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Ok, I admit that I had never heard of Announcing Dreams before I saw that episode of Ghost Whisperer.  However, I googled it and what an interesting concept.  I suppose that the concept of an announcing dream is linked with reincarnation.  The idea is that unborn baby comes to the mother in a dream while she is pregnant or even before she is pregnant and announces that he/she has picked you as mom (possibly because you knew them in a past life and had a closeness).  I believe they can announce other things like their name or sex.  People who believe in reincarnation usually think that the sex can change from incarnation to incarnation.  If there is no reincarnation I suppose one could still have an Announcing Dream where the soul of the unborn child comes to the mom.  I think Announcing Dreams can also come to someone close to the mother about the mom's baby (like the husband or her mother).


I wonder, has anyone had an Announcing Dream?


When I had my daughter I had a strange dream right before I gave birth.  In my dream two little girls came to me and were in my house, walking on the stairs and then standing beside me whilst I was sleeping.  They woke me up and said, "We are here but only one of us can come now.  The other has to wait."  I gave birth to a girl.


I just realized I am pregnant again.  I had a dream just before taking the pregnancy test that a little boy wanted to come to me.  So....hahahaha only one could be correct unless I have a boy-girl twin experience which is unlikely.  I am dying to know the sex and don't know yet.  


In a way it makes me feel like the dreams are non-sense but then I'd love to think that Announcing dreams are true.  


Anyone else have an opinion/experience?




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Welcome.gif Welcome to Mothering! You might get a better response to your question in the "I'm Pregnant" forum.
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I have. Had one before I met my soul mate, and then we shared a dream shortly after meeting, before being pregnant was even a risk. My first ever dream I had twins - couldn't tell the genders, though. The second dream, the one my fiance and I shared, I dreamt of a boy that was "glowing", and a little girl. Got pregnant... it was a boy! And while he may not "glow", and I don't know why he was glowing in the dream, nor do I know why the girl was so tan(maybe she'll have a taste for intensive tanning? Goodness I hope not!). Since then I've dreamt of him, and two girls. So we'll see the next time I get pregnant what happens!

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I just saw the same episode of ghost whisperer and it reminded me of a dream I had when I was pregnant with my son so I also goggled it. In my dream me and my husband were sitting on the bed with a baby then the baby spoke. I asked him what he wants his name to be and he said my name is TJ. Later on after I woke up I told my husband about this dream and he said that he had a friend named TJ that died when he was a kid
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I also never heard of an announcing dream until I saw an episode of Ghost Whisperer and it brought me back to a dream I had.  I am not sure this is considered an announcing dream but this is my dream.  There was a knock at my front door and I answered there was a couple with a baby they told me my neighbors were adopting a baby and that this child came available and they did not have time to contact them and if I would please watch this baby while they went over to there home and made the arrangements, of course I said yes this was a little girl with a full head of dark hair of course I fell in love and did not want to give her up in my dream I told my husband we had to do something because we were keeping her.  I then woke up and about a week later found out I was pregnant I had a little girl with a full head of dark hair my two boys were born with just a little bit of blonde hair I felt like I had seen this baby before.

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Moving this over to I'm Pregnant. :)

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With my daughter, when I took my first pregnacy test and saw that it was positive, I heard a voice say, "It's a girl!" Not really a dream, but I feel like my daughter just HAD to tell me. She's so verbal I really feel like that's something she would do!
With this pregnancy, I had a dream that I was at a store with my son and he ran off. I had to describe him to the store manager, but couldn't because I didn't know what he looked like or even what his name was. When I found him, I kept asking him his name and he just wouldn't tell me.

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I also didn't know about announcing dreams until I watched an episode of ghost whisper today....and decide to search and found many sites that speaks about this experience. I was so curious because I had an announcing dream myself a year ago 3 months after my mother pass of kidney failure I was living in the hospice hospital with her till the end!! Three months exactly she came to me in a dream with two little girls one she was holding in her hands and the other one I was holding in mines and someone whispered in my ear maybe you should call her "Madison" . Weird as the dream may seem I wasn't thinking about having another child since I was still in mourning and especially since my youngest son was 16 yrs old. But a month after having that Dream I found out I was indeed pregnant and no matter how many times I had an appt to have a sonogram my baby never wanted to reveal its gender until jan-25-2013 I had my heathy baby girl who I named "Madison" . Amazing how dreams work sometimes :-) joy.gif
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I'm not yet a mother, but I have had many dreams about pregnancy and birth through the years. I can only remember two dreams where I knew the baby's name--one was a little girl with blonde curls named Violet, and the other was a baby boy named Liam. In the dreams I just "knew" the names...they weren't told to me.

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With my first baby I had a dream that he came out and told me right away that he was not going to breastfeed, that he would try the breast and the bottle and decide what he liked best.  Of course I was upset that my newborn was talking to me like that, and I insisted he would breastfeed.  When my son was born he had a bad latch and my insistence on breastfeeding caused irreparable damage.  While I healed, I pumped and fed him BM with a special bottle.  I never was able to bring him back to the breast, and was unable to breastfeed subsequent children.  I've been exclusively pumping for 5 years now.


With baby 2 I really wanted a girl, so much so that ALL DH and I discussed was girl names.  A few weeks prior to delivery I had a dream that I had to have a C-section and they wrapped up the baby before I could see it.  She was all wrapped in pink and I got home and realized I needed to change her diaper, only to open it and find was a boy!   In real life, I did not have to have a C-section, but I did give birth to a boy despite my denial.


I'm currently 10 weeks pg with number 3 and had a dream last night that the labor was less than 3 hours.  We shall see.....

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I don't believe in reincarnation, but I do believe that dreams have meanings and can sometimes be prophetic. I had so many dreams with my last pregnancy about the baby, he was always a boy, and most of the time I knew his name was Solomon.
My mom told me about 2 weeks ago she had a dream that I was pregnant again. As far as I know I'm not, but I'm definitely open to having another one smile.gif

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