had my left tube removed. us says i o'ed from that side. how does that work? - Mothering Forums

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about 13 years ago i had an emergency surgery to remove my left fallopian tube. i had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured and almost killed me. i thought that meant that that tube would have been tied off after surgery and completely inacessible. i am going to get the records for that to see just what they did. of course all they told me was that they removed it. i was in alot of pain and sad bc i lost the baby. i spent the next 10 years trying to heal from that. so i didnt really ask too many questions about what they actually did in there. i just assumed no tube meant no tube. now i am wondering if there was still some tube left and would they have joined the ends together or just left them open to heal on their own.


this is my 3rd pregnancy since the surgery. i asked all 3 times which side i o'ed on at my us's. i get one at 6 weeks to confirm it is not ectopic then the 20 week one to make sure all the anatomy is where it belongs. the first 2 were girls and i o'ed on the rt side. they could see the corpus luteum very  clearly. this time i forgot to ask at the 6 week one. i was sure we wouldnt see anything at the 20 week. it usually is gone by then. however, i did ask. the tech said it is usually gone by  now but she looked anyway. and found the last vestiges of a corpus luteum in the left ovary. i know from research that the corpus luteum only forms from where o'ing took place. i know exactly when i o'ed and how long it took after that to get a pos test. i o'ed oct 7th and got a pos 14 days later. i charted and saw an implantation rise and everything. so it didnt take that long to get there. 


so my question is: does anybody know anything about tubal ectomies? would my tube be open? or would the egg go around to the other side? i am confused on this.

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Is it possible you might have ovulated from both ovaries, and that the corpus luteum had simply already dissolved on the right side? Just a thought. I don't know a lot about having tubes removed, but I, too, would have assumed the removed the whole thing. If they didn't, though, it might have grown back together. I know that can happen when people have tubal ligations done. Either way, I'm glad that you and the babe are doing okay! I hope maybe your medical records shed some light on this for you, though.

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i can not really see how it would still be there 20 weeks later, if that war the case then they would probably be seeing many cycles at a time, so probably see a few on each side every line they looked. does that make sense? 

Comming from someone that has had a million U/S as i was having problems pinpointing ovulation, i have seen my ovaries and corpus luteums on them A LOT. i had a doc that loved to show my all the details and so i got to look around each cycle, i do not remember seeing more than the current one (2 the few times i o'd 2 eggs, i have twins) and once he said something about small marks being from the previous month, but that was just 6 weeks old at that point and hardly visible. 


So two things:

i do not believe you could get preggo from a left side ovulation, because a ectopic if it grows to the point of trouble usually always a removed tube or large section of tube. and I'm pretty sure they would have mentioned if they had gone thru the trouble to try to reconnect the remaining parts.

this does not mean you dont ovulate from the side from time to time, you may just like always.


i do not believe that at 20 weeks the tech could tell with any certainly what side you O'd on, and her saying the left side when you probably don't have a tube on that side seems like she was really not paying attention. Because if she really thought that, she would be saying you had a miraculous pregnancy and would be making a big deal about it.

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I had a very similar experience. I had a salpingectomy, the tube was cut but not closed. This was the only decent explanation I ever heard/read. I have no idea who wrote it.



"Your fallopian tubes do not attach directly to your ovaries, but normally end close to them and are pretty much "open-ended" into your abdomen. Normally when an egg is released from a follicle on your ovary, the egg ends up in the fallopian tube near it. It's then moved along the tube by cilia (little hairs) and down into the uterus (chemicals released by the egg cause sperm to swim up into the tube from the uterus, and fertilizing occurs while the egg is still in the tube). Normally the egg ends up in the tube closest to the ovary it's released from, but from what I recall, since the egg is simply released into the abdomen it is possible for it to end up else were. So, when your missing a tube it's possible for the egg to be released into your abdomen and for it to then move ("swim") over to the entrance of the other tube and down it --remember the top of your tubes are not attached to anything and are open into your abdomen."

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i was watching the whole time. after having many us's myself, i can say without a doubt what i was seeing. i saw the remnant of the corpus luteum on the left side. it is not impossible to see the last vestiges of it at 20 weeks. i saw the other ovary and it was clear. i did do more research after i posted this. and like the pp right above me, i have come to find out that the ends of the tubes and the ovaries are closer together than you might think, and it is entirely possible that the egg from the left ovary made it all the way to the right tube. seeing as how they arent that far away. i even read one article that states the right tube could have turned to suck it up. the fingers of the end of the tube reach for the egg. 

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A friend of mine had to have part of a tube (I think..) removed due to gangrene when she was 6.  After her third pregnancy, she got a tubal done.  However, afterwards the doctor told her that they couldn't guarantee that the tubal was successful for sterilization because the egg could basically migrate down like the PP said.  They said she would have to have a hysterosalpingogram to guarantee that the tube had been fully removed/was non-functioning.

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