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HRJ's Avatar HRJ 01:29 PM 02-04-2011

Is there any connection?  Wondering if I should do a candida cleanse in order to pass my test.

Thing1Thing2's Avatar Thing1Thing2 12:52 PM 02-05-2011

I don't know if there is a connection, but I tested positive for GBS during my last pregnancy and I also had candida.


But I also don't think it's safe to do a candida cleanse while pregnant.


Hope this helps.

HRJ's Avatar HRJ 08:32 AM 02-06-2011

I was just going to do a homeopathic round of candida 12x and have been doing some magnesium caprylate w/ meals.  I haven't been too itchy 'down there' but I just really want to pass the test and not have to get antibiotics during labor. 

Thing1Thing2's Avatar Thing1Thing2 12:01 PM 02-10-2011

Sorry, I thought you meant a full candida cleanse including diet and antifungal herbs.


Homeopathics are prettty safe during pregnancy, although Im not sure about the ones you mentioned.


I went to my midwife this week and she was concerned about me testing positive for GBS again. She wants me to take lots of probiotics. She mentioned that the probiotics usually help other moms get a negative GBS test.


Looks like I'm going to be loading up!


HRJ's Avatar HRJ 02:19 PM 02-10-2011

I doubled my probiotics (40 billion active units a day) for about a week before the test (was doing 20 billion before that) and limited my sugar.  I was swabbed on Tuesday, so we'll see what my results are.