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I'm 13 weeks along with my 1st pregnancy and have not stopped throwing up since week #3. I feel like other people don't understand what I'm going through, my sister even, she's had 4 children and said to me she only threw up once! Really not what I needed to hear. Is there anyone out there I can relate to?
Sometimes, I'm afraid my job is in jeopardy, I cut hair, and need to leave clients sometimes to get sick. I've called in or left work at least 7 or 8 times since becoming pregnant. Please help! I just need someone to talk to!!
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they are fab!

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mama this is a common topic in the pregnancy forum so I am moving it there.

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have you discussed with your OB? I am taking zofran, couldn't function without it. There are other medications out there. And if you are losing weight, it's should be discussed.

If it makes you feel better, at 15 weeks, I am feeling much better. And my last pregnancy, I vomited for 26 weeks. This time was much worse, but shorter duration.

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Ooooh Momma I am SO right there with you! At the risk of making you feel both better and worse at the same time (better because you are not alone... worse cuz with my first pg I was sick THE. ENTIRE. PREGNANCY.), I want to also chime in that Zofran saved my butt.

I work full time, and now I am raising a toddler as well. With my 1st pregnancy I started getting sick at about 6 weeks and didn't stop throwing up the whole time except for when I took the Zofran. I was so freaked out though about being on any medication, I tended to try *not* to take the zofran which at some point my OB just said directly "That is ridiculous. It's safe, you need it... take it!" I wasn't drinking enough water or eating enough cuz I just couldn't stand the idea of eating or drinking, and the zofran helped both stop the vomiting as well as making it more possible for me to eat and drink.

This pregnancy I don't throw up as much, but I am naseous ALL the TIME as well as exhausted this time (wasn't before). I pretty much called my doc and asked for Zofran again, cuz I feared I wouldn't be able to work and parent and function feeling as absolutely crappy as I was.

I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but last pg I also became a master at always having a gallon ziplock bag and a paper bag on me at all times. I threw up at my desk so many times... put ziplock bag in paper bag so no one could see what it was and threw ziplock away in bathroom. No one ever seemed to notice. I'd even be on conference calls and throw up (put them on mute).

So you're definitely not alone, and hopefully you'll feel dramatically better when you go to your 2nd trimester. I'm sure hoping I will on this one!

Last thing.... I really only read this once, and who knows if it's got any truth ot it at all, but I CLAIMED this cuz I want to believe it! I read recently that when a pregnant woman actually vomits, there is some chemical released that actually contributes to even better brain development and functioning in her fetus! Basically the article said, your baby will be smarter cuz you were yakking the whole time! All I know is, indeed, DD is incredibly smart, daycare workers, otehr parents and others have been commenting on that since she was 9 months old.

So again, who knows if it's true a little, a lot, or not at all... but I"m claiming that and so far this little new bean will be pretty smart too cuz I have yakked plenty already!

Best of luck, you're not alone but you DO need to take CARE of yourself. Talk to your doc, and best of luck in trying to find some relief.
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I also heard that the more you throw up, it means that you have more hormones and stronger (?) pregnancy, but I always thought that was just to make you feel better.

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I certainly feel for you momma, . I too suffered from HG from about week 7 to 22 or 23 (I can't quite remember, thank you hormones!). I was miserable. I should've tried Zofran or something, but my CNM really didn't recommend anything useful for me. Then when I switched caregivers at 24 weeks to a HB midwife, she asked me if I tried getting a vitamin B6 shot. What? I sure wish I knew about that, certainly would've tried it. I do recall that I craved foods that were incidentally high in this vitamin (potatoes). Have you tried it?

I am intrigued with the smarter kid theory, that sounds good to me. There was one comforting thought during my experience: that my pregnancy was rock solid. I had no fear of a miscarriage due to the obvious amounts of hormones coursing throughout my body, thus the HG. A HG tribe would've been nice at the time, I did feel quite alone at times. I hope someone creates one and that you start feeling better soon.

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There is an HG tribe somewhere, though last time I looked at it, it seemed a little inactive. I was sick pretty much my entire pg last time, and I've been super sick the past week with this one. I held out until 7w this time, but it's as bad if not worse than last time (started at 4w). You are not alone. I felt very alone last time and got pretty depressed. I have hb midwives, but I'm thinking of trying to figure out a way to get some Zofran. I've been miserable 24/7. Hang in there mama- I know it's so hard.

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I started vomiting at 6 weeks and here I am at 13 weeks, still on Zofran or I would be throwing up STILL. I tried to cut my dose for a few days and the vomiting started up again. I am nauseous 24/7 still, although the Zofran does help quite a bit.

I'm a doula so even though I don't have an 8-5 type job, going to births is hard and being on call makes me anxious. I have thrown up several times in the car. Grrr.

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