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Nanette56's Avatar Nanette56 07:59 AM 01-03-2011

Jessica- I can't believe you're next!!! AHHHHHHH! These 9 months have just flown by! I'll take the thread. I'll work on it a little later this afternoon :)


Hope everyone's doing well!!

jessica_s's Avatar jessica_s 08:51 AM 01-03-2011

Me either!! I just looked at the calendar to schedule an appointment and OMG it's less than 3 weeks from my due date!

Thanks for taking the thread!

LZP's Avatar LZP 09:29 AM 01-03-2011

Hi Ladies,

I've been REALLY bad about posting a reply here in forever. I've been reading though and am just loving all these updates!!


QBearsMama-CONGRATULATIONS!! and beeeeeautiful photos. Just gorgeous. Do you have any more to share? I'm sure you're enjoying your babymoon now! Huge Congrats. this will be a great year for your family!

Lyndzies- we have a similar suit for A.  CJ looks just adorable in it. Her little cheeks make me smile every time you share a photo. You're doing a great job with those mama!  We were debating between that down one(lollipop dots) and the fleece version of the suit, with a little puff of fleece on the hood. Went with the fleece one so we could use it with the car seat too. It's Soooo cute, but I wish they had the fleece version in that adorable pattern. It was out of stock everywhere when I was ready to buy.


Tear- How are you feeling?!?!? I want to stalk you right after I write this.


Nanette- thank you for offering to take over the thread. I've been terrible getting on here, or I'd offer myself.


Jessica- you ARE next!!! aaaaaahh is right! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.


Lisko- love the photos of your little man, he's getting so SO big. love him.


Lauren- I removed A's name from my thread back in July. Good idea about that, now I'm wondering if I should do the same. I removed her name from the birth story I think, but otherwise, i can't control it.


Everyone else that I didnt mention specifically- Hey there! Hope you're all well. :)


AFM, I'm still working full time, though am giving my notice- of sorts-  today. Either I have to work from home starting next week, or I'm finished for good. My boss is avoiding me, bc i think he knows what's coming, and it's rough living in limbo. I'm nervous but also REALLY excited. I could potentially be a SAHM as of next Monday. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) OMG. But, not really sure what will come of my meeting today. <tummy doing somersaults!>


A has started to wake every 1-2 hours at night again, has been since about 2 weeks ago -  and is not nursing well AT ALL. It's exhausting. I dont know how I am waking up in the AM.  I dont know if she is teething, too distracted, or a combination of the two. I even thought maybe she was just thirsty with the dry air from the heater, but she does this during the day too... wants to snack every 2 hrs instead of a full meal every 3-4 like she was doing for a while.  Either way, my nipples feel like someone took sandpaper to them - maybe bc she will clamp down and then rip her head away without letting go about 10 times per session?! &*%^&(^$(*$  )  She seems too impatient to wait for the let down, when i can finally get her relaxed enough to wait for it, then as soon as the flow slows even a tiny bit, she is totally over nursing, and wants to move along. with my nipple in her mouth. awesome.


Otherwise, her demeanor is great. she is so happy 90% of the time, (except a new whining thing that she does when tired or hungry, we call it her "hooty-hoo Owl noise." she seriously sounds like an owl. a cracked-out repetitive owl. she does this instead of crying, and sometimes I miss the crying!)  but seriously, otherwise, things are great, and her silly, smiling face makes me so happy that the crazy-making other things are just minor set backs overall.


we borrowed one of those jumperoo things from my sister this weekend to have for a few months, since A ALWAYS wants to be standing, and can get pretty discontented if she's not being held in a standing position....  anyway, she LOVES the jumperoo. If I can figure it out, I will share a vid of her little tap dancing feet when i get home. it's hysterical. she is soooo happy. :)


she rolled over totally by herself to get to a book yesterday. I think she'd have done it sooner if we didn't hold her so much. But I can't help it. she is just so darn cute, and i want to eat her chubby cheeks and kiss her all the time. but i guess i could let her go once in a while so she can develop. :)


Hope you are all well, and I hope that I'll get better at updating at least once a week starting SOON.






lisko15's Avatar lisko15 01:29 PM 01-04-2011

LZP - Woo-hoo to SAHM-hood?  What happened to change that as a possibility?  I am so happy for you if it works out, even it means WAHM.  It would be really hard for me to go out and work... so I super commend all the Mommies that do it!


A's nursing issues sound sort of familiar to some stuff Caleb has done.  He's very distractible.  Gone are the days when I can sit with DD and nurse him.  He's all over the place then.  We really have to have a quiet room, with a relaxed Mommy and a nice snuggly blanket.  Even then, sometimes he doesn't nurse great.  The other day he was obsessed with the snaps on my shirt and was having trouble nursing.  We also had a few refusing to nurse days - we thought maybe teeth were coming, but we haven't seen any yet.  I do notice he is very impatient for my milk.  When it starts to dwindle (even though if he stuck it out, more would come) he just wants the other side.  He's still big and healthy... and chubby as anything though!


I hope A at least, starts sleeping better... the sleeping issues are rough.


Tear - Get on over here lady!  Its too hard to stalk you all over the place!!!!!


Jessica - Excited for you!


Not sure who else I've missed, but I hear baby boy on the monitor.  So much for a little bit of catching up.  At least now I can take a quick shower... I'm finally trying to exercise again (my post baby belly is just the grossest this time around)... makes me feel super UNsexy for DH... poor him.  (ha ha)


Just to add Caleb had his 6 month check up and he was 18 lbs 3 oz and 28 1/2 inches tall


its mail time!.jpg


Hugs to all!

sunwillshine's Avatar sunwillshine 07:51 AM 01-05-2011

Jessica!  Ahhhhh!  So excited for you, mama!  I hope you are hanging in there in these last few weeks.  They can start to drag, but - duh! - try to enjoy every last moment you have with the little one in your belly!  I admit, I miss it a little bit.  :-) 


QBearsMama - How are things going, mama??  I hope you are still enjoying a wonderful babymoon!


Nanette - How are you feeling these days?  Those two little boys are probably starting to bounce around a ton now, right?  Are you having a shower?


Tear - I have been thinking about you, lady!  I hope the first trimester is flying by for you.


LZP - OMG, woman!  I can't WAIT to hear what the outcome of your meeting was!!!  After two days back, I'm already wishing we could swing me being a SAH (or at least WAH) mom.  I miss Cady so much during the day (more on that, below).  I'm sorry to hear A's been a little restless lately, and that BF is a bit challenging right now.  Cady has been the same way with nursing, mostly in the evenings.  She'll get started with the sucking, and then impatiently turn her head with  me still attached.  It makes for some raw nips!  Hang in there, hopefully it's just a phase!  And thanks for your sweet comments on the pic!  We love the snowsuit, but you're right - it's not very practical for car rides.  You were probably right on to get the fleece version.  But I do love my slippery puffer baby!  Hehe.  Oh, and definitely share those videos of the jumperoo if you can figure out how! 


Lisko - what a cutie-pie!!!  What a big boy!  I love his cute baby-face and rosy cheeks.  Oh, and I hear you on the gross PP belly.   Not quite sure what to do with all this skin and flab.  Bleh.


AFM - We are doing quite well at just shy of 12 weeks!  I can't believe how fast time flies.  It sounds cliche, but now I realize that even so, it's true!  I really don't know where the days (and my maternity leave!) went. 


I am back to work now, and that is a tough transition.  I miss Cady so much, it hurts.  But I know it's what's best for my family, and I'm doing the best I can as her mama by helping to provide for her.  Or at least, that's what I'm telling myself.  :)  We are so lucky that my MIL is taking care of her, and she's enjoying the baby so much (and even cloth diapering - something brand new to her!  Go, MIL!!!).  Pumping is going well, and I'm able to output just over 16 oz during the day, which is what Cady has been eating for the past two days I've been away... so that's worked out (almost too) perfectly (so far).  I hope it continues.  I'm not sure what I'll do on days I'm on the road and in the field, but we'll take each new challenge as it comes!


Cady is SUCH an easy, pleasant baby.  She rarely cries, and only whines a bit for a diaper change or the boob.  She is starting to sit up with some assistance from either DP or I, or the Bumbo.  She hates tummy time, so we got a mat for her with a support pillow that I hope will help.  She's so strong, but she just DOES NOT like laying flat on her belly for some reason.  She face plants into the ground and throws a mini tantrum in frustration.  She is stating to grab and play with some of her toys, which is fun to watch.  Finally, she's able to entertain herself a bit!  And, she's sleeping so well!  To bed around 8pm, and doesn't wake until about 6 the next morning (give or take about 30 minutes on either end).  I know we are SO BLESSED that she continues to be such a good sleeper. 


She continues to grow grow grow, and by my estimates and home scale, she's over 15 lbs now.  She's started outgrowing some of her 6 month clothes!  Such a big girl.  Her next pedi visit is next month, but she's got an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist next week to assess a heart murmur - something her dr. doesn't think is an issue at all, but we just want to make sure.  She got her first round of vaccinations last month, and took it like a champ; after a bunch of research and consideration, we've decided to go with the recommended schedule, and are only delaying Hep B.  Luckily, she didn't seem to have any reactions to the first round, aside from a mild fever and a little extra fussiness.


So, that's the update on us!  I hope everyone's doing well.  Here's a pic of our chubby bunny, taken last week:



LZP's Avatar LZP 01:24 PM 01-06-2011

SO i went MIA again... look at that!


I talked to my boss about how we were losing childcare starting 1/7, and that I would need to work from home starting 1/10 (partially thinking that he would say, No way, and I would just give notice) but he surprised me and said, "ok, but we have to put a deadline on this...."  so I have 3 weeks to work from home, and see how that works for us. In theory, I'll be coming back in 3 weeks, but in reality, it's more likely that I will like it and stay home. Sort of a nice trial of SAHM-hood, since now that it's on the horizon, I'm wondering, is this a case of "Grass is greener" here, or is it truly my calling as I thought for so many many years?


lyndzies, I read your other post in Life with a Babe (?) and didnt want to ignore it. It was HARD going back. Dont let anyone tell you differently. It's totally normal to be upset, and I'm so sorry you have to do it. I think many moms feel called to be home, but the reality is we live in a culture where 2 income families can be a necessity, esp in high COL areas. I was just happy that when I came back, I had SO MUCH to do here that my days passed rather quickly, punctuated with little breaks to have some quiet time while I pumped. some days now, i have to remind myself to pump and i skip sessions at times. talk abotu stress!!

I'm sooooo glad that pumping is working for you! the first 2 weeks were great for me as far as supply, then something happened.. maybe the realization that i was back here(?)  so now I drink Mother's Milk tea every morning, during my first pumping session. I leave the teabag in my mug, and continue to fill with hot water for the rest of the day. (I dont do the recommended 3 cups/day, i thought that was excessive and expensive!) i drink that in addition to 3 fills of my 25oz water bottle per day. If i drink less water than that, it totally effects my supply in a negative way!

Regarding ways to make it easier? Well, I fantasize about what we can all do together with the extra income that we couldn't do if I were not working. Vacations, day trips to the Zoo, please touch museum, aquarium, beach, orchard, tree farm etc. i have a generous amount of vacation time, so I can even take days of with DP to do these things as a family. Maybe you and your DP can coordinate that too?  Finding the time to make it all happen at home was worse than actually going to work for me... the stress of prepping for the next day since we have to take her to a babysitter... that was a pain. Now i wash my pump parts and leave them here with my pump during the week, only taking home on weekends. Now that stress is alleviated mostly.


so, no new development really, other than I will be WFH for 3 weeks. I think that will be the end of it, but feel a little cowardly taking that as my exit... not to mention that I wont really have a formal "good bye" here....  we'll see what happens.


In other news, did I mentio that I was taking a course to become a Lactation Consultant? I think I did... with our nursing issues, i wonder if I will feel like a sham...?


How is everyone doing?


Lis and Lyndzies, thank you for those pics!!! Love these adorable babes!!  and thank you for sharing your experiences with the restless baby at the boob, too... really put my mind at ease! she is definitely getting impatient for the let down (and especially subsequent let-downs) in her old age so trying to keep her from ripping off my nip in her angst is still a top priority. since i'm more relaxed now that I know we're not alone, it seems to have lessened. Go figure!


wow-- enough about me! time to have some hot cocoa in place of the HUGE chocolate bar that I want to eat!


KellyTTC#1's Avatar KellyTTC#1 12:55 PM 01-11-2011

Hi Ladies:


I've been so bad at coming on here.  I didn't see a new thread so I hope I didn't miss it.


Q Bears Mom:  A big congrats! Beautiful family photos!


Jessica--can't believe you're next!  so excited for you!


LZP-- how is working at home going?  you loving it?  I didn't realize you were taking classed to be a lactation consultant.  I've gone to a breast feeding clinic to see a consultant a couple of times--to get some tips and advice and they have been helpful.  I think it's great to see a lactation consultant who knows how difficult BF can be, as I would say that is one of the most difficult things that I've been trying to deal with along with the gas and lack of sleep!!


Lis-- Caleb is so cute and growing so fast!


Lyndzies: omg, that photo is so adorable.  Wow, the sleeping sounds wonderful. I am envious!!


Nanette: I hope you are feeling well... I won't lie... it is busy with the twins for sure but I have nothing to compare to... and you're already a seasoned mom so I'm sure it will be a breeze :)


Tear: I need to stalk you... how are you?


AFM: I can't believe the girls are 8 weeks now... wow... they are growing like weeds... Hilary is over 11 lbs and Charlotte is over 9 lbs.  Hilary is a chunky monkey for sure!!  They are both smiling now.  They have been sleeping a little bit more these past few nights... in 2.5 to 3 hour blocks... it's just trying to get them to do it at the same time.  It's such an ordeal to get organized to go out with both of them and they just don't make places accessible for a double stroller.  We live in the country so I don't feel comfortable walking on the road in the winter.


Here's a photo.


I hope everyone is doing well.

lisko15's Avatar lisko15 06:05 AM 01-12-2011

Hey Ladies...


Glad you stopped by Kelly.  The girls are so cute!  I can't even imagine getting organized to go anywhere.  Its hard enough with my one baby, and the 2 big kids we have!   I'm glad to hear that you are getting more sleep. 


If you do stalk Tear, she's still posting over on Infertility under the Winter IVF thread.  But not much though... she's been quiet.  I PMd her a couple days ago.  She's doing okay, but very nervous and worried about the next 8 months or so.  If you do stalk her, be sure to send her a hug.gif.


Caleb isn't sleeping nearly as good as Cady (that is amazing Lyndzies!).  We still have some wakeful nights.  My poor DH needs so much sleep too.  I keep telling him to sleep in his son's room as he doesn't live with us 24/7, but DH won't leave the bed.  I guess I can't do much for him then!  Caleb doesn't sleep with us, but when he wakes I do bring him to the bed to nurse and that's pretty disruptive.  I keep reassuring my DH that it will probably get better, by time Caleb is say, 3?  winky.gif


Liz - How's it going staying home?  How much work do you need to do throughout the day?  It really can be a hard balance.  My work has been slow... which has been really nice (though not so nice for the paycheck).  I hope you are enjoying being home with AV all day though!  Whenever I have a rough part of the day balancing housework, work-work, and other stuff... I then get to break it up with giving Caleb a bath, or spending some quality time with him... and I remember why I do it this way!


I'm glad AV is nursing a little better. Caleb seems to be doing better these days too.  I have been drinking more water though (thanks for the reminder!).


Lyndzies - Caleb has always hated tummy time too.  He would cry after like 30 seconds when he was smaller.  Now he just flips himself over onto his back!  He's not rolling the other way yet though.  He's such a content and laidback baby, I think his mobility will be a little bit slower than the "norm".


I'm sorry that going back to work has been so hard.  It is wonderful that Cady's grandma can watch her though.  When family can babysit, it makes it so much easier to leave them!


I hope Nanette is doing okay... I stalked her a bit, just to make sure and she did post to her DDC on the 9th. 


I wonder how Jessica is doing????


We could always start a BSL thread over on Life with a Babe... this one seems so quiet!


Here's another picture of my super handsome munchkin.  Yep, its a Star Wars shirt.  His big brother is a super-duper Star Wars fan.  Caleb sort of resembles Yoda, with the bald head and sticky-out ears!  orngtongue.gif




KellyTTC#1's Avatar KellyTTC#1 09:59 AM 01-12-2011

Lis: you're right it has been quiet on this thread... Good idea about starting a BSL thread over on Life with a Babe.


Caleb sure is a handsome one... he is always so bright eyed and smiling.  I don't see any Yoda resemblence :)

Nanette56's Avatar Nanette56 11:00 AM 01-12-2011

LOL I'm here I'm here! Sorry for being MIA- I really do have to do the new thread. I promise I'll do it tonight :)


Just got back from my perinatologist appointment, I posted on the main pregnancy page- he called me a troublemaker (he's really cool, and said it in jest), and said he's been getting calls from my OB and the neonatologists at the hospital lol- he's arranged for them to accommodate me on every front, but couldn't get the neonatologists to budge on the ABX stuff. So he's arranged a meeting for all of us. Sticking to my guns though, unless I have a secondary risk factor they're not injecting me and by extension my babies with Penicillin so that they can get an even worse infection that can't be cured with antibiotics. Ugh. Getting off my soapbox now.


On the fun side the babies are both weighing 2 pounds 11 ounces at 27+5 which is above average for twins, and the peri is very happy, as am I :) Here's are 2 profile pics of Cael, as he was being cooperative and Tristan was not :) They're both looking extremely healthy and moving around A LOT. They're still both transverse, but seeing a Chiropractor now, and he has managed to get one of them flipped and heading kind of down, so ? Still talking to them, and doing spinning babies, hopefully that will work!


Anyway, I'll be back on tonight with a new page :) Hope everyone's having a great week!







Cael Profile 27 +5.jpg

Lauren31's Avatar Lauren31 04:04 PM 01-19-2011

It is quiet! I don't really go to Mothering as much anymore, I have found that I am a little turned off by some of the Magazine, itself.... but I LOVE you guys :) OMG, Kelly, those girls are SUPER cute!

jessica_s's Avatar jessica_s 07:03 PM 01-19-2011

Hey Lauren! We've got a new thread, did you see the link? It's in the post from Nanette right above yours!

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