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babygrey's Avatar babygrey 07:46 AM 10-09-2010
So, I had a US today at 13w2d to follow my SCH.

The OB who did my scan moonlights at one of those commercial "fetal photography" places, so he's really experienced in sex determination. He said he was 100% CERTAIN
Baby A is a BOY

I thought it was really too early to tell, but he said he never would say "certain" unless he's for sure. He said he would eat his shirt if baby A ends up a girl.

He looked hard at Baby B; he said he was leaning towards girl, but he couldn't be for sure. Baby B's still a surprise (sorry, gratuitous fetal picture for you... can't leave one out already )

I was up in the air about finding out the sexes, but now I'm just dying to know
I'd love to hear from moms who were told a sex at a similarly early GA
If it is this pg... do you believe it?
A previous experience... did it turn out to be right?

Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 08:03 AM 10-09-2010
I always heard that that was way too early to tell, and that what was "seen" at that stage could be decieving.

But, he has a 50/50 chance at being right. Right?
LSUtwinMama's Avatar LSUtwinMama 09:44 AM 10-09-2010
With my twins, we were told they were girls at 14 weeks and it was confirmed at 20 wks.

With #3, the same tech made a guess based on the angle of the "nub" and said we were having a boy at 12 wks. At 20 wks it was confirmed to be a little boy!

You can always post your u/s on the forums over here: http://www.in-gender.com/cs/Forums/
Some of those folks are "experts" on early sex determination.

Grats on the twins!
kawa kamuri's Avatar kawa kamuri 10:05 AM 10-09-2010
I was told around 12w my babe was "probably" and "most likely" a girl. She is.
kerrybennysmama's Avatar kerrybennysmama 10:47 AM 10-09-2010
Well it depends what the OB was looking at. Sometimes they can tell at this stage of the game but its really too early to guess with a potty shot. There is a site that is called In Gender that guesses with a nub theory. Its great and lots of fun. They were right on my guess. I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks and the tech did guess correctly that it was a girl, however I didnt buy any pink until my 19 week anatomy scan. Good luck and try out In Gender.
Llyra's Avatar Llyra 11:53 AM 10-09-2010
I was told at about 16 weeks, with my twins, just exactly what you were told-- one twin was a boy, and we had clear pictures so that I was convinced. The other twin, the tech said well, probably a girl, but she wouldn't go taking tags off little pink dresses yet. Anyway, DD2 DID turn out to be a girl, but we were never entirely sure, all the way up to the moment she was born, because once they got bigger, DD2's position was such that we were never able to get another clear look. Twins run out of room to maneuver, a lot earlier.
closedaccount15 12:10 PM 10-09-2010
I was told at 12 weeks I was having a boy, OB told me he was pretty confident it was a boy.
NOPE - found out at 20 weeks I was having a girl

Tech at 20 weeks (she had been doing it for about 20 years she said) told me that sometimes "nubs" can be swollen or enlarged before they settle into the sex.

I knew I would probably have another girl, so I was kind of shocked to hear it was a boy. Turns out I was right
caseykn's Avatar caseykn 02:19 PM 10-09-2010
I've never found out eatlier than 18 weeks and the techs at that point seemed pretty confident. They were right with my 1st and we'll see about this one. I have a friend who was told she was having a boy at 14 weeks and they were right.
mama2mygirl's Avatar mama2mygirl 03:19 PM 10-09-2010
I can't remember the exact dates but around 14 weeks the tech thought girl. At 18 weeks I came back and a new tech was sure and my dr. came in and said, "oh, yeah. Girl for sure." And she's now a really cute one year old little girl.
teeg1973's Avatar teeg1973 03:25 PM 10-09-2010
With this babe, at 13 weeks I was told probably a boy, 17 weeks and 23 weeks a girl!

firewoman's Avatar firewoman 05:56 PM 10-09-2010
I had an u/s at 15 weeks exactly and it was very clear that she was a girl.
homemademom's Avatar homemademom 06:00 PM 10-09-2010
My earliest was at 15 wks and it was very clearly a boy. The 20 wk u/s bore that out as well.
NaturalMama311's Avatar NaturalMama311 07:10 PM 10-09-2010
We had an ultrasound at about 14w with DD and were told we were having a boy, no doubt about it. Then we went for the 20w ultrasound and they said we were having a girl! We had quite a few ultrasounds at 32w and beyond due to some complications and every time they confirmed we were having a girl....and well, DD is a girl So, I wouldn't trust early ultrasounds EVER. In fact, DH was skeptical this time around even at the 20w ultrasound!
EnchantedMamma's Avatar EnchantedMamma 09:17 PM 10-09-2010
At 12 weeks we saw boy bits. Not a nub, BITS.

They were right.
candipooh's Avatar candipooh 09:35 PM 10-09-2010
Not pregnant but saw you post in "new posts". The picture of "it's a boy" does not look conclusive to me. The nub looks way too high on the abdomen to be boy parts. It looks like the cord facing downward. I have never performed an ultra sound but I worked at a place that did ultra sounds and I saw tons of them.
TheDivineMrsM's Avatar TheDivineMrsM 12:40 AM 10-10-2010
We were told that the baby was *probably* a girl at 12 weeks, but we shouldn't paint the nursery yet... but it was confirmed that we were having a girl at 20 weeks.
MamaPhD's Avatar MamaPhD 02:05 AM 10-10-2010
I was told "probably a boy" at 12 wk nuchal scan. We are still waiting on our 20 wk scan next week if that holds up cuz seriously I cannot see anything in our picture.
pregnant@40's Avatar pregnant@40 05:24 AM 10-10-2010
We were told at 14 weeks, and she pointed out the evidence. It was confirmed by amnio & later u/s.
babymango's Avatar babymango 01:54 PM 10-10-2010
I was told at 12 weeks that I was having a boy for my first pregnancy. The tech was right.
This pregnancy, the tech said there was no way she could even take a guess (it's a girl)