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More frequent bowel movements?

Lousli's Avatar Lousli (TS)
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I have a new TMI symptom. I have been pretty constipated this pregnancy, and even more so when I have recently tried to supplement with iron.  It got so bad I had to stop taking the iron for a while (probably close to a week at this point, although I've done Floradix twice this week.)  

I generally can only go about once every 2 or 3 days, even with stool softener to help.  I've been 3 times already today.  And I don't think I even took any stool softener yesterday or the day before.  

I'm a smidge worried, since I have read that cleaning out of the bowels can be a sign of early labor. I'm almost 33 weeks and I have had one at 33 weeks (but only after illness and complications) and one at 36 weeks.   Do you all think I need to worry at all or should I just relax and see how the rest of the day goes?

Ellen Griswold's Avatar Ellen Griswold
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Certainly, this is something that is different for everyone, however my "cleaning out" with all 3 of my kids was more like diarrhea and vomitting (think food poisoning) for 24 hours prior to labor.

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I think bm's can be all over the map when you're pregnant. My first trimester I had an upset stomach all the time and went frequently, my second tri I struggled with a bit on constipation and now in the 3rd tri I'm pretty normal. I wouldn't worry unless it continues for several days.

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My loose bowel movement didn't happen until I was well into labor with my dd.  
I would relax and try not to stress about it, as long you're not having contractions with the loose stool :)

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thanks ladies.  I think I'm just overly paranoid after two preemies.  I want this one to stay put at least 3 more weeks, but 7 would be better!  Any time something feels different or off or unusual, I question it.  I'm so nervous now that I'm hitting the window when my other two were born. 

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