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mama2soren's Avatar mama2soren 11:15 AM 11-12-2010

I just got a positive pregnancy test yesterday, and I believe I'm just shy of 4 weeks along.  Since last night (3am) I have not been able to keep any fluids or food down.  I've tried all the "right" tricks (small sips of ginger ale/ginger tea, lemon seltzer water, regular water, bland crackers, etc.) with no luck.  I've lost count of how many times I've thrown up in the last 11 hours.  7-8?


I obviously don't have a CP for this pregnancy yet, and my midwife group from last time around is no longer practicing.  The other docs/midwives I've called in the area can't see me right away, and can't give me advice (other than "go to the ER") since they have no history with me.


I am clearly dehydrated and feeling awful.  Poor DH is out of town until Sunday (and doesn't even know about the pregnancy yet!)


Please give any advice, wise ladies.

WifeofAnt's Avatar WifeofAnt 11:26 AM 11-12-2010

If you can't keep fluids down then go.

kawa kamuri's Avatar kawa kamuri 12:58 PM 11-12-2010

Go, get to feeling better and congratulations on the pregnancy!

tracymom1's Avatar tracymom1 01:18 PM 11-12-2010

I am a nurse who worked ER early in my career - if you cannot hold anything down for more than 24 hours than go - but be prepared for medical interventions.  They may do something as simple as hook you up to an IV and give you some fluids, or they may want to give you anti-emetic medications.  Most of them are considered "safe" in pregnancy, but take that with a grain of salt.  Zofran is the one I would trust the most.  If anything, going to the ER would likely get you a referral to and OB so you could get seen a bit sooner.  If it is a big, teaching hospital, an OB resident would probably come to the ER to see you to get the ball rolling.  


They also may want to do an ultrasound which could be rather uncomfortable because this early on it would be transvaginal (or they would make you fill your bladder for an abdominal us, but if you aren't holding down any fluid they may cath you and fill and clamp it - a cruel but nonetheless often practiced technique).  


Good luck mama!  Feel better!

myk's Avatar myk 01:20 PM 11-12-2010

if you're concerned, go. if you want to delay it a bit, try drinking dilute gatorade which will help rehydrate you and keep your electrolytes up. if you're not peeing every 6 hours, i'd call that a problem worth looking into. also if the skin on your hands doesn't bounce right back if you pinch it. hope you feel better!

ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 01:27 PM 11-12-2010

is there a nurse hotline you can call for free? i live in bc and i call the nurse hotline ALL THE TIME.

that being said, if you can't keep down any fluids then go, seriously. and if you are throwing up this much this early, i would definitely consider the zofran. 

i threw up 5-15 times a day with my first and lost 10% of my body weight which my doctor didn't think was a big deal at all (?) and i didn't know better...i wish i would have known to take the meds!!

Mackenzie's Avatar Mackenzie 01:35 PM 11-12-2010

I only went in once, when there was some blood in it.... was told that it was irritation in my throat from being sick so frequently. Judging by the responses here, I should have went in a lot with #1 and #2... redface.gif

nia82 01:39 PM 11-12-2010

I went once for IV fluids because I couldn't keep fluids down and never stopped vomiting. If fluids come back up, you get dehydrated and that is not good. I agreed to a small dose of Zofran in the IV as well and one liter of IV fluids. It helped tremendously. Once I was hydrated, I could drink water again and the cycle was broken.

Strong Mama's Avatar Strong Mama 02:01 PM 11-12-2010

If you have to ask, go. Thats my theory. They will take an u/s. They will do a lot to you, but its ok. You need meds. I suffered through 3 pregnancies with it, and meds are the way to go. Poor mama. greensad.gif

closedaccount15 04:46 PM 11-12-2010

I would go. I vomited a lot right away, but I had just made my first prenatal appt and the next day started vomiting, so they gave me a prescription over the phone. Since you can't do that, I would go to the ER, I think that might be your only option. Sadly, I don't think it will get better, if it's anything like I had.

pumpkin's Avatar pumpkin 04:50 PM 11-12-2010
The standard rec was keeping nothing down for 24 hours. I went in once earlier than that because I suddenly started throwing up black.

It won't be a fun visit, but by the end you do feel better.