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I need to vent and also want to know if anyone can give me some advice. Please bare with me for my long story.

As of today, I am 12w4d pregnant. Eighteen days ago, I was admitted to the ER because of excruciating pain in the lower abdominal area. It turned out that I wasn't able to void. A foley catheter was inserted and I got to go home.

One day after I was released from the ER, I went to see my OB. My OB diagnosed me with an incarcerated uterus and told me to do knee-chest exercise. I did what I was told with each exercise session lasted from 15 to 30 minutes. I did these exercises every 2 to 3 hours each day.

A week later on Friday (4/02), I went to see my OB and she successfully repositioned the uterus and I could urinate. The catheter was taken out. (BTW, within the week between my OB visits, I revisited the ER two more times b/c of the void problem). On Saturday night (4/03), I had to go back to the ER because I couldn't void again. It appeared that my uterus had fallen back to its original position.

Since that Saturday night, I felt a big bulge hanging off of me. Called the on-call OB that Saturday/Sunday night and was told to not worry about it...all pregnant women have that problem because of extra hormones. Something did sit right with me so I called on Monday to report the ER trip as well as the bulge...this time I used the words "something is protruding out of me." Another on-call OB for that day told me to wait for my regular OB to come back from her vacation and she could exam me. In the mean time the bulge started to hurt and I was completely miserable. Something didn't feel right so I called again on Wed. telling them that - "something is protruding out of me" Also told them that the bulge hurt, my underwear had to be changed hourly because some kind of vaginal discharge, and I was concerned about the health of my baby. The same on-call OB as on Monday told me the baby was fine, the discharge was normal b/c of my incarcerated uterus, even the burn I felt was ok...part of the uterus problem. Wait to see my regular OB. Wed night, I bled a little and called them on Thursday morning reporting the bleeding problem. They finally let me see the most senior OB of the practice that afternoon.

When I saw the OB on Thursday, he was shocked and let me see the was huge (sorry about this) looked like a red doughnut. I learned that he had never seen this problem in a pregnant woman (he finished med school in '72) and told me the doughnut was my cervix. Further, he did a quick u/s in the exam room and told me he was concerned about the low level of amniotic fluid. He did a quick test for amniotic fluid by dropping something on the vaginal wall, but the test came back negative. However, the baby's heartbeat was present but he didn't want to tell me the heart beat rate. Anyway, I am wearing a pessary now and on bed rest with a foley catheter in me. I am scheduled for an u/s and a follow-up visit with my regular OB. I am fearful that my baby won't make it.

Did anyone ever experience this problem before and what was the result of your pregnancy? What kind of treatment did you seek and receive? My know my problems are very very rare. I think once the uterus is in its correct position, my cervical prolapse problem will be over, but who knows. Thanks for your input.
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I'm sorry you are going through this. I don't have any advice to offer, but wanted to say I am thinking about you and sending good thoughts.

lucky mom to Oliver, 8/6/07, and Finn, 11/28/10, and wife to DH
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I have no experience or advice, but wanted to say sorry you are going through this. You should have been seen MUCH sooner and not put off so long by your OB's. That is really lousy. I am not sure if I would stay with that practice. It sounds like you might be in for a heavily monitored, medical pregnancy,(but again, I don't know, I have never heard of this condition) maybe you might ask if you need a referral to a specialist. I hope you get some answers and relief. Conratulations and best wishes for your pregnancy.

Happy wife of Treading.gif  mom to L lady.gif and Mjog.gif


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I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I was immediately drawn to your post because I am 16 weeks and have had very similar problems to you. I have a retroflexed uterus (tilted toward the back) and have been having voiding problems for two weeks. Earlier this week, I was unable to void at all and had to be transferred from my midwife to a ob/gyn to have a catheter put in, where they drained 1,000 ccs of urine out of me. I was told that my uterus is still posterior (even though I've been told that it should correct itself as the baby grows) and I'm carrying very low. I haven't been diagnosed with a prolapse, but I suspect I have a first degree prolapse because I feel like I have something in my vagina, which I assume is my cervix. It is not protruding outside my body like yours, however. (This is my second pregnancy, by the way. I did not have these problems with my first.)

I was put through ultrasounds to rule out an incarcerated uterus. I haven't had any abdominal pain and I most likely do not have an incarcerated uterus.

Sorry for all the info, put I wanted to provide that so you can understand my perspective.

From my research on an incarcerated uterus, you absolutely need to have your uterus repositioned so that it can exit the pelvis and grow (thus allowing the baby to grow as well). I agree that you have received substandard care so far and I would recommend trying to find another ob if you can, perhaps even a specialist like a urogynecologist, who specializes in these kinds of things.
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I've got no good advice as my prolapse happened right after birth and not during pregnancy. But I didn't want to not respond to you. There is a tribe for mamas called Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Support Thread here at MDC, maybe they might be able to help you find a good doctor in your area or at least hold your hand through this. I'm thinking of you and your wee one mama.

Lisa, mama to Orion (7) , Fiona Star (born sleeping @ 38wks 12/6/08) , our bitty (m/c 7/27/09) , and Charlotte Athena (11/5/10)
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Hi,  I  would like to let you know that i also have a prolapsed uterus and SPD,  and am currently 31 weeks pregnant!!!!   Altho i only realised my prolapse at about 24 weeks pregnant. I had a pessary ring inserted to lift my uterus but this didn't really make any difference at all so i had it removed. My midwife, health visitor and Consultant have not seen this type of prolapse in a pregnant woman before and have put it down to the trauma of my 2nd child's delivery   (...... i was only in labour for 8 minutes!! ) i am on crutches and have been signed off work, and told to 'rest up'.......... no other treatment as yet! they don't even know if i will labour early or not!  what they DO know is that i have to have surgery around 3 months post natal. This involves the uterus being lifted like a hammock and attached to the cocyx!!! i know nothing else really apart from i'm more worried that during labour i will push my uterus out!!!!!  I'm not sure what i'm supposed to expect or what will happen, but i do know this is my last child....... and so it should be, this IS my 4th!!! 

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Hi! I know this is an old thread, but Im curious if anyone else has much experience with giving birth after finding out they had a minor prolapsed uterus?
Im expecting my 8th baby (10th pregnancy) and my last birth 2 years ago was harder than normal. Apparently (I found this out yesterday) , my cervix was really super stretchy and not quite a 10 although elastic to 10 and as I was pushing my son out, he was bringing my uterus with him.

My midwife had recommended I get pelvic floor therapy after this, however I had no clue why since if it was a question of pelvic floor muscles that would be weak after birth, I could just do lots of exercises, right? So I never followed up. I am 27 weeks now and while discussing the birth this info came to light.
For my past few pregnancies I have felt a great amount of pelvic heaviness feeling like Im 'falling out' vaginally. I attributed this to the regular heaviness of pregnancy and having lots of kids- that my pelvic floor was weaker and I was sagging a bit.

So now Im trying to figure out what the best way to birth is and if a more prolapsed uterus while pregnancy could contribute to more stabbing pains cervically at the end (which I tend to have) or premature dilation.

I found a medical journal entry which actually made me laugh quite loud... it stated this:
"Traditional Chinese methods of treating prolapse involved the Chinese Native doctors saturating the protruding portion of the cervix with kerosene oil and setting fire to it. The resulting dense scar tissue of the cervix required multiple incisions to deliver the babies with forceps. Undeniably, we have come a long way in the management of uterine prolapse coincident with pregnancy."
Thank goodness we live in the current era!!!!

-Jyn, Blessed mom of Abbie ('99), Gracie ('00), AngelBaby ('01), Danny ('02), Jacob ('03), Eva Bella ('06), Angel-Baby2 ('07), Emmalia ('09), Justus John Mark ('11), Jude Ellias Due 7-16-13

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Why not get physical therapy with a pelvic floor specialist now? I'm sure it would have been preferable to do before this pregnancy but could certainly still help.

Fledgling midwife on hiatus, Wife to B, mama to C (c/s ribboncesarean.gif 12/04) and S hbac.gif (12/07), angel3.gif m/c (3/12) and expecting another bean 6/13 stork-suprise.gif.

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I've had a uterine, bladder and perineocele since the birth of my first DD. I'm pregnant with my third right now. The best position to push your baby out would be side lying. I did that with my nearly 10 lbs nuchal hand DD2 and had no tearing and no worse prolapse :-). For the postpartum period, there is an awesome DVD called hab-it. It has some excellent postpartum exercises and will help tone your pelvic floor, belly and butt. The woman who developed this system is a physical therapist with a prolapse. I highly recommend her!

Wife to amazing dh, mama to dd 12/08
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Hi all, I'm 36 years old, and 14 weeks pregnant with #2, and found out 2 days ago that my cervix bulges out of my vagina when I sit on the toilet (2nd-degree prolapse)...
I am apparently prone to prolapse since I've had a rectocele ever since being pregnant with my first.
I saw my OB yesterday and he said: "It's nothing to worry about right now, baby and the uterus are big enough at this point to prevent it from falling out. When you use the toilet, just wash your hand and push the cervix back inside afterwards. Pelvic floor exercises won't help during pregnancy."
So, that's what I'm doing, pushing everything back inside after using the toilet... But I'm doing my kegels too, just in case they do help. Thanks everyone for the various info on this thread.


Does anyone else have any additional, useful info, or a succesful birth story with a 2nd or 3rd-degree cervical prolapse?

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I would request a referral to a women's health physical therapist to evaluate. There is plenty that can be done during pregnancy to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Fledgling midwife on hiatus, Wife to B, mama to C (c/s ribboncesarean.gif 12/04) and S hbac.gif (12/07), angel3.gif m/c (3/12) and expecting another bean 6/13 stork-suprise.gif.

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