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Dh and I have wanted to name one of our girls (we plan on having a few children) after my Great grandmother (Hannah). This was one of the names we had picked when we were expecting DS.


We don't know the sex of this baby (didn't with DS either) and have two boy names and two girl names. BUT if womb personality is true this baby leans more towards a Hannah.


Anyway so the weird part. My great grandmother just died (she would have been 99 in three weeks Amazing women) So we were like "wouldn't it be nice if it was a girl honor her just after she pasted" its possible the baby may be born on her birthday.


Would it be too weird to have our DD share a birthday and a name with my great grandmother? If she were still alive it would be a 'oh isn't that funny' but now i'm wondering if its just weird....


I still love the name and I know that its a slim chance, but figured I'd get other peoples takes....

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I don't think that would be weird at all. I think it would be incredibly special, especially if your great grandmother was important to you. I plan on naming my DD (should I ever have one) after my grandma, and if they shared the same birthday, that would be so special to me that I'm unable to put it into words. :) Good luck!

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I'm not one for "naming after," but I don't think this would be weird at all.  It'd be kind of beautiful, really.

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I think it sounds lovely and not weird at all.

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I love the name Hannah. We were actually considering that name! I don't think it would be strange at all and kind of cool if that all worked out. Both my girls were born on one of their great grandmothers bdays and I've always thought that was cool. We do family names for middle names so that's a connection too. Very cool!

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Sounds like a wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady!!  What a way to honor a loved-one.

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no way...that would be amazing!


in the jewish tradition we name only after deceased relatives (not living ones) and the day a person dies is actually looked upon as a very very special day. so i think that would be fate that you really can't ignore.

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Not weird at all.  I love names that have a family connection and that would certainly be a connection!

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this baby was concived just a year after my great grandma passed and is due in her birth month. If i go post dates ( which is highly unlikley ) the baby would be born on her birthday. we are having the bay if it is a girl to have her frist name as the baby's middle name. I think it would be a very special wy to honour your grandma

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Not weird at all.

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I was born shortly after my grandmother died and my middle name is her first name. I love it and love the connection I have with her, even though I never knew her. I refused to dump the middle name when I got married and have 'kept' all my names (middle and maiden) because I love the connections they give to my family. I say go for it!

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