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What prenatal vitamins are best? What to get??

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My last pregnancy I took Neevo DHA. But I have found out most prenatal vitamins contain poly-something 80? Which is bad?


Can someone recommend a good prenatal vitamin? I want one with DHA if possible....


My health food store carries Natures Way.. is that a good one?

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I took and still take these.  Superior company.





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I'm taking New Chapter's Perfect Prenatal, too. I like whole food vitamins - especially since they don't make me sick like regular vitamins. The pills are also small, so they are easy to get down. They provide some probiotics, a good dose of vitamin D compared to others, and medicinal herbs. They seem a little pricey, but they aren't bad if you look at what is included.
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I take New Chapter Perfect Prenatals too, but I also take a calcium/magnesium supplement, because the NCPP vitamins are really low in calcium!  I don't think it has DHA either.  I take a fish oil pill when I feel like it.

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No, it doesn't have dha or a lot of calcium. It's kind of a toss up - bigger pills, or lower calcium. I normally take cod liver oil for the omega 3's and vitamin D, but right now I'm too queasy for it.
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I take NatureMade Prenatal Multi + DHA. They are way better than the ones my OB prescribed, and they're not too expensive. They're like $15 a bottle, but they have always been buy one get on free at Kroger when I have bought them. They're kinda big, but they're gel coated, and they have never made me sick.

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I like the rainbow light prenatal vitamins, but also take cal/mag supplement and fish oil seperately

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They do provide DHA as well.  I also took a cod liver oil supplement too. 

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I used to take the New Chapter but stopped when I realized there was soy in them. A friend recommended Garden of Life Vitamin Code raw prenatals to me so I gave them a try & ended up really liking them. They have a probiotic blend in them which is nice, and while they are kind of big pills, they are capsules they slide right down easily! No DHA, but I take that separately.

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Originally Posted by Vermillion View Post

I used to take the New Chapter but stopped when I realized there was soy in them. A friend recommended Garden of Life Vitamin Code raw prenatals to me so I gave them a try & ended up really liking them. They have a probiotic blend in them which is nice, and while they are kind of big pills, they are capsules they slide right down easily! No DHA, but I take that separately.

I stay away from soy as well.  The pre-natals have fermented soy which I find comletely different than other products containing GMO/non fermented soys. 




Thank you for the info on the Garden of Life brand. 

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I take Rainbow Light, or the Trader Joes version that is made by RL (tell me if you think I'm wrong or its lower quality for some reason!)  I also take Ca/Mg/D supplements, at a different time, because Iron can interfere with Ca absorption (one reason I don't care if my supplement has a lot of Ca!) and probiotics and fish oil.

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I take Mega Food Baby & Me and Nordic Naturals prenatal DHA


If you take an additional calcium supplement make sure you take it at another time from your prenatal. The iron in you prental and the calcium make it difficult to absorb each other.

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For my pregnancy I am taking TriCare Prenatal  DHA ONE. They are a very small softgel. Very easy on the stomach.

It also contains a stool softener. You can see all the different vitamins in TriCare at their websitw www.dhaone.com.

Highly reccommend them.



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I take the Rainbow Light Prenatal One a Day vitamins. They don't appear to upset my stomach and seem to have most of what I need.  I plan to take some vitamin D separately.

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I am taking New Chapter Perfect Prenatal and love them. I love the fact that they are derived from whole/raw foods. They are rather expensive though, so right now I just buy the 90-day supply at $32.  Since it doesn't contain DHA, I am taking a DHA supplement. You do take them 3 times per day, but according to "Making Babies" the author says that you should opt for a prenatal that you take 3-times a day, not a once a day formulation. i've been taking them for nearly 2 months now, so far..so good.

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I take Thorne Research Basic Prenatal. They are usually only prescribed by a Naturalist (like you can't buy them in stores) but you can order them online. I did alot of research last year after having a miscarriage to find the best prenatal vitamin that had the closest to the daily recommended for pregnant women off a chart for daily vitamin/mineral recommendations for men, women and pregnant women as well off of WebMD. I found that this brand had the closest, so I've been taking them for almost a year. I like them. You take one pill 3x's a day, so I take one with breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were lacking (like all vitamins) in a few of the key ones....so I just supplemented with an additional vitamin here and there to get my 100% daily recommended intake and I feel great!

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I want to 2nd thorne research prenatals. My Naturalpath recommend them and I buy them on Amazon for $15-20. They're easy to digest, never caused an upset stomach even though sometimes I take 2 at once (if I forgot to take the morning one, I'll take 2 at lunch).
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man I feel like I take a ton of supps... but I am anemic (at the moment anyway), and I have had horrible calf-cramps in the past and a bit now, so I take a bunch of magnesium for that. In previous pregnancies I didn't quite take this much... but I have gotten kind of paranoid that I am depleted, my iron levels were SO low and despite good vitamin D supplementation (like 4000-6000 iu per day) am still on the low end of normal with that.  These is a closely spaced (inadvertent) pregnancy, and I am still breastfeeding a 2yo. So I think that my body has had a lot asked of it in the past 3 years.


In the morning I take the rainbow light prenatal one-a-day, vitamin D drops on my food, extra magnesium and extra iron (floradix and an iron supp). I also take a vegetarian (algal-based) DHA supplement.


In the afternoon, or at some point when I remember and haven't recently eaten high-calcium foods, I take another dose each of the floradix and iron supplement. I also cook as much as I can in cast iron and drink a couple cups of a tea I make up every few days with nettles and RRL. These are all to help with iron.


In the evening, before bed, I take more magnesium and a cal/mag supplement.


When I get closer to the date, I will add some big doses of probiotics throughout the day. I have tested GBS+ with both previous births and want to see if that will help. Plus build up flora in case I do end up on abx (hoping not but current MWs do use them if other measures do not get me a negative test).

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I take Isotonix Prenatal Multivitamin, distributed by Market America. It comes in a powder that you mix with water to drink in liquid form. It is hands down THE BEST vitamin I have ever taken in my life. I took a pill form organic prenatal before and during the first 3 months of my pregnancy, but I didn't feel as great until I started the liquid form of this Isotonix one. I have absorption/digestion issues, so it has been a lifesaver. I even have food intolerances that got a lot better after I started these vitamins, and while I can't definitively say it was the vitamins that did it (it could've been the pregnancy itself helping me), I like to hope so! smile.gif I also take additional liquid vitamin D and cod liver oil.

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Garden of Life RAW prenatals.  Sold on Amazon.com.  And the best DHA supplement is Carlson Labs brand.  I promise these are best.  They are whole foods based, NO questionable ingredients, very bioavailable.  Lots of "regular" vitamins have all sorts of garbage from toxic food colorings to anti-freeze!!  Anyway, this is the best of the best and I have come to this conclusion after LOTS of research and trying several kinds myself in 2 different pregnancies!!

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Garden of Life raw prenatals are the only prenatals I've found that don't make me sick (and I've tried a lot!) only thing w/ them is that according to my naturopath they don't have enough cal/mag so I also take a liquid cal/mag.

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I am currently taking the Garden of Life prenatals and to get enough calcium and magnesium I prefer to get the rest from my diet.  What I do is drink raw goats milk.  It has more calcium and magnesium per serving than cows milk.  And is very bioavailable (easily absorbed and utilized by your body).   Raw milk also contains phosphorus which is essential for maintaining bone mass, and after being pregnant. nursing for over a year and being pregnant again and **** nursing I am concerned about my bone mass so I am glad that I am getting the extra calcium and phosphorus from the milk:)

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When I was researching prenatal vitamins, I found this helpful: http://www.squidoo.com/best-otc-prenatal-vitamins

It basically confirms what people here are saying.

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FYI New Chapter was just bought out my Proctor and Gamble!  http://naturalsociety.com/new-chapter-supplement-company-bought-by-monsanto-linked-proctor-gamble/


I took NC one-a-day with my two previous pregnancies and loved them. But this time around I've switched to Rainbow Light.

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Another vote here for the Rainbow Light but I do the 6 a day variety instead of the one a day.  They're a little pricier but I like the probiotic complex and TONS of vitamin B.

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I took Rainbow Light when I was pregnant with my daughter and they were pretty good.  This time around, I did some online shopping and discovered a woman's multi that's not only superior to most women's multis, but it's also superior to most prenatals as well: http://www.vitacost.com/vitacost-the-woman-multi-vitamin#productDetails thumb.gif  It has more of the key nutrients pregnant women need as compared to other good prenatals, plus it has a fruit & veggie blend, green tea extract, cranberry juice extract, pomegranate extract, plus others.  It does contain a little soy, but my stomach doesn't notice it (which it would if there was a decent amount of it).  It's a very reasonable price and not too difficult to swallow.


Also, I just remembered I tried these as well during my last pregnancy: http://www.vitacost.com/super-nutrition-prenatal-blend-antioxidant-rich-multi-vitamin  If you want a vitamin that will give you a noticeable energy boost and extra healthy skin and hair then this one is for you! lol.gif  It's a bit overkill both with the amount per serving of the vitamins & minerals and the amount of tablets you have to take per day (6!!) but there is definitely a noticeable difference in how you look and feel, which, for those of you who aren't sure if vitamins really matter much, these will leave no doubt in your mind that they are doing something.  I didn't like the 6 tablet a day thing (I tried the one a day version but it didn't give me the same energy boost), so I switched to the Rainbow Light.  

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I take a liquid prenatal made by Buried Treasure. My SIL who is an amazing midwife helped me pick it out. I was having severe nausea and couldn't keep my old prenatals down. This formula has been a life saver. It has DHA in it too which is a plus. I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels as well.

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bec so many have lead im so afraid so  decided to go with Shaklee they have a multivit called Vita Lea which is good for pregnant woman as well.


this is the fda testing on vitamins and prenatals with lead fda.gov/Food/FoodSafety/FoodContaminantsAdulteration/Metals/Lead/ucm115941.htm

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I would recommend Douglas brand because I've read two very convincing studies which placed that particular supplement manufacturer in an elite group of only about four-to-six worldwide who produce supplements at the level of quality which Douglas (BioTech and others) pride themselves on.

They're more expensive than what an you'll get at the supermarket or drug store. The question, is the extra $10-$15 worth absorbing 60-80% more of the supplements you take had you taken a discount brand? To some it is, to some it isn't. That's a personal decision.


Of the two Douglas prenatal vitamins that I'm aware of, I prefer the pack because it's complete,comprehensive and has everything I need in it. I feel like I'm getting more swallowing five capsules than I do swallowing 2.


I get them from here because they're slightly cheaper than most other places, plus they don't charge for shipping on supplements or vitamins: http://www.eganmedical.com/Vitamins-and-Supplements-s/91.htm


That same company has some really good prices on maternity support garments as well, which is how I came to find the vitamins on sale with free shipping.

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Since I love the NHS: 

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