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mamabird83 01-12-2011 04:52 PM

I had a very difficult first labor due to extra fluid and am currently 27 weeks pregnant with my second child and measuring 29cm. While I know this is still definitely within the range of normal. I am worried that I am beginning to carry this baby the same as my first and that I will once again have to deal with some of the same complications.


With my first child I measured normal until the 3rd trimester and then my FH gradually began to increase until I was 44cm at 40 weeks. Due to the extra fluid she was posterior and her head did not drop until after 30 hours of labor. My water had to be broken by my MW because I was at increased risk of prolapsed chord if the waters broke spontaneously. After the birth I hemorrhaged in part due to the long labor (36 hours) but also due to how stretched out my uterus was.


So.... I guess I was interested if anyone else has had any experiences with extra water or polyhydramnios? Does this condition always result in a difficult labor? Also, does anyone know what can cause this or how I can treat it? 


I know that gestational diabetes can cause extra fluid, but I don't have gestational diabetes.... so what else?



RoseRedHoofbeats 01-12-2011 10:46 PM

I had poly with my first baby, too- a lot of the same complications- posterior baby, AROM, long labor, hemorrhage from stretched out uterus, etc. However, you're NOT any more likely to have it with this pregnancy than you were with your last, so still about 1%.


Spinning baby techniques can get your baby into the right position, even with lots of water, especially if you can submerse yourself. I stayed in the tub for most of my labor rolling around and doing lots of rocks and tilts and squats and she turned OA in about four hours. Breaking your water around 5-6 cms can also encourage her head to drop, or they can use a syringe to draw some of the water out too.


Good luck!



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