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mariekitt24's Avatar mariekitt24 06:36 AM 08-19-2010
I'm 11 weeks pregnant, I'd already seen a midwife once but all she did was feel my stomach. I haven't had any bleeding. but anyway I just took the blood test on tuesday and its thursday morning and I haven't gotten a call back yet and Im kind of freaking out because I thought they were supposed to call back sooner than that. Its the middle of the night so I don't think there's anyone I can call to ask.. it just sort of hit me while I was laying in the bed that with my last pregnancy I thought they called back right away.

MaerynPearl's Avatar MaerynPearl 07:24 AM 08-19-2010
Depending on certain factors (if they have to ship it to a lab or if the lab is on site, if your blood was taken before/after the lab came to pick up samples for the day, how many other orders they had before you) it can take longer sometimes.

In my old town, it could be 2 days if I got in right away in the morning (and could be any time before 5pm on the second day, which would be today for you, before they would call) and up to 4 days if I went in after the lab came and the lab did not come the next day.
ein328's Avatar ein328 09:00 AM 08-19-2010
Mine was always either the same day or next, but we had a pretty big clinic on base.

I'd call the appointment line, ask to leave a message with your PCM, and ask for your results. That may get you somewhere.
thebigfam's Avatar thebigfam 11:06 AM 08-19-2010
I had a big base with a big clinic and I still had to call them 3 days after drawing blood and they were like... yup u r. Well thanks guys! Just call them today!

Big Momma
MarineWife's Avatar MarineWife 11:40 AM 08-19-2010
Call them back today. By the way, just for clarification because I'm a stickler for specifics, it's not tricare that gives you your results. That's just the insurance company. It's your doctor or other medical personnel at the MTF that does that.
nia82 12:28 PM 08-19-2010
they don't bother to call you, you have to call them. They just put the referral through after the positive blood pregnancy test, but never let me know. I called after 24 hours as the tech in the lab told me it takes less than an hour to get the results. They told me the lab never bothers to call, they just put the referral through to the midwife you told them.