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Hello mummas to be!! Kinda here on behalf of those of us TTC! Did you do anything different or special etc the month you conceived??? Any tips or tricks? We're you temping? Pre seeding? Keeping elevated? Only BDing on fertile days? BDing every second? Relaxing and not thinking about it? Not trying? I got given advice today of "stop thinking about it and relax"..... Easier said than done.... Any tricks for a wanna mum to be???

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Sadly, my advice will be of the "just relax" variety.  As soon as we officially started trying, my cycles went completely crazy, including one almost completely missed cycle that convinced me that I was pregnant despite millions of pg tests.  It was a horrible rollercoaster of late periods and bizarre fake pregnancy symptoms.  The month we actually got pregnant was actually the month we sort of gave up and just relaxed.  We had sex a lot, but instead of changing my position to make it "work" and all the other crazy stuff I was doing, I just let it happen.  I didn't look at ovulation dates or cycles or anything. 


Right before we conceived too my husband and I had a discussion about looking into adoption and starting the application process (I had just been told that I was probably not ovulating).  Basically, I took the pressure off my body (unknowingly) and we got pregnant that next month.  Of course, from start to finish it really only took us about 5 months, but I'm convinced the only reason it took us even that amount of time was that I had totally freaked my body out.  I was putting so much pressure on both of us.  Once I accepted that it was out of my hands, we immediately conceived.


Good luck!

Beautiful baby girl born 8/13/2012. Little star baby lost at 10 weeks pregnant, 12/18/2013. Rainbow baby girl born 12/22/2014.
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I've conceived in conditions that ranged from, hmmm, not fertile right not while AF is winding since since I haven't Oed before day 20 in 10 years (ha! Hello 4th child.) to not stressing and it just happening, to actively trying everything for over a year. Everyone conceives differently, what works for one might not work for another and if it worked for you once, it just might not again. eyesroll.gif As hard as it is to not stress about it, sometimes it is best to go into it knowing there is only so far science will take you, the rest just might be up to nature. 


I generally BD every other day during my fertile times, just often enough that there would always be swimmers around. I did the elevation thing with the 2nd, never had to again or before. Everything really is just so varied!

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We also fell into the camp of conceiving during a month when we weren't really trying.  I really suspect that stress hampers things.  I was really stressed out during the previous months with work & trying for the baby, and the one month when I just let it all go, I got pregnant.  Hugs- I know it's hard to relax, I promise.  Best of luck and baby dust to you!

My sweet girl is here! 7/10/2012
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We used the SMEP plan. I got pregnant 3 times in 9 months that way. The first two, sadly, were miscarriages, but I'm 21 weeks along with my little one right now. :) 


Here's the link if you're interested: http://www.pregnancyloss.info/sperm_meets_egg_plan.htm


Basically you just have to use ovulation predictor kits and then start trying on certain days before and after you ovulate. I did the Robitussin thing sometimes, but usually I'd forget. 


I also did some research into TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and got this great book on the advice of my naturopath called the Infertility Cure. I started eating and not eating some of the things it said were helpful for balancing my qi and started getting acupuncture to help get pregnant. 

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My first pg with my DD we tried for 5 years to get pregnant incl going to see various Dr.s being diagnosed with PCOS, trying Clomid, metformin trying to lose weight, just letting nature take it's course and finally after changing my eating habits and losing 20 lbs getting on Metformin again I got pg. 


My second pg which ended at 9.5 wks. We were not TTC and using condoms as birth control but went on holidays and got a bit forgetful with the BC and wound up pg.


When we got pg with DS I was charting my cycle, so taking my BBT every morning at the same time and checking cervical mucous. I was using the Taking Charge of Your Fertility software to chart it and had been doing that for about 8 cycles or so but not TTC until the last 2 cycles. We then BD everyday on my fertile days and tried to elevate my hips and stay in bed for 20 mins after. The first cycle of TTC we had "perfect timing" but did not conceive. On the second cycle of TTC we had not so perfect timing and for some reason had BD 6 days before ovulation and the day of and day after but we got pregnant with DS. During those times I was also trying to eat organic whole foods as much as possible, low sugar/carbs and was running and had lost some weight.


With this pregnancy we were not TTC I was not charting, I was eating really clean with no sugar and lowish carbs that were are whole grains, fruits, veg and milk. We only had sex once and it was a few days after my period ended and well I was surprised to find out 2 mons later I was pregnant!

Scarlett bfinfant.gif , DH Boris geek.gif , DS 1/29/08 Julian kid.gif DD2 6/7/12 babygirl.gif missing our DD 1/06/06 Sonja angel3.gif and MC @ 9 wks 11/18/06 Satchel  angel.gif

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Both times we conceived (April 2010 and September 2011), it happened during cycles when we only had sex once. shrug.gif

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For us, the trick seems to be having sex the day of and/or after my temp spikes.

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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I got pregnant the month we decided to DTD every other day for the entire cycle.  We were also using Pre-Seed and I was taking Maca, but we'd been doing that for months with no luck.  I really think it was the DTD every other day that did the trick for us.  Prior to that we were DTD when we felt like it, except when I thought I was fertile then it was every day.  But I think we were missing O somehow.

Sarah, partner to J and mom to DD1 April 30th, 2002 and DD2 May 5th, 2012. love.gif

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Clomid!  Nothing else worked.  I tried home ovulation tests, FAM (which was hindered by the fact that I bought three thermometers and none of them seemed to work), having sex almost every non-menstrual day for months, etc.

We also tried acupuncture and a special vitamin blend for my husband.  Neither of those worked, unless their effects were significantly delayed.  Success seemed to coincide with my sixth round of Clomid, significantly after we had used the other methods.


My advice to those TTC:


Clomid was just fine for me.  No serious side effects at all


Be wary of unnecessary tests that your insurance might not cover.  For example, my doctor wanted me to have a test for fallopian tube blockage - even though there was no reason to think this was the case - and I am still dealing with the financial repercussions.

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I was going to say Clomid, too, but I wasn't sure if the OP was looking for a more natural approach ;)

One round!

ecstatic about BFP #2 after another round of Clomid,
EDD 2/15/2015
thrilled to welcome #1 after 17 months of ttc, 1 round of Clomid

DS LG  08/03/12
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For me it was telling everyone I knew that I had decided I didn't want any kids after 6 years of TTC. I guess like me life/God has a twisted sense of humor. I'm sure glad baby girl knew better than I did what I wanted.

I had also just decided to stop trying to micro-manage my life and enjoy where it took me.

Married to my favorite person (together since '01, married since '05), the hapa papa to my queeuty quapa DD, born 10/11.

We baby wear, co-sleep, cloth diaper, don't vax and intend to nurse for a good long time.  

I don't care what you do as long as it works for your family.


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Baby aspirin.

27. Married since December 2006. Trying to conceive #1 since November 2010. 1 loss in April 2011 (5 weeks). 


BFP on February 25th. Tentative due date: November 4th, 2012.




It's a girl! love.gif

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Baby asprin???? 

Details please :)

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People would tell me not to stress too.  Part of me always wondered how there are billions of people on this planet when much of life is stressful all around the world.  That said, stress really does effect us in ways that are surprising, in particular chronic stress.  If you are stressed out a lot it might be helpful to address that issue to make life better in general for you.  I had been charting for years, checking CM, blood tests done, visits with doctors and NP care, and knew my cycles, temps, and charting.  You might try not just DTD in your fertile window, DTD every other day 5 days after the start of AF until the start of AF again (or hopefully not the start of AF again).  Since you asked for personal experience this is really random but the month of BFP I ate lots of plain organic boiled sweet potatoes. 


happy family!joy.gif we winner.jpgfemalesling.GIFnocirc.gif

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Had really awesome sex.

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I weaned my ds and was pg with dd like a week later.  And we had been trying to get pg for 2 years, and I had been breastfeeding the whole time, but still having regular periods.  Maybe coincidence,  I don't know.


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I had been obsessed with being pregnant for about a year, although we weren't trying, I always managed to have "symptoms" and convince myself I was. Then I got distracted doing a bunch of things I liked to do, yoga, reading good books traveling, etc. My now husband and I also went to the courthouse to do our marriage paperwork. We made our baby that night (without trying!) and I found out because I was convinced I had the swine flu and shouldn't go to work. Basically, I'm saying I conceived the one month in that year that I didn't really think about it. Oh and also, we had sex before falling asleep and so I was laying down all night afterwards. I think that made a big difference.

SAHM to DS stillheart.gif 7/1/2010, So excited for #2 due at the end of February!!!

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DH and I started TTC in 1998. In the early 00s we gave up due to philosophical and financial reasons. I decided to work on my general health and started being treated by a endocrinologist for a variety of issues (none of which were fertility related but since that's actually an integral part of my physiology and not an optional package my cycles improved slightly.) In 2005 we adopted and two years later I started having regular cycles and we decided to TTC again. After 3 IUIs with Clomid (I was ovulating but we wanted to optimize the expensive IUIs) it worked. The cycle I conceived on I went for broke on fertility boosters both serious and whimiscal. Feng shui, royal jelly, some kind of tea I can't remember, guafanesin (I had a cold anyway), and some exercises that were supposed to improve fertility. DD2 was born when I was 39 and now at 41 I'm 7 months pregnant with kid number 3. We didn't do anything special that week. I wouldn't even say I was relaxed because DH was very very stressed about something at work and I was, um..., just trying to help.  


I'm not sure I'd actually recommend this plan. :D

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I lost almost 30 lbs. BAM pregnant. My RE had asked me to try to lose weight for 2 reasons. He said women who lose %10-15 of their body weight who are "obese" have an excellent chance of their body figuring it out. Failing that, if it didn't work, the fertility drugs were likely to make me gain weight. Because of an insurance lapse, I couldn't start any testing or meds at that time.  He told me to keep in touch and to call him as SOON as we got insurance if we didn't get pregnant in the 2 month gap. 


I lost 27 lbs in a month in 1/2. no i didn't swallow a tapeworm or something. I did South Beach RELIGIOUSLY and hit the gym for at least 2 hours every night. I'm asthmatic and I worked my way up to an hour on cardio, and an hour weight lifting. One night during my work out, I felt AWFUL, "BLEEP I thought, my period is coming". Told the husband to pick up some tampons on the way home. He picked up pregnancy tests instead. He was right. 


2nd time around, I was 2 lbs lighter than I was when I conceived #1. Nothing was happening for like 6 months and I was starting to get frustrated. The month we conceived thing #2, NOTHING was going right. I THOUGHT I missed my ovulation date, and then my husband worked late 3 nights in a row and then my son kept waking up at night. The ONE NIGHT we managed to fit one in.... the one and only time we had sex in November.... resulted in the conception of Thing #2!

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I wasn't trying to get pregnant...however I feel like we've definitely "oopsed" on the same day we "oopsed" this last cycle, and I didn't get pregnant in the past, so something was different! I have been taking a really good prenatal for a few months and lost about 15 extra pounds I was carrying around. I also was exercising more, and eating more consciously. I think the combination of all those things kind of jump started my fertility.

Single mama to an only born November 2012.
Co-sleeping, vaxing, baby-wearing, sometimes cloth diapering, car seat safety advocate. Still nursing with no end in sight
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Pumpkin seeds. We ate them and had sex all the time.

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We were incredibly fortunate not to have to try for very long (I believe it was 4 cycles) but we DTD as much as possible when EWCM showed up, and continued through 2 days past the temp spike (every day is a LOT for us so I think we missed a couple in there). We used Preseed and I always put in an Instead cup and left it in for 12-24 hours after DTD. I was also taking 100 mg vitamin B6 for my luteal phase, which had been historically short.


If I had to guess I'd say the Instead cups might have had the most effect (it was the first month I tried them), but it could also have just been random chance that month, since we were lucky enough to get pg pretty quickly.

Jennifer (35) read.gif jog.gif , DH (36) reading.gifbikenew.gif, and baby makes three: Welcome DD Evelyn, 7/16/12! baby.gif

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