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Pubic symphysis pain

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Anybody else out there have (or has had) pubic symphysis problems?  It's killing me this pregnancy, and I was wondering if anybody could tell me what treatments did or did not work for them.  Mainstream medicine tends to shrug it off and recommend bed rest and painkillers, but I'd like to be more proactive about planning on seeing my chiropractor, but is there anything else I can do?  Thanks!

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You should crash the September DDC where I whine about my SPD and other people discuss solutions.



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Chiros are great fro SPD. Another tip that might help is sleeping with your back propped against a wall (with pillows) and tucking your knees as close to your chest as possible. I don't know why this helps me, but I wake up with significantly less pain if I sleep that way.
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It hurts.I have this going on aswell.My OBGYN shruged it off,and now I am going to a chiro.I honestly can't say if it is helping =(. I still wake up with major pain through the night. I will try the suggestion given here,and see if that helps.

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I saw a chiro - one who specializes in women's / children's care  - and after one session....which took like an hour BTW!  i thought nothing had improved - the next day i woke up feeling better and the pain diminished from there - i was 5 weeks from having the baby and only had that one appt.   HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE CHIRO!

Also - she recommended wearing a 'brace' - forget what its a support belt around tummy when you are walking or standing for long periods of time.

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I also feel much, much better after seeing a chiro.  So far I've only gone once (I'm 17w), but I plan on going 20 times (as much as my insurance will cover) during this pregnancy.  I hope that if I stay on top of it that I'll actually be able to walk at the end.

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Go get yourself a maternity belt!  It was the *only* thing that helped me when I had SPD (only had it 2 out of the 5 pregnancies).  If I didn't wear it one day for some reason, I was unable to walk the next day.  I didn't buy one until the end of my pregnancy the first time I had SPD and the pain was unbearable without it.  I had to sleep in the recliner and basically shuffle myself around the house.  Once I started using the maternity belt everyday from the time I got out of bed until the time I got back into bed at night, I was able to function like a human again.


I think I bought mine at Motherhood Maternity for $15. 

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I too recommend using a maternity support belt.  It helped me some.  I also found that sleeping in the recliner was the best thing for me.  If I slept in the bed, I would be in too much pain and barely able to walk.  I also suffered with SPD after my second daughter was born, so I had to sleep in the recliner for about 2 months postpartum.

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My OB recommended a pelvic support belt. I didn't end up getting one (i would have had to run around town a lot to find one... and it is running around town that's aggrevating it). I gave myself 3 days modified bed rest with hot compresses and it has helped A LOT. Also, being very careful not to stress the joint, keeping knees together, using a lot of well-placed pillows at night, etc.

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Another recommendation for a support belt. My chiropractor ordered me one from a medical supply place. It was $32. As soon as she put it on me, it was instant relief!!! I really can't begin to say how much it helps. It lifted that pressure off my hips and made my back feel so much better.


Another thing to try is sitting on a birth/exercise ball instead of the couch/recliner.

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Wow, so that's it!!  I've been experiencing pain in what I could only describe as my pelvic floor (because I haven't had the proper pregnancy vocabulary), especially when I overdo it at work.  Now I know that it is probably my pubic symphysis!!  Thanks y'all!! shy.gif

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My pubic symphysis pain appeared strongly at 21 weeks (last week) and it's a struggle figuring out how to manage it. I had never heard of it before, and apparently neither have ANY of my friends, family, and or coworkers I've talked to about it! Is it that uncommon? I started seeing a chiropractor who specializes in helping pregnant women, but I suspect it will take many more visits to start feeling better. I find that if I get a bad night of sleep, it makes the discomfort, pain, and stiffness of my pelvic joints that much more unbearable the next day. But then it's a catch 22 situation because I don't quite know how to get good sleep when the discomfort is bothering me so much! (And well, I have sleep apnea too, so that just compounds the issue.) Sitting down for too long definitely stiffens things worse, so I try to at least stand up and walk short distances while at home or at work on a frequent basis to prevent that. I'd honestly rather just sit all the time, though, since walking is so uncomfortable too.


One thing I definitely learned..... Do not step into clothing! Sit down first before pulling pants on. I learned the hard way how excruciating it can be with pubic symphysis if you lean over to step into your clothes and pull them up. Ouch! I wish I knew how to feel more comfortable while driving. The simple motion of moving my foot horizontally from the gas to the brake pedals started causing me pain and I'd get this popping in my lower back. It was so gross feeling, lol.


I got a maternity belt but unfortunately it doesn't help with the pubic pain. It does help me at least do house chores and stay on my feet longer more easily, though, since it gives me back support so I can bend over and maneuver for certain tasks.


I hope everyone else's SPD improves!

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I got a kit from Books-A-Million, it has a book with 2 purple balls in the kit. It's worth trying the exercises in the book for pelvic realignment.

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I am currently pregnant, 16 months after experiencing pubic symphysis separation with my first child. During my current pregnancy i have had a great deal of pelvic pain. But i recently began taking a collagen supplement and a second supplement derived from turmeric which is said to be very good for joint health. I have experienced a marked decrease in pain although its not entirely gone. I buy these supplements from a company called Invite Health. The Collagen supplement comes in powder form so it can be easily mixed with water or juice. The other supplement they call Bio-Curcumin and it comes in capsule form. According to the doctor i spoke with at Invite, these are safe to take during pregnancy. U can call them directly for a free consultation about your specific needs. Just google "Invite Health" and check out their website for more info.

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Also consider buying a pelvic support cushion for times when u have to sit on straight back chairs. I have one for hip support and one for back support. I carry them around if i know i'm going anywhere that has hard chairs or if i expect to be seated for a long period of time. Its is the only way i can sit on the chairs at work, at church, etc.

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Another vote for visiting a chiro who specializes in maternity care. This helps immensely! I've also found that doing a few pelvic tilt exercises every night helps my pain immensely!

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Driving 8 hours straight and moving furniture gave me a lot of pubis symphasis pain this past week (25w along). DH got so frustrated with me for being lazy while he busted his butt moving stuff then after that for me moving stuff. Of course it stops me so quick from working on anything that everyone else was sore the next day but I was fine. With my second child I got joint pain so bad for the first week after the birth just from baby passing through so quickly and shifting things out of the way.

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I get it terribly.  Starting at like 8 weeks!!!!!  Mine is so bad by the end of the 2nd tri that I can't move without hearing it popping and grinding (on top of FEELING it, of course), getting out of bed brings me to tears, etc.  I try to be really careful about how I move, about how I sleep, etc, but nothing really takes it away...though it disappears pretty much immediately with birth!  But I have never found relief with my chiro (either one...both offering different treatments/methods).  I have had a bit of luck with an SI brace tightened ridiculously, but I can't wear that thing 24/7, so I just deal with it. :(

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please try the eggs everyday! google lecithin. it really helped me, i couldn't believe it!

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