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Keria's Avatar Keria 10:26 AM 04-11-2012

Rena YAY for head down and big babies. I'm hoping this will be your last big presentation I can't imagine working so much. And yes my little ones are long and lean they are only about 9 and a half pounds but are already outgrowing their 3 month sleepers by length I'm going to be the short one in the family lol


Praying I'm glad you got hear your little ones heartbeat. DId you get to see the little bean as well?


Belly As long as you and your DH love the names that;s all that matters. Hopefully you have a nice talk with your mom. From now on when someone tells me the name of their baby I;m going to tell them how much I love it.

blueyezz4's Avatar blueyezz4 07:55 AM 04-12-2012

Hi All!!!  Sorry I've been slacking on posting on this side lately, on the other side as well actually.


Belly - I wouldn't worry too much about the name thing.  If you and your DH like them then that is all that matters.  They are your children and you are the ones that are going to be saying the names most.  Everyone is going to have their own opinion but your and DH's is the only one that counts in this matter I feel!!!!  Love your Belly pic.  You are so cute and all "Belly", isn't that appropriate!!!  LOL  When my MIL had her triplets (one being my DH) she painted on toe nail I think it was a certain color or used a colored ribbon on their wrist or ankle to tell them apart.  My one friend has twin boys and the one boy has a vein down his forehead that helps to tell them apart b/c they are identical.  I'm sure there will be some way to tell them apart or their hair may be different colored too you never know.  How fun to think about it, though.  Can't wait to see pics when the time comes!!


Praying -congrats on graduating over to this side!!!!!  I'm just a stalker over here, making sure everyone is doing well.


Renavoo - I sure hope your work starts to slow down or they at least let you set up a little cot in your office for some mid-day naps to take care of yourself!!!!!!


Keria - loved the videos and love your accent too!!!  Those babes are too cute.


Kewpie - how are you doing?? What is going on with your move are you guys still moving or no?


Lyndi - how are you and the new little one doing?  HOpe everything is good.


Bungalow - you still out there?   Just thinking of you and hoping all is okay.  Anything going on?  I'd guess you would have had those babes by now, right?  I forget when your actual due date was but hopefully you are just busy w/ two newborns!!!


Monkey - so good to see your ticker moving!!!!!!  Hope you are feeling well!!!!


Tenzi - how are you doing???


Well, i'm sure I missed a few people, but i'm drawing a blank and just trying to look back on this page.  Hope everyone is well!!!!!!!  Back to just stalking for me!!!


kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 12:46 AM 04-13-2012

Keria - LOVED the videos!  (add me to the list of people who love your accent.  Where are you from? Your little monsters are just too cute!


Belly - Sorry your names were not well received.  The only ones who need to love them are you and DH, though.  


blue - yep, we're still moving.  The big move will be happening in september.  I've already started going through stuff and packing.  I want to get rid of a LOT of stuff, so I'm starting now so I have time to really think about things.  I'm also cleaning each item as I pack so it should come out clean on the other end and save me some time.  I can usually easily get rid of most things, except books... I've have a few hundred and really need to pare down the lot, but having such a hard time doing so.  I LOVE to read and they bring me comfort, but they just take up SO much space and are so heavy.  DH bought me a Nook for christmas and I'm LOVING that I can have as many books as I want with no extra space. :)


AFM - The babies haven't napped in 3 days and I'm having a hard time getting things done.  They have been up from the time I get up until about 9pm.  Once out for the night, they are out except for feeding time (which still happens twice between midnight and 6am) so at least we're not up rocking all night like we used to be.  They have started reaching for toys and bringing them to their mouths which is really exciting cause it means playing on their own isn't too far off.  They have started really noticing each other and the cats as well which is entertaining to watch.


Liam is doing awesome with tummy time and can hold his head up for several minutes (I'd guess 10-15) before getting tired. He smiled all through tummy time yesterday, so I'm thinking it's getting easier for him.  He's started doing mini push-ups as well which makes me realize just how fast they are growing up.  Maisie is not as strong and only can handle holding her head up for 4-6 minutes before getting ticked.  We force her to go a little longer each day, so hopefully it will get easier for her soon.


They have gotten their first colds, but they don't seem to be doing too badly.   

Keria's Avatar Keria 11:06 AM 04-13-2012

innocent.gif Thanks guys I"m form Venezuela my first language is spanish.


Blue I had no idea your DH was a triplet is he close to his sibilings?


Kewpie I can;t imagine going all day without naps I hope they go back to napping during the day. I hope they get rid of their colds fast

tenzinsmama's Avatar tenzinsmama 09:09 PM 04-13-2012

Just popped on quickly here to say 'hi' to all of you and to thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. 


We've been with a sad situation with one of our dogs... He hadn't been feeling well and we had some tests done that showed something suspicious on his spleen-- we still had hope for him in that a splenectomy could be performed and that not every mass is malignant... However, he had surgery this past Tuesday and he ended up having to be euthanized on the table, because the mass was huge and to the vet's shock and dismay she discovered there was something on his pancreas as well (which is very rare).  So there wasn't any hope for him to recover from that, so he passed peacefully with my husband by his side.  Our two dogs are very cherished, and so we are taking the loss very hard.  Yep, even with having a human baby, my passion for animals has never waned.  It's been really strange, DS doesn't even call out his name looking for him (he used to do that all that time), so it's like he knows that Azul is gone forever.  And our other dog is really depressed and acting out of sorts, too.


In other news, I think I may have picked an OB that I feel comfortable doing the c-section.  My only hope is that she can schedule herself in the OR to do it when she feels is best, which she says is 37-38 weeks.  According to her, anything later than that would be negligent on her part since the risk of me going into labor will just keep increasing and then me and the baby would be at risk.  Just hoping that now that I'm close to having some decisions made about an OB, that I don't have any bleeding or pre-term signs of labor before that-- if it happened, I would end maybe having her, or the other 11 OBs that form the team that she is on.  Depends on who's working at the time.


Still having issues with ante-natal depression, but I'm doing what I can to work through things.  Still not wanting to go on anti-depressant meds-- I've been on them before, and I'm so sensitive to them that I just end up having all sorts of side effects that take ages to wear off, and then I sense that I'm in an altered state the whole time.  And then coming off them, even slowly, I have wicked reactions.


The good news is that DS has reached a new level of being able to communicate with us, so he doesn't get as frustrated over things like he did before (well, part of that was because he was popping out two molars at one time, and he was sick with that nasty cold/ear infection) and he has been absolutely joyful to be around.  He is so much fun at this age!  I love him to bits, I never would have imagined how much I would love another person so much. 


Looking forward to hearing more updates from each of you, it's nice to feel connected on here...

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 10:37 PM 04-13-2012

keria - I can tell I need sleep... At first, I typed my own name in response to you instead of yours... haha  They napped a TON today thank goodness and I curled up on the floor and slept with them.  It felt so good to finally sleep.  They went down earlier than normal tonight while playing too, so we put them to bed and they stayed out.  They must be having a growth spurt or working on getting over their colds or something.  Whatever it is, I'll take it!  I hope your littles are doing well.


Tenzins - Glad to see you pop by.  So sorry to hear about your dog.  Animals are very special to me too and I dread the thought of losing one and it's always so hard when it happens.  I hope you can find ways to remember him and keep his spirit alive in your home.  I'm also sorry to hear about the depression.  I'm sure the issues with your dog are not helping... (hugs)


AFM - Maisie *almost* laughed tonight.  SHe was so close!  I don't think it will be long before she does it for real.  I was singing itsy bitsy spider to hear and moving her hands for the actions.  She found that pretty hilarious apparently. haha  Liam just about got me in the face with pee tonight as I was changing his diaper.  He has never had diaper rash before, but looked like he had something threatening on one of his legs... I bent down to inspect and whooops!  He missed me by an inch.  That kid has distance!  Anyway, I jumped back and yelled out which he found pretty funny and got a huge grin. The stinker!

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:49 AM 04-14-2012

Hi ladies, sorry i've been MIA. It's been crazy here and I'm just tired all the time now but I'm trudging through!


Monkey, I love that you checked in here!! How are you doing? I'll go over to the other thread to check on you too :oD


Praying, YAH for a heartbeat! There is nothing lie that sound, is there? you should put a ticker on the bottom so we can follow your progress! 


Belly, I hope that your conversation with your mom went well. You know the funny thing? After this conversation with you, dh was speaking with his mom on the phone and i heard, "no mom, we're set on the name". She apparently doesn't like the name Colin. At first, I felt bad but then I thought of our conversation and I felt better. Having all your support just makes these little bumps in the road seem manageable. Sorry about the crib though :o( Maybe when you decorate the room or something, you can use the slight differences to your decorating advantage? :o) As for the mattress, which mattress are you getting? I got the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Foam mattress because the reviews seemed good but I still am up in the air about foam vs coils. 


Keria, haha it'll be something to look forward to when your children are taller than you and they end up getting really protective of you! I am so happy that they are growing so well and they are such beautiful, happy children! how is everything else going?


Blue, i'm so excited that you finally got your drugs and you're starting the lupron for your next cycle. How are you feeling? How is Abby? How are your parents? Just wanted to give you a big hug...you're such an amazing, supportive person!


Kewpie, thank goodness you finally got a good nap in! That must have been tough to not get some sleep!! As for the pee incidence, HAHA! I'm worried about that with our little boy too but I also think it'll be hilarious. So funny because i'm a germaphobe (although i know urine is sterile) but i don't think i'm going to care about getting peed on or even pooped on when it's our little baby doing it. I guess there are no limits to a love of your own child. ;o)  Ugh to having to move, by the way...that will be stressful. We are considering getting a bigger apartment in the future too but just thinking about moving gives me a headache. I may end up just throwing everything away. Speaking of which, we need to do some major purging today as weekend 2 of "prepare the apartment" commences.I can't wait until Maisie laughs! And I hope you get it on video!


Tenzi, Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I totally understand what you mean about being an animal lover and taking their deaths hard. My fur baby passed away more than 10 years ago and I still haven't really gotten over it. Buster (my dog, springer spaniel) was literally my best friend and my baby and i really do think that he made me a better person and when we had to euthanize him because he had renal failure, my heart just broke. A piece of my heart is still with him. I'm so sorry. I hope that your family (including your other dog) heal with time although Azul will be remembered, I'm sure. As for your depression, I hope that you have more good days than bad. I love that your DS is bringing you such joy! That must help with your depression. And YAH to finding a good ob/gyn!


I find it so funny, by the way, that i'm being offered advice, as I get bigger, about whether to get a c section or have a vaginal birth. One woman told me outright that I should just bite the bullet and get a c section. It's faster. Other women say that I should have a vaginal birth and then they tell me how easy it was for them. *shaking head* still taking it as it comes but if there is a good chance that I would have a vaginal birth and then require a c section, i'm so going for a c section. no point in pain from other ways! I asked my doctor about that the other day and she said it's always possible. sigh. I hate these less than definitive answers! 


thanks for your support about work. Yesterday was a hard day for me. Even working 11 hours now is so draining. My legs are almost always swollen and I had issues walking because they feel so heavy and crampy by the time evening comes. I'm dreading the 24th because I already know I'll be working 14 hours (focus groups for our presentation). I was in such a pissy mood yesterday so I feel bad for DH. This presentation will be over May 8th or 9th so after that, I'm done. I'm going to tell them that it's going to be impossible for me to work these hours anymore and I'm thinking that i'm going to tell my boss that starting june, I'm going to be working from home (if I get that far! I'm assuming that I'll reach 38 weeks, which is probably not going to happen but we can hope, right?) Otherwise, the little ones are having fun kicking me and I'm feeling like my stomach is harder so i feel like when I push in a little, I'm probably hitting the little ones. I love that! I'm admittedly not a huge fan of pregnancy because i feel like it limits the things i can do but I would never have wanted to forgo the feeling of the little ones kicking me and making my stomach move. It fills me with such wonder and joy. I'm also a science geek so I just find the whole process quite awe-inspiring! 


Ok, off to start getting some stuff done. Big hugs to you all!!


Oh and Lyndi, Bungalow and Tear, check in when you can!



BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 01:03 PM 04-16-2012

It has been so quiet around here lately!!!


Renavoo, yes the conversation went well...now I just need to go about anouncing the names I guess :)  She admitted not liking the middle names, but that doesn't really matter to me.  Who ever "hears" middle names anyways, I am just glad I know what was bothering her...it's like now that I know I can just move on.  We got the same mattress we got for DD, from costco LA Baby Organic 2 sided mattress (baby and toddler).  It was the least expensive "organic" (I think all organic mattress are a bit of a stretch since they have to be fire proof or whatever).  It has 240 coils which is more than I was able to find elsewhere and for $110 delivered, it met my budget :)  The one we have from DD has held up great and one baby will be using that one.  I just heard of the foam/soy mattresses, so I don't have any info/opinions, I just went with what required no thought!  I have kept the nursery door open so I can look in and check out the crib (even though it looks like a tornado has gone through there), and I think I am used to the other crib now...it is what it is, and not worth the effort to change at this point, plus I don't have anything else in mind that I'd like better.  I think I might start slowing cut back on my "in office" hours.  I can't imagine making it to 36 weeks even with my part time gig.  I'd like to still be going in then, but maybe for just a couple hours/day.  I hope you get some relief at work soon!!!!! 


Tenzi, so sorry to hear about your furbaby :(  That is so sad.  I am glad to hear things are going so well with DS though!!!  I love it when after a rough stretch, something just clicks for toddlers and you get a little "break" from the chaos.


Blue, stalking you on the other thread!  I am on pins and needles for this cycle!!!


Keira/Kewpie, how is everything going with the babes?


Bungalow, thinking about you.


AFM, I keep running into twins and twin moms everywhere.  We took DD to the park yesterday and a lady was walking with her son and twin boys.  Her babes were 8 weeks old and she said they were starting to get into a good groove :)  I think that is about when my DD started sleeping better and things seemed to click for us too.  So 8 weeks seems totally manageable.  My tummy is getting really tight, I am not sure how it's possible to keep growing so quickly.  I didn't get stretch marks with DD, but I think it's unavoidable with twins right?  Do they show up as your growing or shrinking after they are born?

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 08:21 PM 04-16-2012

belly - my stretch marks came right near the end and I got about 10 small ones... about an inch or less in size each and they're all parallel to the ground at the top of my belly.  Not sure if they're unavoidable... probably depends on your skin type. I did use palmer's stretch mark cream throughout my pregnancy, so maybe that helped...?  



renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:34 AM 04-17-2012

Hi ladies! 


I've just been using regular lotion to keep my skin hydrated but perhaps I'll look up palmer's stretch mark cream! I did read that there's really nothing you can do about stretch marks and that it's really all just dependent on genetics. I haven't seen any stretch marks yet but I'm sure with the additional growth, I'll be seeing them soon. Did you ladies ever waver between "boy i'm huge" and "hey, am I not growing enough?" I sometimes feel like I'm not growing enough still and having almost everyone comment on how I don't look like i'm pregnant with twins is really grating because it makes me worry. DH has to keep reminding me that the scan shows that they are growing well and are actually a little above average in size. I guess the belly may not show as much because of my height (5'8). 


Yesterday was a bad day because I was in pain. My belly was killing me and my back was hurting too. I think I'm going through major growing pains because once I got home and laid down, I felt a little better. Today, I'll try to wear my pregnancy belt since it'll probably be another long day. A colleague of mine who also had twins gave me a good talking to and told me that I have to start saying no to set the foundation today and for the future. Honestly, when I was younger, I was fine working late hours. Now and I know in the future when I have the babies, working so late will be the furthest thing from my mind. There was an interesting article on CNN about this tech exec who leaves work at 5:30pm everyday. I can't do that but that sure does sound nice (of course, my friend knows someone who works at her company and HE pulls 14 hour days. haha)


Belly, i actually joined a online club called Manhattan Twins Club where all the parents have twins or up (I don't know if you have something like that near you?). It's really nice to be able to read about what others are going through with twins to mentally prepare myself (and DH). 8 weeks definitely does sound manageable. I really hope you and I get to experience that too!! :oD


Ok, off to relax before work. I hope everyone is doing well!







kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 07:42 AM 04-17-2012

I noticed a big difference at 8 weeks and an even bigger difference at 12 weeks.  They are almost 15 weeks now and can actually swat at toys on their play gym now and I can get about 40-60 minutes of time where I can run the vacuum through or start dinner. I can't wait until they start actually grabbing and holding onto toys.  That will free up so much time where they don't need constant interaction.  I love my babies, but mama's gotta eat! :)


I hear that as hard as it is the first 6 months, it gets THAT much easier over a singleton for the second 6 months becuase they entertain each other.  Kind of a reward for all the hard work. :)  They will be 6 months on July 4th. I'll letcha know. haha  Maisie is REALLY noticing Liam and starting to seek him out, so it must not be long. 


The time does go so fast.

prayinghard's Avatar prayinghard 05:29 PM 04-17-2012

Hello All!


Just checking in quick, but not much to report!


Tenzins:  I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time.  Your poor little dog.  I am such an animal lover.  It hurts my heart to hear that story.  I have heard of many people who once they have kids leave their pets behind.  I could never do that.  I have to admit, that they probably do not get as much attention as they did before DS came along, but I try.  I still love them dearly.  I have lost pets it the past, and it is devastating.  Hang in there.


Belly:  I loved your "belly" pic.  I think you still look tiny.  How are you feeling?  Did you mention your name choices in the board?  Did I miss it?  Or are you keeping it as a surprise?  Good thoughts coming your way!


Rena:  With DS I did not get any stretch marks (but I was only carrying one baby!).  I just used cocoa butter every morning and night.  Hope it works out that way with this pregnancy too.


AFM:  Constantly hungry and tired, but otherwise feeling pretty good.  Have some waves of nausea but they pass pretty quickly and I can usually fend them off if I keep food in my system.  My blood sugar drops quickly these days.  RE is weaning of all the progesterone that I am on.  Glad to be off the shots.  I heard the heartbeat again last week.  Everything still looks really good.  Hope everyone is having a great day!

Keria's Avatar Keria 09:57 PM 04-17-2012

I didn't get any stretch marks. I did use stretch mark cream every day from about 18 weeks on but who knows if it helped or not. I do have extra skin now and my belly button is a bit weird.


I don't know if if found my groove yet. We have good days and bad days last night was rough but they slept a lot during the day so I guess it was my fault for not waking them up. It is getting easier but I still spend a good part of the day on the recliner. I think I'm going to burn the damn thing when I'm done with breastfeeding lol.


Praying I'm glad everything is looking good with your bean.


My babies started refusing the bottle so I tested the milk and I found out I have high lipase so now if I pump I have to scald the milk before putting it on the fridge. I wish I didn't feel so much guilt about using a little formula I think a bottle here and there would make things a lot easier for me but I'm scared it will hurt my supply.

kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 11:21 PM 04-17-2012

Keria - ugh... sorry to hear about your milk being high in lipase.  BFing is hard enough without having to add extra steps.  I gave in to the formula/bottle temptation and we're doing about 50/50 breastmilk and formula.  I can feed one just BM all day while the other gets formula or I have to flip flop each feeding.  I really wish I had stuck with the exclusive breastfeeding in the beginning and not let myself get pressured by doctors. The pressure plus being so flipping tired was a bad combination.  I admire you for sticking it out!  


By the way, I remember you saying you've had issues with supply.  Have you tried eating oatmeal?  I was told about it in the beginning, but had forgotten about it until recently and tried it and for the first time, I actually had to pump the last bit of milk out after feeding Maisie.  I only got 25 ml, but it's better than nothing.  It seems to be helping me and you may give it a shot if you haven't already.  

Keria's Avatar Keria 01:08 PM 04-18-2012

Kewpie I think mix feeding is perfectly fine, formula is food and they are still getting all the benefits of your milk. I only kept at it because I'm very stubborn and because Dh is here all day I can't imagine doing it if DH had to go to work. I am seriously considering adding a couple of bottles of formula a day for mental health reasons. I  don't know if I have/had a supply issue when I asked the breastfeeding counselor but  she just gave me the trust your body speech which was hard to do when my babies were loosing weight. On the other hand the pediatrician told us to supplement which we did for a little bit until they started gaining weight. Right now they are gaining weight appropriately but they eat a LOT day and night I wonder if they are not getting enough so they need to wake up more often to eat.k. I do notice a difference in pumping output when I have oatmeal and when I don't 

BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 06:03 PM 04-19-2012

Keria/Kewpie, just wanted to give you both kudos for doing such a great job breastfeeding.  It was crazy time consuming (and a difficult start) with DD and I am expecting quite the challenge keeping up with 2 little ones...not to mention I felt like my supply was much lower than my friends.  You are both doing an excellent job!


Praying, glad to see you over here more :)  Glad your second u/s went well!


Renavoo, please tell me work has started to slow down a little...  I can tell you have been really busy lately since I haven't seen you around much :)  I hope you are doing well!


Tenzi, sending lots of positive vibes your way.  I hope DS is still on a "good" roll :)


AFM, a few things new with me.  I have been having horrible round ligament pain that completely knocks me off my feet for an entire day at a time, doesn't go away with rest, and literally brings me to tears (and I have a pretty high pain tolerance).  They decided to check my cervix to make sure everything is fine, I guess some swab will tell them if I am at a higher risk for preterm labor.  I think it's probably fine, but they like to play it safe.  It has made it much harder to take care of DD when I am in so much pain, but my mom has been helping out a lot.  My ob said he felt Baby B's head up today, and I have an ultrasound tomorrow (they were both head down last time), I wonder how long they can flip...I feel pretty tight, so I can't imagine there is a lot of extra room in there.  I also gained the "standard" 1lb/week (x2 with twins) between appointments!  That's crazy, 4lbs in 2 weeks.  I am only a few pounds shy of my delivery weight with DD and still have hopefully 8 weeks to go!  The best news is that I passed my glucose 1 hour test, so yay!!



renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:48 AM 04-20-2012

Hi ladies!


Praying, YAH for a great visit and hearing the heartbeats! I'm looking forward to hearing about your little bean's growth! Your ms sounds like what i had...I was nauseated but ended up being ok if I just kept food in my system. That's probably why I gained weight so fast! I'm feeling a less like eating these days (at least in the same amounts I used to). I don't think it reflects in the scales but hey, I've decided to just accept the weight gain and move on. :o)


Keria, booo to problems with the breast milk. Sorry about that. I'm with Kewpie about the breast milk mixed with a little formula. I don't know why but everyone around me has had trouble with breast milk supply so I'm sort of prepared to have some issues too. I'm going to stock up on oatmeal and fenugreek (for oatmeal, is there a certain type or could those little quaker oats packets suffice?) and try my hardest but honestly, I was raised on formula and I feel fine so I'm not going to stress about it.  


Kewpie, 15 weeks?! nut.gif my gosh, time DOES fly!! I seems like only yesterday! I'm so happy the little ones are doing good and that Maisie is starting to seek out Liam. I did hear that they get easier after 6 months. haha well I have a ways to go!!


Belly, Oh no to the growing pains. :o( i honestly don't know how you do it...being pregnant with a little child already must be exhausting. I hope that the pain reduces so you're not knocked off your feet too often. By the way, YAH to passing the glucose tolerance test! That is so exciting. haha i remember how happy I was that I passed it. DH was worried too because he knew that I would have a lot of trouble with reducing my sugar intake! Let us know how the ultrasound goes. And i hope your cervix is ok too!


AFM, exhausted. Work hasn't slowed down and will only pick up as the next few weeks go by. I'm fairly frustrated about it and I know it's up to me to speak up but it's difficult when you're working on a project with the CEO and Chairperson of the company. Sigh. Otherwise, i've been going through growing pains too and my hands are frequently numb while I'm sleeping, probably because I end up putting them under my head. I feel like a rotisserie chicken, constantly turning from one side to the other at night because my sides start to hurt. And, my legs are always sore- at night, they are edematous. I get a lot of charlie horses and heaven forbid I forget to flex and instead, point my toes. UGH. the pain is excruciating (and Belly, I have a LOW tolerance for pain. biggrinbounce.gif) Otherwise, I've started to keep track of my belly growth through the protrusion of my belly button, which rather amuses me. hehe Only the top 1/3 has started to protrude while the other 2/3 is pretty flat but I do enjoy watching that grow out for some reason. Although, Keria, I'm not looking forward to seeing how it looks afterwards, considering what you said about a weird belly button! 


Anyway, I'm off to get ready for work. Hope all is going well.

RCR and Blue, if you're still checking in, i miss you guys and promise to go over to the other side to just let you know i'm thinking of you guys. Blue, sorry about the lupron munchies but let us know what your schedule is again. RCR, I hope those visits help you make a decision that you can be content with. I'm sorry about the need for a donor egg and not necessarily donor sperm but I'm hopeful that once your holding your bundle of joy, you'll forget about the genetics. Especially when the baby looks up at you and coos!

Keria's Avatar Keria 07:34 PM 04-20-2012

Belly do you have pregnancy belt? My pain was never quite intense but I found that the belt diminished it. I cant imagine taking care of a toddler at the end of my pregnancy I'm glad your mom is helping. Did she come around on your names?


Rena I can't believe you are still working as much I hope you get a break soon.


I still have hopes for my belly button I just don't have the time or energy to exercise but in theory every thing looks better if you do  few abs.


We are going to Canada next month and I decided to stop pumping after we come back from our trip. After that if they need a bottle we'll give them formula. My Dh also tells me that he was formula fed and turned out fine I jokingly tell him Did you? really? But no more guilt for me I prefer to spend the  time playing with my babies rather than pumping/scalding milk/washing pump parts.


Here is a cute little video of my guy




blueyezz4's Avatar blueyezz4 07:47 PM 04-20-2012

Renavoo - I hope you stand your ground even though it is hard.  Maybe after this project is over you can say something just to at least let your boss know you need to cool it down a little bit since you are getting closer to the end.  Or maybe talk to your OB about it and get their permission and then you might feel better b/c then you can say that your OB recommended that you start taking it easy.  You are amazing is all i can say!!!  29 weeks... wahooo!!! I'm on Lupron now and will be starting prednisone here soon which will help my nose and asthma which is the only good thing about it.  I'm just waiting for AF to come probably around the 24th or after and then I will have an E2 done and then I think they tone down the lupron and then I start estrace.  I'll have one U/S and then my intralipids is scheduled for the 11th and the FET is scheduled for the 18th of May.  That's the schedule and I'm hoping to stick to it.


Belly - sorry to hear about the pains. So glad your mom has been a help to you and DD.  You are lucky to have her there.  I hope and pray that the pain starts to go away and maybe it's just a growth spurt.  Did you hear back about the swab test??  I remember my dr talking about that for us if we ever get preg. again.  Glad you don't have to deal w/ GD!!!  27 wks... awesome!!!!


Kewpie - so cute that Maisie is looking for her little brother...... sibling love!!!


Keria - the new video is cute!!!!  Dancing baby!!!


Praying - glad you had a strong heartbeat!!


Tenzi - so sorry to hear about your dog!!!!!  Thinking of you and your family!!!  I know how hard that is.  Wishing you all peace and comfort!!!!  Glad to hear that DS is doing a little better and hoping that it continues as time goes on.


Lyndi & Bungalow - how are you both doing??


renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:53 AM 04-23-2012

Keria, AWWWW! Dance, Oliver, dance! As for breastfeeding, yah for making a decision! It's definitely more important to spend time with the little ones than to worry about cleaning, that's for sure! And so funny about what you say to your husband when he says he turned out ok. I regularly say that about myself too. hehe I say things like "imagine how I would have turned out if..." ;o)


Blue, hi! You should take a video of Abby on her treadmill. It'll be like Caesar Milan or something! ;o) but seriously, how is prepping going? I can't wait until you start with the estrogen and then progesterone. Same protocol as before? Just a couple of more weeks!


Had a good, if exhausting weekend. Went to a friend's wedding. Technically, we had 2 this weekend but I couldn't fathom going to two so we went to the wedding of one of my DH's best friends. It was a blast and I was amazed because I actually did get up and dance a little and take some photos! So I was quite happy. Prenatal visit today but we won't see the little ones today. Just hoping things are going well in there. my belly button continues to pop out more and more though so I know SOMETHING is happening in there. I don't know why but it amuses me to no end now to play with my belly button. ;o)


hope everyone is well! Off to prepare for a week of hell. I think the next couple of weeks will be painful and then I'm going to tell the powers that be that i need to really start curbing how much I work. Although DH is fairly upset at my hours and is going to talk to the doctor about it today because he really wants me to stop working as much now. We'll see what the doctor says. Thanks for listening to me whine!


Ooh, ladies, how did you deal with the heartburn? I'm having massively horrible heartburn and i know I can take tums or rolaids which i will if needed but i was wondering if there was anything else i could do (besides eating smaller meals, which I have to start doing). I think the worst heartburn i have is after my stupid vitamins though...those horse pills are really grating on my esophagus and end up causing a lot of reflux.





Keria's Avatar Keria 07:18 PM 04-23-2012

Blue abby is so darn cute that pic made me smile, I've only met one german pointer before and she was a ball of energy.


Rena sorry I'm no help I just took a bunch of tums. I'm with your DH  you are working too much for a third trimester pregnant with twins woman, hopefully the doctor was able to help. Time sure flies I can't believe you are 30 weeks already soon we'll have brand new baby pics. love.gif


rcr Hopefully your appointments go well tomorrow and give you clarity on how to proceed.

Tear78's Avatar Tear78 04:05 AM 04-24-2012
blue, that pic made my day, too. Sending lots of love to all you ladies! blowkiss.gif
renavoo's Avatar renavoo 05:13 AM 04-24-2012

Blue, I echo everyone. I laughed out loud when I saw Abby on the treadmill. SO CUTE!!!


Keria, that's a lot of help! The doctor said the same thing. I guess I'll go stock up on some tums! I am still trying to stay away from taking drugs but I guess once in a while, especially when i'm up late at night suffering from heartburn, a tums will be welcome relief. The doctor was very quick to agree with DH that we could get them to stop making me work so hard but I think that it's more me than anything...I don't want to stop working...I just want to work less. I am moving forward with my plan to get them to stop pushing as hard in a couple of weeks but I'll just deal until then. The doctor says that everything is going well, babies are growing well, so DH doesn't have to worry but we'll just keep watch anyway. :o)


Yesterday, I was sitting in a meeting and I got a really hard kick from the little girl, I think. I jumped up, everyone looked at me and just started launching. That was a little embarrassing but it was fun. I hope I get used to the hard kicks because I know that they are only going to get harder!!


Hope everyone is doing well!! wave.gif


BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 07:00 PM 04-24-2012

Renavoo, I always jump/gasp at the big kicks.  I think it is really funny :)  I think I have been able to resist in meetings, but maybe I'll see what everyone would do next time :)  I haven't had much heartburn this pregnancy, but I just always take a couple tums and call it good.


rcr, I need to go check out the other thread to see how it went today!


Blue, thinking about Abby's picture still makes me smile!


Bungalow, I hope everything is going well with you and your family and you have the time to check in sometime.


Praying/Tenzi, how are you guys doing?


Kewpie/Lyndi, thinking about you two too!


AFM, exhausted sums it up!  We finally finished our small renovation, but I still have lots of re-organizing to do in several rooms :(  I think we have most of what we need for babies, but I'd like to get the final touches in the nursery done and get the rest of the house organized, oh and freeze some meals...I should have several weeks left (hopefully 8) but I am starting to feel the time and energy crunch.  Also, we had an u/s last week and I noticed some of the measurements for baby B were like 10 days behind.  It was only the femur and humerus, so that really freaked me out because it could be a soft marker for Downs, but I wrote my OB and they said the twins are only 6% different in growth, and both within "normal" range.  Still a little worried, but trying to trust them :)



kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 08:20 PM 04-25-2012

blue - that pic of abby is hilarious! hahaha


rena - tums tums and more tums... sorry friend.


belly - yes!!!  freeze meals!!!  I still have 4-5 left in my freezer for night that I don't have the energy to cook.  LOVE freezer meals!  I would make some for you if I lived close.


AFM - um... so I can't remember what my last update said... so in a nutshell... We spent the last weekend in the hospital with Liam again.  They fit him for his eye conformer. They basically made a mold of his eye so they can get a perfect fit. The conformer will stretch his eyelid as his face grows so he looks uniform. Because he's so young, they put him under general anesthesia. And because he's a preemie, he had to spend the weekend in the hospital for observation. Apparently there is an increased risk of apnea in preemies. Last time he ended up throwing up a lot (he was 2 weeks old at the time) but this time, it went very well and he was babbling and smiling within a couple hours after coming out of anesthesia.

He will have to have this done again in 2 months.... and again several times before he's a year... and then again multiple times before he's an adult.  Poor little guy!  He's SUCH a super happy little baby, though.  He smiles constantly even when no one is around.  I will walk into a room and he'll be smiling at a picture on the wall.  He's such a joy!


Maisie is doing really well with tummy time now and she is hilarious.  I think she is going to be a riot when she gets older.  I accidently dropped a small stuffed toy on her and she laughed and laughed.  So I did it again and she laughed again.  I did it again today and again she laughed.  She cracks me up. She also is SUCH a flirt.  I hung a Simba stuffed animal over the changing table and EVERY diaper change, she turns her face sideways, looks up at simba out of the corner of her eye and smiles really big at him, like she's being coy. She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger too.


They are starting to get really fun now.  They are just about 4 months old and have just started to grasp toys and put them to their mouths.  I'm rediscovering all the old kid songs I knew as a child cause they sure love me to sing to them.  I need to brush up on the words to some of them... 



kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 08:28 PM 04-25-2012






Maisie after bath




Liam picking up a toy for the first time




I was entertaining her with a jack in the box at the hospital and it freaked her out a little bit







renavoo's Avatar renavoo 04:40 AM 04-26-2012

Kewpie, AWWWWWWW! Those cheeks! I just want to nibble on them! And I love love love your stories about Maisie. haha of course she has her dad wrapped around her fingers. She has ME wrapped around her fingers and I haven't even met her! :o) As for Liam, what a trooper! Will the eye conformer permanently fix his eye through the years? With that smile though, I forget that he has anything wrong with his eye but I'm sure that he'll appreciate it as he grows!


Belly, I wouldn't worry about the measurements. i'm sure there are variations anyway so I'm sure things are going well! Yah for getting so much done! i'm so with you about feeling the time crunch...see my AFM. Can you believe how time has flown? it's really amazing! I'm definitely going to buy some tums. The heartburn has been better these last few days because i'm making a concerted effort to eat earlier and to take my pills earlier. I'm also eating less. 


Hope everyone else is doing well. A late night tonight for me because of market research. I'm going to be in a dark room eating a lot of M&Ms to stay awake i'm sure! Baby shower this weekend, which I'm also dreading because, seriously, I hate being the center of attention! After that, it's going to be a whirlwind...next week is going to be insane with constant late nights because of the final push for the presentation, which is on may 8th. May 5th and 12th we have our child birthing classes and i'm sure the 6th, I'll have to work in preparation for the presentation on the 8th. May 19th, I have an important work dinner. And we STILL have to get the room set up, even though, geez, our weekends are eaten up with so much stuff. And I need to start interviewing for nannies! I hope i'm still mobile by end of May. My legs are feeling like lead and my fingers often are sore, probably because of the edema. sigh. And my ankle is a bit sore too, probably because of the edema as well, but it gives me a distinctive waddle. I just had someone comment on that recently. Ah, the wonders of being pregnant. ;o) But overall, the babies amuse me a lot because I can feel them move so much more. I do love that feeling!


hi to everyone!


Keria's Avatar Keria 04:04 PM 04-27-2012

Kewpie awww love those cheeks! Those litlte ones sure look happy.

renavoo's Avatar renavoo 03:47 AM 04-30-2012

Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I have a question for you...I have this burning sensation on the top of my bump, right between but under my breasts. it's really uncomfortable, especially at the end of the day but this morning, while I was blowing my nose, it burned too. It feels like i have a sunburn but considering i haven't been tanning or even wearing light clothing, I'm guessing an actual sunburn is out of the question!


Did anyone else have this issue?


I'm dreading this week and having this issue during the week since it's going to be a busy and long one! But I'll get through it, as we have all gotten through everything!


Big hugs! 

BellyBean's Avatar BellyBean 05:52 PM 04-30-2012

Renavoo, maybe it's your skin stretching super tight, or does the burning feel like it's inside?  I haven't had any of that yet...but I do have a super itchy belly :)  I hope this week goes quickly for you and you can say something about working a little less as you get closer. 


Kewpie, love the pictures of Liam and Maisie!  I can't believe how big they are getting!  Time has really flown by this year!


Keira, how are things going with you and your family?


Bungalow, I hope everything is okay with you, I think about you often and wonder how you and the boys are.


Tenzi, how are you doing?


How are the other recent grads doing?  You guys still lurking around? :)


AFM, We spent the whole weekend reorganizing 2 of our rooms and finding a new home for things since the purpose of the rooms have been changed to make space for the babies.  I also did some painting of our downstairs baby furniture.  And had a small "shower" of sorts with a few close friends (really just got together to enjoy each other's company).  Today was catching up on chores that I didn't do on the weekend because of all the other projects, and I can honestly say I am exhausted.  My body starts to ache after a few hours of "physical" activity.  I thought I might die after all the work we did on Saturday, but it has to be done, and the sooner the better!  Oh, and I ordered some more things for the babies which makes me even more excited to meet them :)

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