously gaining weight.I even had one tell me I needed to lay off the chips and fried chicken even though I had told her exactly what I was eating and those particular items I hadn't eaten in 2 years because I don't enjoy them even when I'm not pregnant.Thank you for sharing your tips and stories, thank you soo much!I don't think its constipation because umm food comes violently out of both ends in the beginning. I do retain fluids very well though.My first two days of AF I go up 5-10 lbs. and then it goes away.My pregnancy weight melts off easily so that I am back to my own fat by 6 weeks too.Oh well, I'll just keep smiling and nodding at the Drs office knowing that I am doing whats normal for my own body.

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I think I can beat all records. I had horrid all-day-sickness for five solid months with DS. I could barely function beyond puking. Still I gained 12 lbs in my first trimester and 50+ total for the pregnancy. I think it is because what little I could eat was absolute junk. I could only manage the grossest fattiest most sugary carbs you can imagine. Just the thought of a fruit or vedgie (or anything else not white and doughy and covered in powdered sugar) would send me reeling with nausea. It is not a time of my life that I am very proud of, nutritionally speaking. So even though I barfed most of it up I think a lot of calories still made it in.

Thankfully, I lost it all within six months without really trying.

This time around, I'm not feeling sick yet and I'm praying that I have an easier go of it so that I can eat more healthy foods.

Happy mumma to my boys Henny Tom (Nov 30, 2008), Arlo Odie (Oct 5, 2010), and baby SISTER! due mid-Dec 2014.
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I'm right there with ya, Mamas. Last pregnancy I gained 50 lbs! Throwing up the whole pregnancy, and 3-5X/day for the first 5 months. 12lbs the first trimester.

I noticed (sorry if it's TMI) that when I threw up it seemed like the food was making it into my intestines faster than I thought, so I think my body was/is on hyperdrive trying to absorb as much as possible. I agree that even my MW seemed to shrug off the puking because of the weight gain. THis time I insisted on zofran, I wasn't going to let this be minimized.

to all you fellow puking Mama's out there. Kinda makes it hard to be excited about being pregnant for me...

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I had horrible ms with both of my pregnancies and still gained a LOT! I gained 50 pounds with DS1. I'm only 5 mo preggo with DS2 and already put on 20 pounds. I think it's because my bodies response to nausea is to eat all.the.time!
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