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milomama's Avatar milomama 10:15 AM 01-06-2012

I just got the results of a blood test done at 38w2d.  My hemoglobin is 107 (I'm in Canada...think that's 10.7 in the US) and ferritin is only 7.  That was two days ago, so I'm 38w4d today.


I'm feeling kind of helpless...it seems way too late to bring these levels up!  I am planning a homebirth, and my MW says over 100 for hemoglobin is fine.  But I hemorhaged after my last birth, so low iron scares me a bit.  She suggests a heplock for the birth though, in case of hemorrhage.  She recommended that before but even more now that the iron is low.  


I'm not sure what these numbers mean and how concerned I should be.  Also, what can help in a hurry, if anything?  I currently drink nettle tea, a couple cups a day, and I take a tbsp. blackstrap molasses.  I am going to get Floravit.  I eat leafy greens daily.  I'm actually feeling disappointed in myself as i thought I was working hard on iron.  I eat red meat about once a week...I actually have a hard time stomaching it, but have been trying to do stews and such for iron.  This is so frustrating!  

eirual's Avatar eirual 11:59 AM 01-06-2012

I came to reply to suggest all the things you're already doing redface.gif.


The only thing I might suggest is ensuring you're doing a Nettle INFUSION vs. just a nettle tea. Otherwise your predicament is beyond my scope of experience so I hope someone's able to come along and offer some advice for you soon!


eirual's Avatar eirual 12:00 PM 01-06-2012

Is there maybe something that's keeping you from absorbing all of this iron? It seems like you're ingesting more than enough.

Mommie22's Avatar Mommie22 03:03 PM 01-06-2012

I've dealt with anemia most of my adult life. What helps me is to take an extra iron supplement in the morning with a glass of fresh squeezed OJ. The Vitamin C helps to absorb iron and store bought OJ is pasteurized so the Vitamin C content is low. In the evening, I take my whole foods prenatal which has iron in it. This seems to work for me. I was doing Floradix which helped too but it got really pricey for me and I found that I seem to be absorbing the much less expensive supplement pretty well. Good luck mama!! 

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