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Plummeting's Avatar Plummeting 07:15 PM 02-09-2012

I'm considering skipping the GD test, since the military hospital only does it with Glucola. When I did that in my first pregnancy I got extremely sick, so I did a normal meal the second time around. This is my third pregnancy and I didn't have GD in either of the others. There is no history of GD or diabetes in my family at all, except for my maternal grandmother who developed type 2 diabetes later in life, probably as a result of her sedentary lifestyle and obesity. I was a healthy weight before pregnancy, good BMI and all that (5'0"; 102 lbs; 19.9 BMI). Does any of this mean I'm at very low risk? I'm 33, if that matters. I'm just wondering if having two pregnancies without it means you're unlikely to get it in the 3rd. I know having it in one makes you more likely to have it in another, but is the opposite also true?


Also, the NP I see at the military OB insists that it needs to be done as closely as possible to 28 weeks. However, they have incorrectly adjusted my due date, meaning they're off by several days. Does this actually matter? If it does, I want to be there when I know I'm 28 weeks, not when they say I am. I had never heard that timing was important for the GD test, just for things like the Quad Screen and such.

calapitters's Avatar calapitters 04:59 PM 02-10-2012

The risk of GD in the subsequent pregnancies of a woman who has never before had it is significantly lowered. Here's a brief article about it. You can weigh this info with any risk factors you may have to help you with your choice.  

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