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catholic74's Avatar catholic74 01:30 AM 02-12-2010
Hi ladies!

A very good friend of mine just called to tell me that she is expecting and I am so thrilled for her! She asked me if I have any creative ideas of how she might tell her husband the exciting news. This pregnancy is very special for them. They already have children. The youngest is 7. They have been wanting another baby very badly and have been through some difficult times while waiting and hoping to be blessed again and thankfully, their prayers have been answered. So, given the circumstances, my friend would like to make make the announcement to her husband special. Valentine's day is coming up and she was thinking that would be a great day to tell him, but tha't as far as she's gotten.....any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 01:35 AM 02-12-2010
I am not overly creative; but, I have made an Announcement Card with a really cool poem on it and I have also given a gift of baby booties. Not very original, but it worked.
MaerynPearl's Avatar MaerynPearl 02:07 AM 02-12-2010
a heartshaped box of chocolates... with the chocolates taken out and something else inside (perhaps the pregnancy test, perhaps the words WERE PREGNANT) or perhaps taking icing and writing on the chocolates ITS A BABY!
missmich's Avatar missmich 02:49 AM 02-12-2010
If they may normally toast a special and romantic night with Champagne she could switch it with a nice bottle of sparkling cider or if she doesn't think he'd get the hint that way she can break out some chocolate milk in some nice champagne or wine glasses. He will be like WTH? Why are we drinking this stuff? Then she can smile and tell him to open the box of chocolates. I like the idea of telling him with chocolate.

Or since some ladies like to give their man sexy lingerie.... she can hand him a nice bag from Victoria's Secret or somewhere and when he opens he finds some nice big maternity panties!
AustinMom's Avatar AustinMom 03:01 AM 02-12-2010
With my hubby, I cooked baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby spinach salad with baby bell cheese, and right before we ate, I asked him what he noticed about the meal. It took a little hinting, but he got it, it was so cute.