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View Poll Results: did you notice a difference between being pregnant with a girl versus being pregnant with a boy?
my pregnancy symptoms were the same with both genders. 16 47.06%
my pregnancy symptoms vary by gender of the baby. 18 52.94%
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so i'm wondering what your experience has been regarding if your pregnancies were different with your boy baby/ies and girl baby/ies.

personally, this pregnancy seems to be very different from my last. a lot of my mama friends tease (some serious) that maybe it means this one will be a boy.

what are your thoughts? were your pregnancy experiences different based on the sex of the child?

hoping for a !
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With my dd, I had terrible morning sickness. With my ds's, it's been pretty mild. Of course dd was also my first, so I don't know if that was a factor as well.

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i have 4 boys and am currently pregnant w/ my 1st daughter. (squeee! so weird saying that, lol) anyway, the one pregnancy that was WAAY different was #3 (a boy) and i thought for sure it was because i was having a girl. nope, it was just because i was older. (so i speculate--i was more sick and tired and there had been almost a 10 year gap between that pregnancy and the one previous.) this current girl pregnancy is no different than the boy pregnancy 2 years ago. ime, there's absolutely no telling gender due to how same or different your pregnancies are. (but you bet i was wondering and asking the same question w/ my last!)
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My difference was in food cravings...craves sweets with the boys, craved greens and veggies with this pregnancy. Also, the foods that had worked for m/s in my first two (boy) pregnancies didn't really work with this baby, and my aversion to leftovers was extreme to say the least.

During my first trimester I thought everything was the same, but as I looked back on it at the beginning of the second trimester, I started to see that the pregnancies were really very different in how I felt. I started thinking girl.


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I cant answer your poll... my symptoms vary by baby and have nothing to do with gender... Im on baby #3, girl #2 and its different than either DS or DD...

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Pregnancy 1 (dd) and 3 (ds#2) were more similar than between my 2 boys....
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With my dd's I had major hot flashes in early pg and morning sickness was pretty average, nauseous all day and only threw up once a day......

With ds I was freezing all the time and ms was AWFUL, I was sick until about 22 weeks.
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My two pregnancies could not have been more different - and both boys. With DS1, I had no m/s, craved sugar, was very tired, tons of aches and pains, high sex drive. With DS2, lots of nausea, craved protein and savory foods, still tired but really no aches and pains, and NO sex drive!

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1st DD - Pretty darn ill the whole pregnancy, but mostly functioning.

2nd DD - Felt great, can't complain much.

1st DS - Sick as a dog the whole time, seriously almost died (more than once). To be fair, there was a different dad involved, so maybe the genes made a difference?

Pregnant again (with my dd's dad again) and feeling pretty good so far (knock on wood). So I don't think that gender makes to much of a difference in my case. My mom had four girls and never puked once during a pregnancy.

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My symptoms varried each pgcy, but gender had nothing to do with it.

Any misspellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
they are placed there for the amusement of those who like to point them out.
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I have 2 boys and 2 girls and absolutely nothing to go on to predict the gender of this one!

Carrie .. 
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All my pregnancies were different so i can't really answer your pole, here are my symptoms excluding mc's
1st (girl) a lot of dizzy spells, nose bleeds, occasional leg cramps
2nd (boy) nausea, lot's of leg cramps, heart burn, spd, sciatica, BH
3rd (girl) horrible MS, dizzy spells, spd, some leg cramps, heart burn, BH.
4th (boy) nausea, occasional leg cramps, BH.

I had on and off contractions starting from about 25 wks with both 3 and 4 also.

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My pregnancies with DD and DS were SOOOO similar that I swore DS was a girl. I really didn't believe the u/s, I was just so sure! But, he's a 3 yo ball of little boy energy today! This time around we didn't find out, and honestly, I couldn't begin to compare this pregnancy, it's been totally different than the first two. Maybe it's puppies instead?

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I can't answer with the choices given. My pregnancies have been different, but it doesn't seem to be related to the sex of the baby.
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While each of my three pregnacies has been different, there are 2 things that have been radically different with my boy pregnancy than my girl ones. My skin is clear, and during the first two trimesters, I was FREEZING. The freezing thing had my DH pretty convinced that this was a boy!

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hmmm, well not much really in the way of a difference of any symptoms or anything. I have 2 boys and 1 girl and carrying another girl..only thing I can say is different is that I am smaller in size with both girls than with the boys at term..not weight wise, I just LOOK smaller

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I'm less moody and nauseus with my boys(#1 and #4 and I think this one)With my girls I'm more emotional and I gain a lot more weight.(#2,#3,#5)

I love to
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I have one boy and one girl and my pregnancies were completely different. With DS I had no MS but I was really tired for my whole pregnancy and slept well for most of it. With DD I was really sick until 15 or 16 weeks and slept horribly. DS wasn't very active in the womb unless prodded, he seemed pretty comfy to be there. DD on the other hand was rocking and rolling non-stop. I'll be interested to see how future pregnancies play out.

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