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I am 13 weeks along.  Before pregnancy I had a very healthy diet.  I rarely ate suger, ate plenty of beans, quinoa, veggies, just clean whole foods. Food adversions hit me hard and early and I basically started eating whatever I could keep down- white bread instead of whole wheat, plenty of sugar, esp. over the holidays, sugary cereals, kraft mac and cheese, commercial fruit juices instead of using my juicer, ice cream in my smoothies instead of plain yogurt and kefir, etc.  Now that I am starting to feel a bit better, I need help reminding my why it is important to eat healthy during pregnancy because now I crave all those bad things that I was eating (and also because they take less time/energy for food prep).  Please help!  Thanks!

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I had a similar thing early in pregnancy where all food was icky and I felt very proud of myself for even eating. I guess my best advice is to write down a really good shopping list, full of healthy food and no really bad food, then go shopping or send someone to just buy what is on the list. If it isn't in the house then you won't be tempted.


I have also found that when I crave sugar it means I am not eating enough protein and if I treat myself to some yummy berries (or something else I really like) then I don't feel deprived.


good luck :)

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Try substitutions of some of the things you liked during your "fun phase" - which may mean having to make things yourself or buying more expensive pre-made things at healthy restaurants and health food stores.


It is easy to substitute whole wheat or spelt flour in baked goods, coconut sugar (which tends not to be as crashy) in baked goods - and frequently gluten free flour mixes have recipes on the back (you can always substitute apple sauce instead of eggs and non dairy milk instead of regular milk.)


Truthfully - what the wise woman above said - fill your pantry with healthy options ad you'll eat them.  Try shopping at the Farmers Market instead of the Grocery store - more communual and fun and get recipes from vendors.  You will be more likely to eat the produce.


One thing that will help you A LOT - is taking spirulina and chlorella pills (or powder - just dilute in water and chug) and drinking plenty of herbal infusions.  They will give you plenty of protein (as mentioned before by said wise lady) so you'll feel more balanced and crave less sugar.  Maca is also a great supplement as it will help balance you hormonally which may prevent or control emotional eating.


In any case, the following info is what helped to motivate me to eat well during pregnancy.  (some treats here or there are probably not a big deal in the grand scale of things and you still have the bulk of your pregnancy to go so be encouraged :)  Also know that you are not alone and a lot of women struggle with this very scenario during pregnancy. My third trimester was the hardest.


There was a study published or highligted in Time magazine some time ago that talked about how the mother's ifestyle during pregnancy set up the child's food preferences for life. (The study was controlled for things like upbringing and just focused on the direct correlation between gestation and later outcomes in life.)  Not to mention - the very REAL concern about gestational diabetes, and the fact that it is critical that you get enough protein and other nutrients for the development of this child, and s that you have enough physical and emotional energy to get through this pregnancy.


You also need to brace yourself for the very high caloric demands of nursing which will require even more energy and quality control of the food you eat and the likely zombie like state due to no sleep that you will experience.  If you've gotten into the habit of eating well again you are more likely to stick to it then or not stray as far - as your food choices then will aslo influence your child's food preferences as they will be used to tasting certain things through the breastmilk.


Definitely don't be too much of a drill seargent on yourself, but as far as healthy eating goes - this may be a take one for the team situation.  Also has a lot of recipes - maybe you can find new ways of making healthy things there if variety is a concern and you are bored with your old choices.


Wishing you the very best of success.

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I can't add much to the wise words above, but there was also a great NPR story recently about research that suggested that you are forming your baby's palate in utero.  He/she can "taste" what you eat through the amniotic fluid, so you're really setting the bambino up for a lifetime of healthy eating, not to mention all the important nutrients you're getting from real foods.


Whenever I'm in an eating funk I look up some healthy eating articles on the web (usually paleo/primal inspired, but I do eat refined carbs and so on).  I read a little before I go to the grocery store and I find I'm much more likely to make good choices.  I will be in your position shortly, so I need to take my own advice.  Smoothies are another easy way to get lots of fruits and veggies in.

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You'll be fine in a few weeks!  I had the same problem in early pregnancy, I am a long time vegan, whole foods, gal and for my entire 1st trimester, I could hardly keep down anything healthy at all.  I ate what a could swallow and not puke up, which was bread, cereal, and some fruit.  I started adding a little bit of wild fish too, because ALL plant based proteins made me hurl.  Once 13 or 14 weeks hit, my old palate came back and I'm almost back to my regular diet.  That was a very interesting NPR show, I heard that too!  Don't get too hung up on it though, you'll notice that your kids' taste will change so many times from toddlerhood long as you only keep wholesome foods in the house, he/she will learn to make healthy choices :)


One more thing you might try is acupuncture.  I was wondering out-loud to my son's acupuncturist, why we crave comfort foods so strongly during pregnancy.  She told me that according to Chinese medicine, it is because the spleen qi becomes weakened during pregnancy, which makes you crave comfort food, mainly things like white bread, cereal, etc.  She said that is why many toddlers and young children only want carbs too, because they tend to have weaker spleen qi than adults.  Very interesting.  So, if you can afford it, maybe take a nice trip to the acupuncturist!  If I ever win the lottery, I'm putting one on retainer for life ;)


Good luck :)

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Thank you so much everyone for the great tips.  They really have helped!

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