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aikigypsy's Avatar aikigypsy 02:17 PM 06-19-2010
I refused induction until after 42 completed weeks with DD, and she was born at about 42 +5.

If you had a "late" first baby (past the current medical deadline of EDD +10, or whatever it is, or had to be induced because you hit your CP's deadline), when did you go into labor with your second?

I'm wondering if there's any pattern. My mother claims that I arrived a full month after my EDD (2nd attempt at induction), and that my younger brother arrived 3 weeks early (fast labor, a bit over 2 hours). I wonder if her EDDs were just way off in one case or the other.


terra-pip's Avatar terra-pip 05:58 PM 06-19-2010
I'm not sure if I can answer your question but my 1st was late by 7 days. Went into labor naturally. My 2nd was late by 12 days and I used castor oil to naturally induce..luckily it worked. I personally wouldn't go past 2 weeks past due, I have a friend who went three weeks past due and her baby had post term complications. It's just something I wouldn't risk, as hard as it is to make a decision like that, I'm sure. It's rare to have a baby on the due date. So calling them "late" is somewhat not the right choice of word in my opinion.

I was sure about my last menstrual cycle with both as well.
aikigypsy's Avatar aikigypsy 06:06 PM 06-19-2010
Originally Posted by terra-pip View Post
So calling them "late" is somewhat not the right choice of word in my opinion.
That's why I put it in quotes. I don't like it when people start to fret if they haven't gone into labor by their EDD.

My research, last time around, convinced me that up to 42 completed weeks is totally within the normal range and shouldn't be grounds for induction. After 42 weeks, OTOH, complications do start to rise, which is why I agreed to an induction then. I hope to not have to go through the whole pitocin/IV/increased monitoring thing again this time.
34me's Avatar 34me 06:11 PM 06-19-2010
I was induced 2 weeks early with dd due to some issues she was causing in me (phlebitis). While it didn't cause her to be born it did relieve the issue enough for me to wait her out. She was born natuarally 2 weeks later on her due date. Her brother was born at 41+4
odenata's Avatar odenata 06:20 PM 06-19-2010
DD (#1) was 11 days after her due date. DS (#2) was 15 days after his (probably more, b/c I fudged the dates a little since I was aiming for a VBAC - which I had!).
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 10:06 PM 06-19-2010
Well I was induced with #1 at 41 weeks. The other two I went into labor naturally, one was 11 days past my edd and #3 was 10 days past. I'm hoping this one comes a little earlier, that would be nice.
at_the_hip's Avatar at_the_hip 11:15 PM 06-19-2010
I tend to go at least a week past my due date. This is normal for me and also others in my family, so I know it is normal for us and no need for concern!

dd#1 9 days after dd
dd#2 6 days after dd
dd#3 13 days after dd
dd#4 7 days after dd
ds #5 currently 40+1 and waiting
jensb's Avatar jensb 12:21 AM 06-20-2010
DD1 was induced at 41w 5d (ended in csec). DD2 came at 39w exactly. Sort of fits their personalities, too - hang back and be cautious vs. go-getter.
BlackSheepPDX's Avatar BlackSheepPDX 12:22 AM 06-20-2010
My DD was born at 41w5d, no induction, spontaneous labor. That EDD was based on LMP only.

This pregnancy, my EDD would be Aug 2 based on LMP, but an early ultrasound dated us to Aug 13 instead. I'm inclined to think I'm actually going to go into labor very close to my "due date" this time, because I suspect the 12 days last time were more to due with being a later ovulator and an incorrect due date as a result. We'll see!
megviolet's Avatar megviolet 12:38 AM 06-20-2010
I hope this thread gets lots more answers! It's interesting.
I went 3wks over my EDD with my first, refused induction (but had lots of monitoring, i really did my research). I finally had membranes stripped at 42+6, labored over 24hrs then had membranes broken and 6hrs of pitocin before DD was vacuum assisted out.

I'm 38+4 now.... wondering what will happen!

DD was positioned poorly, her hand was over her head until some point during labour. And she never 'dropped' until after hours of contractions.
This baby is low and locked already so i'm hoping that means it will come on time... or anytime now!
ComaWhite's Avatar ComaWhite 01:14 AM 06-20-2010


honeybee's Avatar honeybee 10:53 AM 06-20-2010
I've never actually been over 42 weeks, so not really late. But, ds1 was born half an hour shy of 42 weeks. His EDD was based on LMP, which I never thought was an accurate estimate, because I'd never had a period less than about 35 days, and average was 37 days. So, I think ds1 was actually born right around his true EDD--except he did have a little wrinkling around his wrists and ankles, indicating he was later, so who knows. With Ds2, however, I was charting and based EDD on my ovulation, and he was born 41w, 5 days. Ds2 had absolutely NO signs of being later. He was a "term" baby based on newborn assessment. I was also charting with ds3 who was born 38 w, 3 days, which was a shocker for me.

This time around, I just figure this babe will be born sometime in the month of October.
FishBounce's Avatar FishBounce 10:55 AM 06-20-2010
Ds1 came 9 days postdate.
Ds2 came at 38wks.
Who knows when this one will come?
Venia's Avatar Venia 01:07 PM 06-20-2010
DD - 41w+5d (despite two non-consensual membrane sweeps by an OB )
DS - currently 40w+4d and waiting.
terra-pip's Avatar terra-pip 02:58 PM 06-20-2010
Originally Posted by Venia View Post
DD - 41w+5d (despite two non-consensual membrane sweeps by an OB )
DS - currently 40w+4d and waiting.
wow...did he/she just not tell you at all? That's insane. That is one procedure that I am adamant about being avoided at all costs. Risk of infection. My MW now does do that but she at least mentions and asks if it's wanted.
Igraine's Avatar Igraine 03:00 PM 06-20-2010
My 1st was 10 days late and may daughter was born 40 minutes after her due date passed!
Rosehip's Avatar Rosehip 03:01 PM 06-20-2010
DD: 41w + 3 days (spontaneous labor)
DS: 42 weeks (water broke, I agreed to induction after no ctx for quite a while)
Venia's Avatar Venia 03:17 PM 06-20-2010
Originally Posted by terra-pip View Post
wow...did he/she just not tell you at all? That's insane. That is one procedure that I am adamant about being avoided at all costs. Risk of infection. My MW now does do that but she at least mentions and asks if it's wanted.
I was naive with my first and trusted my OB 100%. She snuck them in during internals which I *thought* were normal/routine/required. It was not until after the second attempt that I questioned her as to why it hurt so much and why I would end up bleeding. She casually said that she was "helping me along" and it was perfectly normal to bleed since I was a red-head. Low and behold she did end up giving me an infection.

This time I have a midwife and a "no internal" agreement until after 42 weeks for induction assessment.
maciascl's Avatar maciascl 05:49 PM 06-20-2010
I am opposite of what you asked, but my 1st was 15 days early & my 2nd was 11 days late. I was complete sure of my dates with both. So...
fruitfulmomma's Avatar fruitfulmomma 06:04 PM 06-20-2010
Are you certain that you ovulated on day 14 of your cycle? If not, then an edd based on your lmp isn't correct.

I consented to an induction by AROM at 44 weeks past lmp with my 3rd child and she had NO signs whatsover of being postdates. The baby after her came around 41.5 weeks. Last one came at 44 again and was probably 39 weeks gestation according to the midwife. (I have long, varying cycles.)
artgoddess's Avatar artgoddess 06:08 PM 06-20-2010
We knew the EDD was off on our first, we told the OB so when he gave us the date. For what *we* think DS was right on time.

DS - 10 days past EDD
DD - 7 days past EDD

no inductions.
HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 04:01 AM 06-21-2010
With my first, I guessed at dates and confirmed them with an u/s at 13wks. I went into labor at 40w4d and he was born at 40w6d, though a bit ahead of his own timing as the doc's forced a c/s for failure to wait.

With #2, I knew my dates and went into labor at 39wks exactly and he was born at 39w3d (well, 2d plus 48 minutes! 12:48am).

With #3, again knew my dates and was in labor at 39wks and he was born at 39w1d.
JFTB1177's Avatar JFTB1177 09:39 AM 06-21-2010
I was induced with DS1 , which led to a c-section at almost 41 weeks.

With DS2 my MW stripped my membranes at 42 + 3, went into labor the next day, and had him early in the a.m. at 42 + 5! I am sure he would have gone longer had my MW not stripped my membranes but she was getting nervous...
ParisApril 09:49 AM 06-21-2010
#1 DD was 42w 5d when they broke my water in the hospital. I had her at home 10 hours later with my midwife.

#2 DS was 41w 2d when I went into labor at home.
mizznicole's Avatar mizznicole 10:15 AM 06-21-2010
Wow, you're not giving me much hope. I'm really nervous about having another big head cooking for an extra 10 days.
BreakfastyMichele's Avatar BreakfastyMichele 12:56 PM 06-21-2010
Mizznicole, if it's any consolation, I'm in the same boat!
Adamsmama's Avatar Adamsmama 01:01 PM 06-21-2010
1 was labor thru the day/ night 40w6d born 41w
2 was labor day/night at 41w, born 41w1d
3 induced 40w4d
pollyanna123's Avatar pollyanna123 01:05 PM 06-21-2010
I am positive of my ovulation dates with both pregnancies.

My first was 9 days past her EDD.
My second was born on his EDD!
emamum's Avatar emamum 01:09 PM 06-21-2010
both of mine were born at exactly 41 weeks... no 3 is due in 8 weeks, i'm not expecting him to be early..
GreenMomPhD's Avatar GreenMomPhD 10:18 PM 06-21-2010
My 1st was born 1 week after her EDD, after some foot accupressure by my doula got me going (at least I think that was why). I was afraid the OB would insist I be induced! But I did tell her that I would require proof of why she wanted to, like something on the ultrasound that indicated distress.

Since so many seem to have more than one pregnancy that goes past 40 weeks, I am thinking that it is due to a longer cycle. The OB's probbaly all just estimate/assume an ovulaion of 14 days or something? My cycles are very irreglar, so to assume that would be erroneous.

My EDD is July 25th. I am actually really, really hoping I will be a week late, since that would be on August 1st, which is not only my birthday, but my mom's too!
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