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annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 06:25 PM 05-02-2010
I have my OB interview tomorrow. My last birth was a homebirth, but this one won't be. Should I bring a copy of my records from my homebirth to the OB?

annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 12:13 AM 05-03-2010
BreakfastyMichele's Avatar BreakfastyMichele 12:20 AM 05-03-2010
I would, as well as any other pertinent pregnancy/birthing records.

Good luck!
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 12:21 AM 05-03-2010
Thanks. I guess I forgot to say my concern-- I just wouldn't want to open myself or my midwife up to any legal issues and really, even criticism. Homebirth midwifery is kind of alegal here in PA. OTOH, with twins, I want everything to be clear and out in the open.
ivymae's Avatar ivymae 12:34 AM 05-03-2010
Maybe don't bring them to the first interview. Test the waters, and if when you say "I had a homebirth last time" they say "OMG on purpose?!" then consider either interviewing elsewhere or giving them the info without your MW's name on it. Then again, if they say "Great, any concerns from that birth?" you can offer to bring the medical records to your next appointment.

Congrats on twins.
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 12:35 AM 05-03-2010
Thanks! Oh, they know about the homebirth. They seem to think it's all rather quaint, LOL! I'm just being paranoid, I guess.
BreakfastyMichele's Avatar BreakfastyMichele 12:51 AM 05-03-2010
Since they already know about the homebirth, you're probably in the clear. Is there a way to share your records without sharing your midwife's name?

I also like the previous poster's suggestion that you test the waters on the first visit.
klocke's Avatar klocke 06:40 AM 05-03-2010
I had a home birth last time and will be having a hospital birth any day now. My Ob wasn't concerned with my records from my previous births they just asked me a few simple questions. They only wanted records related to this time around, since I switched from a midwife mid pregnancy.
voicegrrl's Avatar voicegrrl 12:32 PM 05-03-2010
Personally I would not take your records, more than likely they aren't going to take them seriously and I wouldn't want to risk your midwife's safety and privacy. We're in an illegal midwifery state so it's always first on my radar to protect the midwife. I think you could just give them the gist of how your last birth went if they even ask, but they probably won't be very interested because a twins birth is nothing like a singleton birth. Good luck!