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deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 07:13 AM 12-25-2011

Blue- Was that the snap and go? I can't remember if that is a stroller or an adapter for a stroller, but it's something that I will be thinking more about as I get further along. I have started researching though :-).

BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 08:19 AM 12-25-2011

Renavoo, I think I'll start with the snap and go double stroller (just put the carseats in a stroller frame).  The babies can sit in their carseats for the first 8-12 months and from what I hear that is a life saver because it is so light and easy to use.  After that you would probably have a better idea on what you'll need since they'll be bigger at that point and you can "test drive" some.  From what I have read most double strollers are very heavy and the tandem can be hard to turn (but I think needed in the city!!!).  I have an extra problem since I will also need to accomodate DD occasionally.  I will probably get a stroller board that attaches to the stroller that she can ride on standing, or perhaps the really expensive stroller that has the toddler seat on top (read: expensive and heavy).  I am not sure how much storage you have available but having all the different strollers for different needs would take a ton of space.  The other thing I am considering instead of the bulky "triple" stroller, would be a small double side by side unbrella MacClaren after the snap and go with a boogie board :) 



BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 08:36 AM 12-25-2011

Sorry for the double post, MDC started freezing up and I didn't want to loose my thoughts :)


Kewpie, I hope the sinus infection goes away soon and you aren't doomed to it for the remainder of your pregnancy!  Do you have an induction date?  I can't believe how close you are!!  I have heard that twin pregnancies have to order "speciality" maternity clothes for multiples :( 


Keira, I am glad your wrists feel a little better, but fluid sucking sounds horrible!  I hope you don't end up needing that!  Wow, you are measuring almost full term too!  And with 7 weeks to go!!!  Oh man, I am not sure I am ready for that!!!!!!  I remember how huge I felt with just DD :)


Deborah, so glad they found a membrane, that is great news and so much lower risk!


Blue, I wrote on the other thread too, but I really hope these frosties are your BFP!! 


AFM, still feeling like crap.  I have almost had to completely stop the zofran because it binds your insides up.  Hope it isn't TMI, but I am only able to go to the bathroom once a week and it has become extremely painful being so bloated all the time, plus the constant nausea...not sure what is worse, but I am completely miserable.  I wish I was spending this pregnancy in bliss like last time and enjoying all my limited one-on-one time with DD, but instead I am just sick and second guessing all the decsions I have made that led me here.  I really think being so physically ill has really affected my overall mood and I just wish I could turn it all around...hopefully time does.



deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 10:54 AM 12-25-2011

Belly- Yes, I believe this makes them only slightly higher risk than a singleton pregnancy. I'd have to check. I totally feel you on the tummy issues, only mine are kind of the opposite thanks to Prednisone. AFM- Hubby gave me lots of Christmukah/Hanukkahmas presents last night and this morning: two mystery rummy games and a Kindle gift certificate :-). The future grandmas also sent presents to the babies! They got adorable stuffed puppies (which the dog already tried to steal so they are being hidden), but I will take pictures later.

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 05:23 PM 12-25-2011

Blue - I accidentally figured out the steam from a shower trick the other night while trying to calm my back muscles down. I laughed when I came here to see you suggest the same thing.

keria - Thanks for the tip about the sinus massage. I'll definitely be googling that here in a few. I'm pretty sure I have some ginger root, I'll look into the tea as well. Sorry to hear your babies keep you up. Mine really never do and I'll count myself as very lucky. I guess you're getting in some practice for after they are born? :)

renavoo - no, it's not related to the pregnancy. I have a friend whose entire family was sick, neglected to tell us and had a birthday party for her kid. We found out after we arrived that they not only all had bad sinus infections, but also had been throwing up all night the night before. NIce, huh? If I were her, I would have postponed the party, but... well... she's the type where a social event takes priority over anything. SHe's brought her kids to our house very sick in the past. She's also the same friend that complains openly on facebook that her kids were sick and she has to lug all kinds of blankets and meds with her as she shops all day with them. I'm really irritated not only cause I'm so close to giving birth, but we're now sick over christmas which forced us to cancel our plans with my mom, so she's spending christmas alone. She has a bad heart and cant handle getting sick very well.

For strollers, we got really lucky in that we had a friend give us a side by side jogger and then we bought a used in-line duo glider for about $30 on craigslist. It's in perfect condition, but just needs a good wipedown. So, we've got the side by side for trips to the park and zoo type stuff and the in-line (front to back) for narrow places like the mall. We plan to baby wear when the babies are too little for the stroller itself. We got britax convertables for car seats instead of infant bucket carriers, so that just seemed to fit. DH and I pretty much go everywhere together, so it works. Good luck in figuring out what you want!

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 05:40 PM 12-25-2011

Sorry for the double post, but I was afraid to switch pages before posting what I already had...


Belly - Thanks, I hope I get over it soon too (DH as well).  Tentatively I have an induction date right around the 14th of January, but it hasn't been setup with the hospital or anything yet.  It's just been briefly discussed with one of the doctors. I'm SOOOOO hoping to avoid an induction cause I don't even want to be touched with pitocin.


I'm so sorry you feel so lousy.  I wish there was some sort of magic solution out there.  :(


Deborah - The word Christmakah made me laugh.  I'm assuming you are a blended Jewish and Christian family? 

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 06:44 PM 12-25-2011

Kewpie- Actually Jewish and Atheist, but DH has celebrated Christmas his whole life with his family, so we acknowledge both; mainly because it's another opportunity to show appreciation for each other.

Keria's Avatar Keria 06:03 PM 12-26-2011

Rena we got the city select I'll give you my first impressions review tomorrow.


Just a quick post to say that we did get some pics!!!. I have to resize them because they are gigantic but here is one. I'll post more tomorrow right now I'm exhausted.




blueyezz4's Avatar blueyezz4 06:59 PM 12-26-2011

Keria - So cute!!!!  Look at those cheecks!!! I just want to squeeze them!!!  So glad you got your 3D pics!!!

Keria's Avatar Keria 07:50 AM 12-27-2011

Thank you Blue love.gif. Isn't he adorable?. I can't believe in 6 and a half weeks I'll get to kiss those cheeks!


Ok I'll get started on the rest of the pics.

Keria's Avatar Keria 05:01 PM 12-27-2011

Ok here are the rest of the pics


this is the best pic we could get of little girl but we got a hand and a foot  too

luciasmall.jpg  handsmall.jpg    foot.jpg


These ones and the one from yesterday are from little boy


3dsmall.jpg    3d6small.jpg


Now the city select review


I only played with it for a little while and then put it back in the box and it's in the storage room so take it with a grain of salt. I don't love it I hope to start loving it once the kids are here since we spent so much money on it. I think a lot of the reasons for me not loving it have to do with where I live so take that into account. My first impression was that it's big and heavy. I can see it being a great stroller if you live somewhere where you can leave it assembled in the garage and just put the kids on and go. Right now we live in an apartment and it won't fit in the elevator with the second seat on so I really don't see how I'm going to be able to take the kids out by myself. You have to remove the second seat in order to fold it so you have to put it together and take it apart every time you put the stroller in the car or take it out of the car we have to drive everywhere so that will be a pain in the butt.


Now the good things. Both seats do recline completely flat so you don't really need the bassinet, even though  the seats do say they can only be used form  6 months+  I think that is just a trick to get  you to  buy the bassinets. The wheels are not plastic so it will be great to take it to parks or other places where the terrain is not as smooth. I  love that one kid is up and one is down so both kids will be able to see. The handle goes up and down so it works for my tall DH and short little me. It has a good resale value so even if I end up not loving it at all I know we can get most of our money back. We got convertible carseats but you can get carseat adpators and use it as a snap and got for the first few months if you are getting bucket seats.


I think I want to get a single lightweight stroller and wear one baby for when I want to go out by myself but we'll wait on that and see how it goes once the kids are here.

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 04:05 AM 12-28-2011

keria - Your pictures ended up stretched on my screen, but I definitely see some super baby cheek cuteness going on!  I'm glad you got some good shots this time!


..and in the first shot it looks like your boy is pursing up to give a kiss.  So cute!

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 04:27 AM 12-28-2011

Well, I will be considered full term in 3 days.  In some ways I feel SO ready to have these babies.  On New Year's Day, DH and I will have been together for 14 years and sometimes I wonder how we made it this long with IF and not gone crazy.  In other ways, I feel so unprepared and scared.  I keep waiting for the "news of doom" to come and blindside us and take this all away.  It's happened so many times before that it's difficult to let go of that.


I can't remember if I mentioned this last week or not, but at the last scan, the babies were each measuring at over 5 pounds and still both head down and in good position for vaginal birth for both.  The tech said that at their clinic, they tend to underestimate size and the u/s also cannot take density into account, so we could end up with 6 pounders very easily.  DH is scottish and is built like an ox, so I would not be surprised.  Our boy seems to have gotten his bone structure from what we've seen. Maisie seems to be more like how I was as a child, very skinny and tall. (that changed as I aged.. haha) She's taller than Liam right now by a bit, but thinner.  



renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:50 AM 12-28-2011

Keria, thanks for the review! That was fantastic. It's interesting too because on the websites, they really make it look like a snap to close the stroller for storage so I'm surprised that it is so difficult. It's amazing what good marketing can do, huh? But at least I know that I need to continue looking! Aww I love the 3D photos!! Do you have an idea of who he and she look like right now? I love the idea of 3D images and while DH supports me if i want them, he says that they look a little freaky to him (not your photos...I google searched 3D ultrasound images to show him what they are like and that's when he made the comment.) I personally think they look amazing and I can't wait until I can get my own! 


Kewpie, this is so exciting! Just 3 more days...after all you went through, this is amazing news and i'm so excited for you. I can't wait for you to hold your babies in your arms. (And take photos to show us your beautiful babies...) ;o) It's also great that they are so well developed and that you are in a great position (or I should say they are!) to have a vaginal birth...are they going to induce you if you're not ready to give birth in a few days? By the way, i just started thinking that at the end of this journey, each of us will hopefully be having babies around the size your babies are...which is about a 10-12 pound baby, if it was a singleton. ummm ouch. haha i hope you're feeling better (and ugh to that friend! how selfish!) and thanks for the stroller tips.


Blue, I'm SO excited for you...just a couple of more weeks and then it's transfer time! I'll write more on the other thread but I just wanted to say that...I can't wait until you graduate!


Belly, how are you feeling?




mole's Avatar mole 05:45 AM 12-28-2011

Hi!  I'm definitely jumping into the graduates thread early, but I am pregnant now, and I want to join with the graduates, because I'm so optimistic and excited! I'm 16 DPO now, and had two HCG tests. 10 DPO: 45; 15 DPO: 589. It's taken us long to get here (not long compared to others' journeys, but it sure felt long to me), and we luckily got pregnant just before we started our IVF treatment (due to my sweetheart's dismal sperm). I'm feeling super hopeful because my high HCG levels put us in a statistically low group for miscarriage risks. My acupuncturist explained to me today what I need to do to start with my prenatal monitoring, and there's nothing to do for a couple weeks until the pregnancy is more certain. I'm going to keep visiting the acupuncturist weekly for the next month, to help the little one be cozy and loved and more likely to stay, then I'm traveling to the US and can tell my friends the wonderful news. 


Kewpie- that is wonderful. I remember when I first joined the IVF group you were worried about your babies being born early, and now here you are, keeping them in full term! Congratulations.


Belly- I hope this unsolicited information isn't unwelcome- I have a friend who also had constipation problems during her pregnancy, and she found drinking psyllium husks helped her a lot. She just mixed it up in water and drank it down. 

Keria's Avatar Keria 07:12 AM 12-28-2011

Welcome Mole congratulations!!


Rena don't take just my opinion there are many people that just love this stroller. If you have a buy buy baby near by have one on the floor for you to they usually have one on the floor for you to play with. The folding thing it's the biggest con for me. In theory you can fold it with 2 seats but only if they are forward facing which you cannot do with newborns and it ends up being gigantic. Even folding it with one seat rearfacing it still gigantic the most compact fold is with one seat forward facing. You still have some time to look around let me know if you find something better.


Our little boy looks a lot like DH's baby pics I'll scan one so you guys can see  Our little girl is hard to say because we couldn't get a good look. But I'm really hoping she looks like me. I'm growing these kids from start to finish so least one of them has to look like me lol


Kewpie Thanks I love his little kissy face so much. That's amazing that you are so close to full term. I cannot wait to see little Maisie and Liam on the outside.  Do you have an induction date? How are you feeling?


deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 10:14 AM 12-28-2011

Mole- Welcome and congratulations! I joined the graduates board the day I got my BFP, so it's never too early! I am now 10 weeks and babies are doing great. Kewpie- Great news about having full-term twins! That's so exciting! Can't wait to see them (outside of ultrasound pics, of course) :-).

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 11:46 AM 12-28-2011

renavoo and Keria- They won't induce me until the middle of January, so if things don't happen on their own, it could be a while yet, but with how the last week has gone, I don't think they will have to induce, which is definitely preferred! I'm scared to death of pitocin!  How are you doing?  You're almost in the second trimester, Renavoo!!!  Woot!


mole - Congrats and welcome!


Thanks and yeah, it's amazing to remember back to when they were threatening to come so early and now we're thinking of ways to kick them out. haha  I hope your pregnancy is nice and easy!


Deborah - Thanks!


Belly - I so hope that you're doing ok and that things in the tummy dept are starting to calm down for you.  I'm thinking of you


Everyone else - I think of you all often!


rcr's Avatar rcr 03:43 PM 12-28-2011

Keira - love love love the pics! So cute. Those tiny little feet just make me melt.


Kewpie - full term! wow. Seems like yesterday you got your BFP. How time flies!

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 05:45 PM 12-28-2011

Glad things are looking good for everyone. I actually had to buy maternity clothes today! It was fun :-). I couldn't resist the maternity/nursing nightgown that came with an adorable elephant onesie and was also on sale.

deborahbgkelly's Avatar deborahbgkelly 05:46 PM 12-28-2011

Actually, all of the clothes were on sale, but I still managed to spend too much. LOL.

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 02:28 AM 12-29-2011

I think I may be in labor. I've been woken up twice tonight with a bad back ache and the second time, I realized that it was coming in waves, so I started timing them.  Currently I'm at 3.5 to 4.5 minutes apart with each lasting about 1 minute 20 seconds.  It's all in my back though, which I was not expecting.  It feels like strong diarrhea cramps.  I just downed a bunch of water and will take a quick warm shower and if they keep up for another 10 minutes or get closer, I'm calling in. . 

mole's Avatar mole 02:34 AM 12-29-2011

KEWPIE!!! That's so awesome! Welcome little ones, welcome!!!

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 02:56 AM 12-29-2011

KEWPIE, YAH!!!!!!! I can't wait for you and DH to meet Maisie and Liam! Come on, babies! joy.gif

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 03:06 AM 12-29-2011

Mole, welcome :o) I'm glad you're here. Those are great levels! 


Keria, we did go and look at the stroller and we thought it drove well but it just didn't have the leg room we were hoping for (haha leg room...as if it was a car!) so we were concerned about that. This is one of the major reasons we were thinking more of the iCandy stroller, which seems to have a lot more room between seats. The only thing is that I like having them able to look at each other and the iCandy stroller doesn't let them sit that way...it's only back to back. So I'm kind of in a bind about which one I want.


haha your comment about how one of them has to look like you was so funny. I so agree! Hey, we're going through all the pain so come on! Although I would love it if both are blends of DH and I. hehe he and I both have things we love about each other's faces so we joke about how great it would be if the children have his eyes and my lips or stuff like that :o)


Belly, thinking of you and hoping you're ok!


rcr, can't wait until you're here with us! Blue, hope all is going well on your end too. I can't wait until you two join us here with your BFPs. joy.gif


Ladies, I can't believe the week is almost over! The time is just flying which makes me sad because i don't want to go back to work. haha although i have been working a little at home which I shouldn't have to do but surprisingly, it has been a busy week. Typically, this week is dead for my industry because our clients tend to all be off too but I guess this is an atypical year. Oh well, at least I'm home and not working from the office. Hope everyone is doing well! 



renavoo's Avatar renavoo 03:43 AM 12-29-2011

Hey question...what did you guys do with your excess drugs? I have a stash of drugs that I didn't use and i actually don't know what to do with them. I mean I just don't want them to go to waste considering how much they cost. I should check the expiration date anyway...but I have gonal f, menopur, ganerilix and endometrin. It's crazy...it's like a fertility clinic in my house. *Shaking head*


blueyezz4's Avatar blueyezz4 06:15 AM 12-29-2011

Running out the door to work but wanted to tell Kewpie I'm thinking of you and praying all goes well!!  Can't wait to see those two little ones in your arms!!!!! Keep us posted the best you can!!!  More later.


Belly - how are you feeling????


Renavoo - glad you have had a little time off to kinda relax.  Enjoy the rest while it lasts.

Keria's Avatar Keria 07:25 AM 12-29-2011

Babies!!! I can;t wait to meet little  Maisie and Liam (if this is the real deal)


Rena Hopefully my babies will get the best of both us. I hope they are tall like Dh. I read the Icandy is even heavier than the city select  but I know what you mean about the legroom. I'm not too worried about it because we'll just sell if the kids outgrow it and there are many more and way cheaper options for toddlers than for newborns.


Rcr and Blue can't wait for both of you to get your BFPs it's about time.


kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 08:08 AM 12-29-2011

It fizzled out after a few hours.  We waited to go in until 6 and everything was still going strong, but about 3 hours after getting to the hospital, it fizzled to nothing, so we're back home again.  Slightly disappointed, but more happy cause they get some extra time to cook.  

BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 08:47 AM 12-29-2011

I wasn't able to post yeserday so below is the post I copied to word.  Hope this one works.


Kewpie, I bet that was an exciting night!  I also had mainly back labor with DD.  It's weird and doesn't feel good.  Glad you get to cook those little ones longer, but now I am just hoping to make it to 36 weeks to get these monsters out :)


Renavoo, darn, I was actually thinking about asking if you had any endometrim left.  I just bought my last box I'll need and it stings paying so much, but atleast I wont need anymore!  That's kind of you to think of us.  I got really lucky during my fresh cycle and was able to donate a bunch of my drugs to a lady on these boards who was actually at my clinic!!!


Deborah, yay for maternity clothes.  I think I started wearing them at 9 weeks because of all the bloat and I had them left over so figured I'd just start wearing them to be more comfortable.


AFM, feeling a tad bit better this morning.  I forced myself to eat a bunch yesterday and even though it didn't really help then, I had extra animal crackers on my nightstand and snacked on them when DD needed a diaper change at 3 am (thanks DH to changing the stinky!).  I am not sure if that made me feel a little better when I woke up?  I also started taking tums last night in desperation of anything that would settle my stomach. 



From yesterday:


Keira, I love your 3D pictures!  How cute!!!  And sweet to hear that your little man looks like DH :)  The stroller not fitting on the elevator would really annoy me...can you tip it up at all :)  I think your idea of wearing one and a small unbrella stroller sounds like a great idea!  And way easier than lugging a huge stroller around.  I loved wearing DD when we went grocery shopping...it was just so much easier and it was nice having her so close.


Kewpie, full term!  So crazy!  I am so happy you were able to keep those babies in for so long, but I bet your ready now to get them out :)  My water broke with DD, but my labor stalled so they started pitocin (I made them wait as long as they would - 8 hours), then they would increase the dose every 15-20 mins.  It was awful, so I hope you can avoid it!!!  After about 14 hours on the pitocin I gave in and got the epideral (I was planning on getting one, but just wanted to wait as long as possible...not sure why!) Then my labor sped up and after a total of 28 hours my DD was born!


Mole, Welcome!  And I'll take any suggestions out there!!!  I'll have to look that stuff up and see where I can get it :)


Deborah, love your combination of traditions!


Renavoo, glad to hear you are enjoying your time off!  I can't believe you are already 13 weeks!


Blue, rcr, I am getting so excited for you guys!!!!!


AFM, ugh, I am really not sure how much more I can take.  It seems to be getting worse not better and I really feel like I am dying a slow and agonizing death.  We go in for our NT scan tomorrow so maybe I can talk with the peri about it.  This pregancy is so different from DD's and I just wish for a second I could enjoy it or spending time with my DD (while it's just us).  The constant nausea/vomitting makes me not want to eat and then I am so hungry it hurts and the nausea gets worse...it's like a never ending circle of misery.  Oh and the constipation too. I am sorry if this gets anyone down, I hate being so negative, but it's hard to feel happy when I have been so sick for the last 4 weeks :(

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