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mattjule's Avatar mattjule 12:52 AM 03-27-2004
I broke down and bought shirts at oldnavy and gap. I don't know what my problem is. I hate spending money on clothes, especially specialty clothing like maternity that I know I am only going to wear for 3 more months. But I had no s/s shirts. Literally none. I had 2, but I outgrew them a while ago. So in my closet right now are 3 thick knit l/s shirts, 2 l/s that are for nice occasions (red velvet and some sort of rayon or something), and 2 tanks, plus 2 gap l/s shirts that are super comfy and fairly long, but not maternity and I have to admit to myself that I have outgrown them. So I do need new clothes, but it still has taken me 2 weeks to actually buy anything. I surfed around the TP and ebay, but I am so picky, plus there are always at least 2 items in an ebay lot I don't want/need. Plus by the time you enter shipping costs, etc, I am paying close to what I paid new for the sale shirts I got. Anyway, it's stupid. Sometimes I irritate myself.

Greaseball's Avatar Greaseball 01:39 AM 03-27-2004
Glad the dress worked out, Smithie! I was disappointed that it didn't fit me longer. For the rest of the time I'm just going to buy long skirts in a size L or XL that I can wear under the belly, and then maybe a few more Old Navy tank tops and just let a little belly stick out. I've spent most of today hemming one of the skirts - it was a broomstick skirt about 8 inches too long, and those skirts are really full!

I've felt really run down today. I think the baby had another growth spurt (measuring 3 weeks ahead today) so I have to adjust to new ways of standing and walking. Ugh! I'm not sure of the position, but I think it's head down. I feel this hard lump at either side of my belly, which I guess could be its back.
dharmama's Avatar dharmama 10:38 AM 03-27-2004
First time I've ever felt them. Last night DH couldn't sleep so we were up snuggling/chatting at 3 a.m. Finally he fell asleep and then as soon as he did I started feeling...ba-dum....ba-dum....ba-dum.

It was the neatest feeling...very tickly. I SO wanted to wake DH up to feel it but he had just fallen to sleep after hours of tossing and turning so I just enjoyed it myself. Later he woke up and she was still hicuping so he did get to feel it! Very cool.

Julie ~ I just had to go buy short sleeve shirts too. I went to Target. I wasn't overly impressed with their selection but the tops were reasonably priced and they have a bit of stretch to them, which I like (the all cotton seem to get stretched out and lose their shape very fast).

I'm with you though...I usually spend VERY little money on clothing...but lately it's been at least once a month that I've had to buy "a few things." I've outgrown a lot of the maternity clothes I started wearing around 4 months. Thank goodness big, comfy dress weather is coming SOOON!


dharmama's Avatar dharmama 10:55 AM 03-27-2004
Hey - Did you guys see the new due dates subforum??

I posted in it just to see if it was up and running.


mattjule's Avatar mattjule 02:36 PM 03-27-2004
Good timing with it, too since this is our last day on this thread and it sure is long!

I loved shopping at Target for maternity during my last pregnancy, but now they have that contract with Liz Lange. Her stuff doesn't fit me right, looks terrible on me and I hate all the synthetic fabric. Plus they price her stuff high enough that it isn't that much of a bargain. I surfed around last night and the cheapest shirts at Target online were more expensive than my selective sale shopping at gap and old navy, plus the quality is better at gap and old navy, IMO. The 2 s/s shirts I had before were In Due Time, the target house brand, and they are way too short now, though they were really nice in early pregnancy-I didn't feel like I was wearing a sack.

I also got some new panties-finally! My last pregnancy I liked all the over the belly stuff, but it is really bugging me this pregnancy. My problem is I am short waisted so regular fit panties, even the under belly variety, are too long in the crotch so I have wedgies all day. Not fun. I went with Victoria's secret low rise bikinis in a size larger than I usually wear and they are perfect. I love VS undies, never get wedgies. It's a beautiful thing. Plus they are having a sale, 5 for $20, so they are comparable in price to maternity panties.

Got my hug-a-bub last night. So excited! Of course ds refused to get in it so I haven't yet tried it out. Don't know if I will before baby gets here, the belly kind of screws with things. :

So I sold a stroller to a mama here. Well, I wanted to sell it, but I ended up trading for most of the cost and getting paypal for shipping. But with secure packing I had to buy and the extra weight of the box, the shipping costs went over the amount she gave me by about $9. The original deal was that I would have $6 in cash at the end. She needed it so badly and really didn't have much to spend that I feel like I can't really say anything, but that whole transaction just sucked. My humanitarianism gets the better of me sometimes. I traded for stuff I don't really need, it's just she needed it so badly and I wasn't going to use it and I CAN use the stuff she's sending, I just don't NEED it. I also ate it on some shipping charges for stuff I sold on e-bay. I have a postage scale and I weighed the stuff with the packaging and somehow the e-bay calculator gave me a lower price than the UPS store. I am pretty irritated. It wasn't as bad as the stroller, a dollar here and there, but my prices were already really low and I only charge a $2 handling fee per order plus actually shipping, not a flat rate, so if the shipping is more, that $2 doesn't go very far. Dh said this has been a learning experience. No kidding.

Oh, I saw some blue canoe bras on the TP (not my size) but I like the way they looked so I ended up at the site last night. All cotton bras with no underwire in sizes larger than C! I have been looking for something like that forever! I know they make nursing bras w/o underwires in large cup sizes, but nursing bras look so much like, well, nursing bras. And the ones that aren't that bad, like Bravado, aren't very supportive for me. So I ordered 2 different styles and I am going to try them out. They were less than $30 each. I was surprised. That is less than my Medela nursing bras or the VS bras I am wearing now (I wore these all through my last pg, they don't make the style anymore, and they are so gross looking I don't really want to put them next to my body. Ew).

We got our bed yesterday. First of all, I'd like to say that after sleeping on a broken down mattress on the floor, sleeping on a new mattress and box spring (w/o bed frame) is really weird. I was so high up! And had this really weird sense of vertigo like the side of the bed was sloping down b/c I am so used to it sloping up. And the space...though ds did fall off the edge last night. Not enough to cry or anything, but then I was paranoid all night so I think we are going to have to build a platform for his mattress. MIL seemed to think that having his mattress much lower than ours was a good thing. She has never really approved of cosleeping, especially as he has gotten older and we don't show signs of removing him from our bed. I told her that the baby falling off the bed was not my idea of transitioning him to his own. It was a lighthearted conversation and I actually didn't get mad, but it was a little sad that she didn't get it.

Anyway, this is super long and ds is getting irritated with me, so I'll go. Happy Saturday!
Smithie's Avatar Smithie 03:31 PM 03-27-2004
Julie, I wear the VS panties too - only I'm wearing TWO sizes larger than normal and I may go up another size before this is all over. I like the low-rise V-strings - no panty lines to show through the crappy fake fabric of my maternity pants.

The dresses I ordered off Ebay came yesterday - now I'm just waiting for pants and a sweater set off TP, then I should be set for the duration (knock on wood). The Ebay dresses have veeeeery thin straps, though, so I'm not sure what to wear under them. My comfy Decent Exposures bras have straps that my grandma would consider frumpy. Maybe I'll wind up getting another couple of cardigans to cover the bra-strap area.

Changing my bedding and vacumming the bedroom gave me some relief from the House of Many Allergans, but now I'm sneezing my head off again. I can't wait until I can go back on Flonase.
dharmama's Avatar dharmama 04:49 PM 03-27-2004
Cool. Some people started posting in the new forum so...let's slide on over to our new thread in the due date sub-forum...it's a day early but we might as well.

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