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placenta sounds on doppler?

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So, i have been resisting bringing this up, but i'm just so curious now!

my main question is , what else could sound like a placenta? (wind through trees/sea shell noise)

i have a home doppler, and i have been hearing the classic placenta sound since like 7.5 weeks.. (HB since 9.5) .. my midwife checked once, and she thought the placenta was on my far left side.. like by my hipbone, but i can also hear it a little higher up on the far right? .. not pointing the doppler from right to left or left to right.. there anything else that sounds like the wind in trees placenta sound? i assume the placenta couldn't possibly stretch THAT far at this point.. i'm starting to wonder if there might be two babies.. i'm 11.5 weeks now and i have tried the past couple days to see if there were two heartbeats but baby is soooo active i can hardly catch one heartbeat before it moves. but yesterday i found it by the left side and today by the far far right and higher.. i am also feeling lots of movement all. over. my belly and my measuring a bit ahead (this is also my 3rd baby) .. i'm also starting to feel like if there is only one baby its got a really long cord and a LOT of room for being only 1.5-2inches tall..

i have a midwife appt tuesday, but i won't be having an u/s until April 5th..
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My midwife said that was the cord, not necessarily the placenta. If it's the cord, it could be moving around.
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i thought about it being the cord, but isnt' the cord suppose to have baby's heartbeat and the placenta has mom's heartbeat? also, its always in the same 2 places, it doesn't move.. and its at the same 2 places at the same time.. just the baby seems to move.. or i guess the heart beat in different places could be the cord? and not the baby moving that far?
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I have a similar situation. Im not sure what it is, I just assumed a large artery that was making the same noise... as if I move far enough left I find it, if I move far enough right I find it... but then the placental sound is slightly to the left of the one on the right. They do sound the same... but there is a distinct area without noise between the two on the right and the one on the right and the one on the left are both about the same position.

I KNOW I am not having twins/triplets though. They were a little worried about that (I have family history, high bmi and a few other factors that raise my chances) so I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and they looked very well and only found one healthy little baby in there.
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ok Mae, i'm glad you're hearing the same thing!! the sound on the right is def. louder than the left for me.. maybe that means it is an artery or something, i just get nervous because my midwife said the left suond was the placenta, i guess at 7.5 weeks it would be hard to tell an artery from a placenta.. so i'm going to assume my placenta is on the right and that is why i can't hear a matching artery on that side.. and i'm also going to assume the bigger/louder thing is the placenta..

Mae - does your baby move around like to totally different places in your belly several inches apart?
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I had the same thing with mine! Just one baby!
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well, the midwife does not think its twins, i am not measuring ahead anymore.. but with her 2mghz doppler you could hear the placenta in totally different places that you could hear it with mine.. sooo weird. with her's it sounds like its on the front.. and we could not hear the HB with her doppler.. but it was clear as day with my 3mghz ..
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Well, Im only 12 weeks along so while I shouldnt even be feeling movement in most peoples eyes... I only feel it in one small area.

I dont know if that will change as time goes on.

I went in yesterday and my doctor asked me if we were sure there werent twins in there (Im measuring large and already feeling kicks and thats odd to her) and I told her that I was watching the screen and never saw a hint of a second baby... and had told the ultrasound tech to check extra well because of the risk so I am pretty sure there is just one very active very healthy baby in there (and the ultrasound dating was 4 days later than my own... so my due date isnt off by the month Im measuring off by)

Its just how my body is I guess.
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