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give me hope...progesterone at 11.5 on Monday

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I have had two miscarriages and have a history of luteal phase defect. The two miscarriages were between my two children, and I did progesterone supplements with my last child. With her, my levels were 20 or so at 4 weeks, then dropped to 14 a week later.

I found out Monday that I was pregnant...I wish I had found out sooner, I was actually about a week late at that point. I called my doctor's office immediately but they didn't move very fast. Got my progesterone tested that afternoon and finally got the results back this afternoon. Progesterone was at 11.5.

The compounding pharmacy won't have my supplement ready until tomorrow. I'm kicking myself...I should have tested sooner.

Someone please tell me there is hope. I don't want to lose another baby.
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(((((((((hugs)))))))))) There is definitely hope.. my first pregnancy mine was 11.3 at first check and I went on Prometrium baby was fine.. he's about to turn 6 yrs old.

My 2nd pregnancy my progesterone was 8.5 .. went on Prometrium again, and baby was fine he's almost 4 yrs old now. 3rd time mine was over 20 and didn't need supplemented.

This time I didn't get checked (as I'm having a homebirth so it wasn't really an option) so far so good (I'm 11 weeks now).

ETA: I have PCOS hence why my hormones/progesterone level is often wrong.
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With Mae (now a month old baby who refuses to sleep lol) my first test was 7.6

they prefer non-medicated pregnant levels to be above 10 (medicated above 15) so, in my doctors office, they would not even question yours, looks great.

however, our progesterone is not a steady level, it rises and falls throughout the day. because of that, we did not treat my not-even-8 progesterone level. By the next check, 4 weeks later, it was at 17.

I am fully unconvinced that low progesterone levels either mean that a miscarriage is impending or even could be the cause. Yes, it can be a problem during the luteal phase... but i have seen enough women using progesterone miscarry and am one of many i have seen with low levels that are not medicated and go on to have a healthy baby. If you have made it past the luteal phase, I really dont think progesterone levels are the problem.

However, if you want to be better safe than sorry, I'm also fully convinced that it is harmless to use (as long as it is a natural progesterone and not synthetic progestins.) and the worst it can do is either cause a missed miscarriage (lose the baby but do not know it as the progesterone keeps you from passing it, but this is rare in any case, even using progesterone) or just make your symptoms worse.

and worse symptoms in the first trimester can serve to make you feel better, it will not cause symptoms you would not already have anyway... and the stronger they are, the better we feel emotionally about the health of our little one

(Btw, I have had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks so this opinion is coming from someone who knows the pain of loss and would like to prevent them too... but I am still wholly unconvinced that any pregnancy past the first couple weeks was saved by progesterone that wouldn't have been fine without it)
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It's a little foggy, but with DD between 4-5 weeks, I think mine was 9. The doctor didn't believe in starting supplementing with progesterone that late, so I didn't. It was a bloody pregnancy, probably unrelated, but she'll be 5 next week.

I have crazy LPD, almost always getting AF 4-6 dpo, but each of 4 conceptions took 2 months of trying, and this one was unintentional. With the third, I got a + HPT 6dpo because I was so shocked I hadn't gotten my period.

But I also have crazy night sweats when not pregnant before ovulating.
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Thank you guys. I'm just mad at myself that I didn't demand the RX on monday instead of waiting for them to piddle around and get the results back. I should have stood up for myself. Nothing I can do now, but I will remain positive and hopeful it will all be okay. I have an ultrasound on Monday to see if there is a heartbeat. Hopefully we'll see a perfect one.
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With DS, I was on progesterone supp and I don't think I ever got above either 10.5 or maybe it was 11.5. Either way low.

They stopped testing once they saw the heart beat, but I continued supp until 11 weeks.

This pregnancy around 10 weeks my level was 27.3 I was very surprised.
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My suppositories were ready early this morning so I drove over to pick them up, and even though I'm not supposed to take them until night when I lay down I went ahead and put one in. I know most of it will probably fall out over the course of the day, but I will do another one late tonight. I just felt like I needed to get some in me right now as soon as I could.

Hopefully I caught it in time, and hopefully I will see a healthy beating heart on the ultrasound on Monday. I'm one of those mamas who must have an early ultrasound to curb the crazy anxiety I have after two losses. I just can't handle not having it done.
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Well the progesterone has managed to exaggerate my morning being queasy feeling all day long at least makes me feel better!

I'm taking it easy until Monday and we will see what happens!
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